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  1. Mahomes needs to settle down quick. Jump on NE's neck and force Tammy to throw more.
  2. Tough win, hopefully we get Trumain back for next week. Darnold looked much the best of the rookie QB's this week. Great game for the rookie.
  3. Shock and awe baby, the Colts are about to experience the Jets new long range air attack! Jets 31 Colts 28.
  4. Kid from WV looked good this week as well...and no it's not another Geno.
  5. Eli needs to go on Tom Bradys diet. Man he looks washed up.
  6. Just beat the Patriots at the swamp with Darnold throwing 3 TD's, mistake free 350 yds...Jets win 31-28. My kind of fantasy football lol.
  7. Can someone post some pics of Tannehills wife/GF? Now that's worth spending time on.
  8. I cant wait until the top shelf FA WR's beg to come play with Darnold.
  9. I'll admit it, it's kinda fun when the circus comes to town and the big top is blue instead of green.
  10. Very excited to see 21 year old Darnold develop. I've seen enough flashes to believe he could be a top 5 QB in a few seasons, and dominate for 10+ years after that.
  11. Bastards cant even enjoy their filthy cheating dynasty. Just wait till Tommy Boy faces Darnold who is half his age!! The fat lady is singing Tommy, cant cheat mother nature forever!
  12. Say it ain't so Joe. It's always better2bgreenthanblue.
  13. Imagine if Darnold had Eli's weapons...
  14. Like he no showed his last season with the Jets??? Still miss those Revis island days of 09-10.
  15. Man the parking lot is buzzing, almost like what I'd imagine a playoff atmosphere is like lol.
  16. I agree 100% about the Nickerson interception in the end zone. What better time to challenge than on a very close play with DET in FG range. How about Bowles look throughout the game? Not sure if it's the first time kids see disneyworld look but I imagine hes dreaming about becoming the next Bill Belichick right now. Awesome start to the season!
  17. Kick offs are a joke now. How about moving the kicking team back 10yds or how about limiting both sides to 9 guys opening up the field for exciting returns?
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