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  1. Phillyjet

    Jet specific transactions.

    I wanted him ahead of Lee a couple of years ago. Thought he would go late teens to 20's. HE went high in the second round. Was a beast, and a nice 3-4 OLB prospect. Sounds like injuries have held him back. Hope a change of scenery helps. He is good rotation guy, adds depth. Better than the guys we cut.
  2. Phillyjet

    Patriots Sign Chad Hansen

    What bothers me most about this was during the draft, at the Hansen Pick, the Jets had the pick of all the TE’s. They took Hansen and got cute because their next pick was just a few picks later. I wanted George Kittle, who was scooped up by the Niners. The run happened and we were left with Leggett, who can’t seem to get on the field. Nickname at Clemson was lazy Leggett.
  3. Phillyjet

    Jets made no waiver claims

    Keep in mind Jets play on Monday night. They may be waiting for today’s cuts and will likely pounce tomorrow when other rosters are set. Also increases likelihood that their own players like Cannon will clear waivers
  4. Phillyjet

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    +1 on this post... my biggest worry with Rosen in the draft was that he needed a clean pocket to be successful. Darnold and Baker did not. In the modern NFL, you rarely have a clean pocket, so that was a risk in my estimation. You could see that last night with Rosen; when the pocket broke down, he was not accurate. His highlight throw was from a clean pocket. Now that doesn't mean he won't be successful. Brady is similar, but he benefitted from quick release and decision making to avoid having to slide too much in the pocket. That is Josh's ceiling... but not everyone can be Brady. Count me as happy we have Darnold, whose eyes are always downfield, and who can slide and move in the pocket really well.
  5. Phillyjet

    Shepherd & Fatukasi

    Uh, Dewayne Robertson
  6. From NFL.com bio: Despite selecting just two offensive linemen before the third round since 2008, Maccagnan helped add talent to a position group that cracked the top 10 in fewest sacks allowed (eighth), rushing yards (eighth) and fewest turnovers (10th). In 2014, 65 percent of the Texans offensive line starters joined the team as a result of the draft or as an undrafted rookie free agent. A lot of folks crushing Mike on not drafting oline, but his reputation when he was hired was building the oline on lower draft picks and undrafted free agents. He set up the line that led the way for Arian Foster, another street free agent. So I am willing to give him some benefit of the doubt here as far as oline value.
  7. Phillyjet

    The ultimate smokescreen

    yes! for other posters, the smokescreen is to convince the Browns that the Jets might actually take Saquon, if the Gints don't. Probably won't work, as I agree that you don't sell the farm for a RB in this league anymore. RB's are used by committee nowadays, and on average, have shorter and more injury-plagued careers. So you go RB in rounds 3 or 4 nowadays.
  8. Phillyjet

    The ultimate smokescreen

    we're talking smokescreens. And effective ones. Bridgewater is lighting up, don't assume the Jets are going QB, yada yada.
  9. So, let's turn to the QB workout that noone is talking about; the Jets will have at least one minicamp I believe before the draft, at which time they'll get a close look at Bridgewater. What if he lights it up? What if his work-out is better than they say from the 4 QBs? Does Saquon become a real option at 3? We're assuming that they are for real moving up for the QB, But Bridgewater is the wildcard. My gut is they are taking a QB regardless, but I think it is worth playing up the Bridgewater minicamp. If the Browns or the Gints think the Jets might actually take Barkley, then perhaps the Gints flinch or the Browns move up from 4 to get him. Leaving us 3 QBs to choose from. Am hoping we see a lot of articles speculating that the Jets may actually be considering Barkley!
  10. True, but I think they are pretty stuck at 2, and it is quite possible they don't want a QB. While it may likely go QB-QB-QB (and that's what I think will happen), I am also glad the Fins and the Bills will likely be picking behind us. And I still think Allen will be off the board with one of those two picks.
  11. We are sitting pretty; follow me. Right now, you've got three teams that might want that number 2 pick. The Broncos, The Bills, The Dolphins. 1) I'll eliminate the Dolphins because I don't think they have the ammo to do it. 2) The Bills would have to make two trades to get there. Why? Because I don't think the Gints want to fall to worse than 5 or 6 in this draft, if they were to fall-back at all. The Colts aren't moving down again, they are going to let the non-QBs from Chubb, Barkley, and Nelson fall to them. And the Gints are thinking the same if their intent is not to take a QB. As to the 5th pick---You'd be asking the Broncos to trade back to 12 when the Broncos could likely stay where they are and get the 3rd or 4th QB or one of the top non QBs. They'd be giving up a premium player, and still, the Bills would then have to jump ahead of the Jets to 2. The Bills have picks, but realistically not enough to go up to higher than 4 or 5. As to the Browns, they have so many picks over the last few years, that stockpiling more doesn't make much sense, when they will get a QB and one of Barkley, Chubb, or Nelson. It's possible, but then again, I don't see another trade-up possible for the Bills after that. 3) The Broncos are the most realistic trade-up to 2, if they want to do it. But they've just spent $25m guaranteed on Keenum and they are a win-now team. And they probably get their choice of 2 of the top 4 QBs if they sit tight (and Barkley goes top 3), or one of the top non-QBs. But, if they have conviction (for Allen or Mayfield), they have the potential to do this deal, and the Gints would probably still get Barkley or Nelson at 5. So, it's the Broncos that bear the most watching here. In the end, I'd be surprised if there is more movement in the top 4. My gut is that the Browns and Gints will make their picks. And that if one of the remaining QBs falls to 7 (the Bucs), there might be a war between Miami, Arizona, and the Bills to move up.
  12. Phillyjet

    Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    No, it's QB or bust
  13. Totally agree... I think Allen is going earlier.
  14. Phillyjet

    Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    Not convinced the gints are taking Saquon. Feels like the Reggie Bush situation all over again. And Reggie had a good career, but not to justify the position he was taken in. Think they are taking a QB, and I think Allen will be off the board with one of those first two spots, either to the Browns at 1 (I think Dorsey might prefer him); to the Gints to develop behind Eli at 2, to the Broncos who trade up, or to the Bills who trade up. I really do believe it will be Rosen or Mayfield, and my lean is Rosen. Even if Saquon is there, you don't move up for a RB who is not a bonafide workhorse. And you don't taking a freaking guard at 3. My gut is Rosen is a Jet. If perchance Darnold and Rosen are both looking at the Jets at 3 (which is possible if the Browns or Gints take Saquon and Allen), that will be unbelievable. I still think he goes Rosen over Darnold. Rosen's got the moxie (some people think it's arrogance) for the New York market. Only thing that worries me is the concussion history. Don't think Darnold wants any piece of NY.
  15. Missed one: 4) Bruce Coslet coming out of retirement aka Gruden, and they do a DelRio to Bowles

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