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  1. Beckham is a bigger sleeper IMO. Maybe this dude with comp pick from Mevis...that's a guarantee he will become OROY. The curse of Mevis is to leave in his wake a trail of ROY from his eventual long string of trade and comp picks.

  2. I'm sold. I 'll just start posting here. Ok so how many of you guys are loading the fridge with snacks and beverages to prepare for combine weekend? My wife thinks it's crazy and kinda gets pissed but other than draft day I think combine weekend is great tv. I think Lee might surprise and have better stats than Watkins. Curious about the top 3-4 TE's. I was hoping we get dennard at 18 so I am looking forward to see if he's as freaky fast as I think. Is it May yet?????

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  3. Reneg Sanchez 2M for 2 yrs to hold clipboard over signing sick Vick. Can cro. Use cap to buy a #2 WR (no real #1's). Sign Byrd if avail. 18 pick on one of the two highly rated CB. 50 pick on BA WR. Third round take a flyer on Mettenburg. Or trade our top 4 picks and go get Clowney. it would be a blast watching him added to this dline. Of course we go 2-14 but then we got a lock on a franchise QB next year assuming the Florida flash comes out.

  4. Just re-watched last night as well, kept my eye on Cumberland. He had a very good game I thought (which I didn't realize live, but did read on this forumn, so I looked for him). I had also missed that awesome punt pinning the Bills deep. Like everyone said Sanchez played really well. I wonder how Holmes will respond to being upstaged by Hill and Kerley?

  5. I think the assessment of the defense is off. Way off. The writers states 15 other teams would love to have our defense. I say it's more like 25. Maybe even 30. Sure we haven't played a down yet but the addition of Coples, more focused Bart Scott, Landry.....

    My assessment is

    Defense A to A-

    Offense C to C+

    Special teams punting D

    Special teams kicking C

    Overall B to B- with upside if Sanchez plays well and we squeeze value out of Tebow/Holmes/Hill/Green

  6. Being a Jets fan means your definitely going to savor any championship appearances and for sure SB wins. It's been over 40 years. I truly wish Tanny and Woody could spend a hour or two in my shoes on a football Sunday. All I can do is hope and pray I live to see another Jets SB. I figure I got 20-25 seasons left. Is it too much to ask that we try to win one for the fans? Is it too much to give us some pride in green, while or neighbors in blue ridicule us. Jets, Mets, Knicks..........tough rows to hoe. Maybe it's time to win one for the old gimpers.

  7. Sparano is in a no lose situation here. It's a perfect scenario to experiment with a duel QB offense (playing nice by saying Tebow is a QB rather than TE/FB). Tebow in motion, Tebow for screens, spread option plays by either QB. This offense could cause the same kind of confusion the defense does. All we need is for the confusion to give a step to a playmaker a few times a game. Our O will be ok, maybe even pretty good. Our D if it stays healthy could be almost legendary. My surprise concern is Westies group. I am no fan of Folk. I suspect we are going to need 3 or so FG's a game......

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  8. My definition of a good draft is how many impact players you add, when viewed 3 years from now. As of today it looks pretty good with Coples and Hill. But time will tell. It's too bad the NFL is soft and offensive oriented in this era. Like the NBA is all about the offense. I worry that our D will be old and retired before the pendulumn swings back to balanced or defensive oriented football. O/U's of 60+ really??? I am so sick of protecting the air game!

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