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  1. Mac Jones stat line vs weak Texans D 36 for 42 154 yds 1 TD, 1 INT
  2. It just occurred to me my usual Bean dip with Jalapenos and a couple cold ones might need some tinkering for a 930am game.... I'll see if the wife is up for making some bangers and mash in honor of playing over there. LETS GO JETS! Hope Zach lights it up and Matty ice continues to look old and confused.
  3. Trade down if Seahawks pick is top 5 and get a bunch of 2-4th round picks to rebuild the line. Imagine turning Jamal into a top G and C?
  4. It's too bad Zach doesnt have a Wesley Walker to throw to. Miss those 80's teams. Hard to believe it was almost 40 years ago.
  5. Brady vs Bellicheat with a side dish of the checkdown artist Mac Jones. Hoping Bucs crush the Pat's but I wont shed a tear if Belli cranks up the rush and Brady gets the sh*t beat out of him.
  6. I cant remember feeling this way about any of our QB's in at least 20 years. Yes he is very green, makes some bonehead mistakes but c'mon was he exciting! I spilled bean dip on my favorite chair with the throw to Davis, I was jumping around like an idiot with tears in my eyes. Not sure if they were tears of joy or cause I really like that bean dip.
  7. I'm expecting a big game from Q and the DL. Think this is going to be a low scoring tight game, 27 points between the 2 teams.
  8. Yes, I'm excited, its game day! Sour most Mondays, angry by Wednesday, numb by Friday but by Sunday I recover my fandom and hope to see some flashes, like maybe this week we can score a TD.
  9. This is very interesting and insightful. Seems to me young CEO's who succeed are high energy types, who's strength of personality overtakes any opposition. The good ones surround themselves with top talent. Low key Saleh and the unproven young coaching staff magnify our lack of roster talent. We have a long way to go. I just hope 3 years from now we are not trading Zach for a mid round pick excited we have a top 3 pick in a QB heavy draft. Groundhogs suck.
  10. Maybe we did pick some top talent but the Johnsons hand picked coaching staff chewed them up and spit them out. We will never know.
  11. At this point I would be happy with one solid drive for a TD. C'mon Jets throw us some crumbs!
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