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  1. there's actually more to this that makes sense: 1) They've already had the run of omicron... it's actually starting to recede in many places, and fewer athletes are testing positive; 2) The evidence on omicron and milder disease is substantial; the NFL is not the only employer drawing back routine testing of asymptomatic individuals. Schools/colleges are beginning to do so as well (at least the ones that were doing it). 3) Throughout the pandemic, the rate of positivity in unvaccinated vs. vaccinated individuals was always 3-4 times higher; that difference has narrowed and the
  2. The only way the Jets are getting a Michael Thomas would be from a trade. If he gets cut and becomes a free agent, he will seek a contender.
  3. Continuing to do research on the draft, our annual super bowl. A lot will become clearer after free agency (eg do we trade a 2nd for a vet WR?, do we sign a lineman?) But as of now, here's what I got: First, there is no trade-up here that is worth it. These are not generational players... they come with asterisks. Looking at value/need, I see the draft falling to the Jets with the 4th pick. Thibodeaux or Hutchinson will be there for the taking. Pickett is going top 3, and there will likely be at least one offensive lineman off the board. If we want the edge, or 4-3 end, he w
  4. If the Jets come out of the off-season with A pass rush and some linebackers, this secondary will improve. That, and some additional weapons, fortification of the online and a new tight end, we’ll be decent next year. You can’t be a good D without a pass rush. The D sucked this year because of the front 7, not the young secondary.
  5. At the time he was a steal, maybe. But maybe other teams had red flags on him, which explains why he dropped. And also why we traded out of the first draft slot without taking him. Maybe we got cute and talked ourselves into drafting him when he fall after our trade out. Sometimes it’s worth over drafting a player you are super confident in than convincing yourself you got a steal when a guy dropped even after you traded out.
  6. Please, they put up nearly 300 on the ground, including nearly 100 by Zach. WR1 was Berrios. So they should have thrown the ball more?
  7. actually think this is what makes me optimistic about him... he seems like he has an attitude about it where he will obsess on it until it slows down and becomes second nature. That's why I still think that at some point the light is likely to come on, and that we will see big strides. But if it doesn't happen by next season, I'd be pretty worried.
  8. It's hard not to look at yesterday's game in a nutshell and be dispirited. The accuracy issues that we saw from Wilson were certainly concerning. But I offer a different perspective, and it's not one that necessarily still believes he is the savior. Rather, coming into this game I thought it would be an interesting one from a developmental perspective. No WR1, WR2, RB1, RB2, TE1. What would he do? Any QB would be in a difficult spot with that. He was a jittery rookie for sure; but he didn't seem overwhelmed. The Saints DBs were all over his players. Mims sh*t the bed. The othe
  9. Gotta give Zach some credit for just taking the sack. He’s learning not to make the big mistake. Not throwing well but also keeping the game close.
  10. In this putrid year, with all the blowouts, it would be easy to say, “enough, I’m done.” Don’t get me wrong, as of this moment, we suck. But I feel a different vibe this year than during all of the sucky years of the last decade, and the many going back forty years for me. I am strangely optimistic about our talent. During the Gase and Bowles years, there wasn’t a lot to be hopeful for. All those blown picks. Darnold, when he was drafted, led to some hope, but the supporting cast never evolved, and well… Darnold. But even as we are losing and getting blown out, there are pieces here
  11. Couple of more: Bubby Brister fumble off the snap Neil O'Donnell calf injury in the tunnel New Uniform Fashion Show (that was recent) Brett Favre Penis Display And the list goes on...
  12. Bill Parcells, Jets 1997. From 1-15 the year before to 9-7 the next year, just missing playoffs, to AFC East champion and AFC Conference Game in 1998. This was within 2 years of Kotite. Even more recent, Beane and McDermott in Buffalo have showed steady progress since they took over.
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