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  1. The book is out on the Patriots and Checkdown Jones, pull your coverage in to within 8 yards of scrimmage...
  2. In this lost season it's 90% about Zach. Maybe watching "Checkdown Jones" last week will give him an idea how to survive this week. I am hoping for 225 yards, 2 TD's 1 int. Looking forward to watching the D. Does anyone know if our kicker can play RG?
  3. The key is ALWAYS having a top 5 pick and "stealing" whatever great talent "luckily" falls in our lap.
  4. What perplexes me is how hard can it be to learn the playbook for a WR? With world class speed and twitch not being able to create seperation says LAZY to me. I guess we are finding out why this 1st round talent fell into our laps...
  5. Started at JI early 2000's. At a game someone told me about JN. Joined about 10 years ago. We should create a hall of fame for posters. From guys who go to training camp and provide legendary coverage to comedians or even trolls who distract us from the occasional misery of being a Jets fan.
  6. Classy move.....what do you expect from a team run by Kraft and Bellicheat?
  7. I figured with such a young team and inexperienced coaching staff the first half of the year would be rough. I was hoping we would win a few the second half and show enough talent that we didn't need to draft another QB. I actually started laughing after the 3rd interception. We will see how mentally tough the kid is this week. Baby steps...
  8. No worries, his wife will crack the whip and force Tommy into retirement in 2-3 years. Meantime we got a lot of work to do to become a playoff team.
  9. What makes me want to puke was Zach did a Chernobyl the second half. His foot worked sucked and he was missing wide open receivers. I was hoping he was a gunslinger, but gunslingers dont melt down because they had a bad half.
  10. What a frustrating game, watching our shiney new QB melt down mentally makes me want to eat. I'll have to run out. I've tapped my snacks before the 4pm game. Awful. Just laughable.
  11. Wow, this is just aweful. Hes so screwed up at this point he is missing wide open receivers. It's a little heartbreaking. It's going to be a long season
  12. Is it too soon to start thinking our draft slot is going to be good this off-season?
  13. These gunslinger type QB's are gut wrenching, let's hope the kid lights up and we crush the Pat's the second half. These is a winnable game if Zach gets hot.
  14. Ran the scout plays well? So he is capable of learning the Patriots playbook?
  15. You know Belli was up all night fantasizing about ways to destroy our shiney new toy QB. Dear God please have the line jell. I'm already sick of the press raving about Mac Jones. I'm not sure what's worse the press or Pat's fans or that smug cheating bastard. LETS GO JETS!
  16. I'm not so hung up on winning vs losing this year. I want Zach protected. Throw for 250+ yards, 2 TD'S and 0 int's. I hate the Pat's, Belli and Kraft but my overall hate dropped significantly when Tammy boy left. The ageless wonder is such an arse said the NFL was pretty easy and he could play to 50 but his wife is getting upset hes not home for his nightly pegging. Where is karma when you need her?
  17. Zach showed me flashes of being the real deal. I am very hopeful. I hope we dont ruin him with our God awful OL. He made jags like Berrios look good.
  18. Like the kid who keeps getting coal for Christmas, I am really excited about the game today, but I wont lie I'm a bit nervous about unwrapping my present....Is this the year Santa Namath stopped molesting my Mom and left me a shiney new sled? Let's Go Jets!!!!!
  19. You cant blame that nerd Woodie, he's just trying to get the other kids to like him! He reminds me of the guy who throws a catered party that no one attends while another poor slob is is inundated with friends because he tapped a keg and opened some bags of chips and dip. Woodie needs to stop trying so hard.
  20. Crush is a snack legend. He motivated me to smother everything I eat on Sundays with melted cheese and bacon bits.
  21. Here's hoping the Pat's spend the next 20 years searching for a franchise QB like we have the past 20.
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