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  1. Hi guys, Looking forward to season. I am an out-of-town, long suffering Jet fan, who relies on streaming packages to watch the games. Have had the Direct TV streaming package for the NFL for a long time (now about $400 a year, which has worked, except when games are televised locally). If I am out of town for those games, I can usually squeak by for $5.99 a month on the CBS streaming app. But, my sense is that things are changing and NFL package through AT&T/DirectTV may no longer be the best way to get the package, and also the local games if I am not home. Anyone have a beeline on the best way to get the streaming package this year?
  2. This is a fair summary of Tony. Political commentary was always a bit much as this is a football site, whatever your political leaning. But his knowledge of the game and team, and access behind the scenes, is better than most.
  3. Guys, I mentioned this last week, and also during the draft when these rumors broke. Chris Johnson is not up for the job running the organization and the Jets need an EVP/Director of Football Operations now more than ever. GM and Coach (and COO on business side) would report to this person. I mentioned Peyton Manning as an option. Mike Shanahan as well. Chad is probably too young, but he has deeper ties to the team (to Gase as well) and was a Rhodes Scholar in college. These decisions don’t impact the Joe Douglas decision, or other GM’s, and if done right, would actually attract candidates here, as the President would help cleanse the building, as Tony P would say. Assuming they get it right. Which is a big assumption.
  4. Because the team was being sold to the Johnsons and he wasn’t on board. He knew Parcells was on borrowed time.
  5. That’s not what I said... No way should Gase be in charge. No way Neil f’ckn Glat should be in charge. They need a football guy running it from the top. The coach and the GM should be reportijng to a football guy. That’s the arrangement that Parcells had, even after he stepped down from coaching. Mr. T was GM, and Groh became coach when Belli didn’t want it.
  6. This feels like when Parcells was brought aboard by Hess to run the whole operation, and we are clearly at that point again. Whatever you think about the timing of the Macc firing, it is clear that the Johnsons are clueless. It took him 4 years to do a “deep dive” into the organization? Good grief. We may speculate on the GM opening, but what the Jets need now the most is a president of football operations like Coughlin down in Jacksonville. Gase is a type A personality and needs a stronger personality to contain him a bit. A young GM is still gonna need someone to report to who knows what the f*** is going on. Two guys who would be highest on my list are Peyton Manning (give him an ownership stake) and Mike Shanahan. Both have ties to Gase, but would provide the cleansing at the top of the organization that the Johnsons seem unable to do. Thoughts?
  7. Macc deserves criticism, but in this case, he deserves all the credit for moving up to 3 before the draft last year. He effectively boxed out a lot of teams who were taken by surprise a month out from the draft. That was a power move, and the best of his tenure here. Making it seem like luck does a disservice to how great that trade was.
  8. I'll give you one more... Peyton Manning, president of football operations. Give him an ownership stake.
  9. Not a far stretch, although not sure Tanny is the guy here. The most similar situation would be Jacksonville where Coughlin was brought in to basically replace Khan, the owner. Neil Glat is not that guy. The question is whether there is that kind of person out there right now who could manage both Macc and Gase together. Tanny is an interesting choice, assuming he has a good relationship with Gase... also his Trader Mike persona would be a good complement to the over-thinking and deliberative Macc. But he is not a born and bred football guy. Mike Shanahan on the other hand?
  10. In the Macc press conference, he said that he moved up for Edoga in Round 3 because a couple of the players they liked had been snatched in the prior picks and they didn't want to lose out on Edoga. My assumption looking at the prior 5-10 picks was that they were planning to draft Connor McGovern and were beaten by Dallas who took him 2 picks earlier. McGovern had also made a visit to the facility. So the picks did not work out in their favor. Not having a round 2 pick eliminated them from Jenkins and McCoy. And there wasn't enough interest to trade-down from the 3rd pick. So the net result is that we are screwed a bit here. I think the Jets know that the oline is a problem right now; uncertainty at the tackle position beyond this year, with limited depth (Edoga helps there, but not entirely), decent at guard positions, but again limited depth (unless a Braden Smith develops), and complete risk at center (unless Toth is ready to compete). My assumption is that they will explore the trade market and be active during cutdowns for the line.
  11. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when you pick at the top of the draft over and over again, you are almost obligated to take a QB, defensive lineman, OT, or edge, depending on the year. When you lose as much as we have, that has led to defense-heavy 1st rounds. Brick was the only year where the magic aligned. If we can sniff the playoffs this year, and end up in the teens or even the early 20s those teams often will start looking at WR or RB or other line positions like guards or centers (in recent years). So ultimately I am hoping we finally make are way down the first round, or else we’ll be picking an OT or lineman again next year (unless a generational talent at a skill position emerges).
  12. I think overall this was a meat and potatoes draft. Like the Day 1 picks a lot, all three can be starters on this team within a year. And Quinnen will start day 1. I really do like the upside of Wesco in Round 4. An extra lineman if you will with soft hands. Between him and Edoga our run game improved. And the two TE sets will be fun to watch. Cashman is a great special teamer and may yet find his way into the lineup within a year or two. Or he will be oft injured and out the door within a couple of years. The Austin pick is similar to the Jones and Clark picks 2 years ago... devalued athletes for injury or position switch with great measurables. Flyers at the end of the end of the draft with high ceilings. Jones looks like he may hit; Clark so far not so much. My overall review on Macc is mixed. I don’t think he is just a Round 1 guy. The Hack pick is what it was, a bad fail. Devin Smith was beset by injuries, hard to kill him on that. And Maye may go that route if he doesn’t have a healthy year but Maye is good. Round 3 has netted us Jenkins and Herndon who are pretty solid. The 5th round gave us Brandon Shell. While the back-end has been weak so far, I am still waiting to see what McGuire will do this year, and Macc has had a knack for trading late picks for players like Anderson (and even Rashard Robinson, who may yet have a good year). And most of all, he made the ballsy trade to go up and get Darnold. Make no mistake, that was a ballsy trade that boxed out the other QB teams and shocked the NFL world weeks before the draft. On the downside, I do think he outthinks himself. And in particular, he drafts on measurables without a feel for the overall team personality. If you watch a Seahawks, Ravens, or Steelers draft, they are continually a thing of beauty. You can see the personality traits for their players throughout the draft process. For the Jets, there seems to be no sum to all the parts. All arguably picked in the right place, but lacking a sense of identity for the team. You never want to draft for need, but the great teams seem to set up their boards in a way that gives them flexibility to put their identity on the draft. Macc has not learned to do that, so we enter another year wondering what the identity of this team really is. And with major holes on the roster.
  13. Unless they get a 5th or a player, they might as well let him go to camp for depth. Cheap on the cap.
  14. All good points. Not saying they should trade down, just thinking they might given they only have one more pick. Just can’t see them coming away with only 5 picks. And I do agree that Harmon/Butler are good value here in 4th. I am not even sure Butler gets to the third pick. My sense is that unless they take someone like Butler here early in the 4th, they’ll be looking for an Andre Roberts type who can return punts or kicks or contribute on specials as a gunner. If they do trade down, better be a haul, like 2 picks today, and a third next year.

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