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  1. Phillyjet

    DC options remaining

    strong work on that one.
  2. Phillyjet

    Press Conference

    Listening to other interviews, I don't see it...quite personable. See more of Tourette's, or a tic.
  3. Phillyjet

    Press Conference

    Listen to the Michael Kay interview. It's great... totally different. If I had to guess, he has some Tourette's symptoms. Not a big deal, but probably why he wears the cap so low at press conferences.
  4. Phillyjet

    DC options remaining

    Mike Nolan (saints LB coach) Chris Hewitt (Ravens DB coach)
  5. I don’t want to make this more than it is. Agree that they all needed to go. Performance matters. You don’t keep guys if they are not measuring up, and you don’t make hires simply based on skin color. Was just saying that all else being equal there were advantages to having diversity among the staff. I don’t think that Williams is the stand out everyone makes him out to be.
  6. Jack DelRio Mike Nolan Chris Hewitt
  7. Same old Jet fan. Attack each other rather than have a discussion. I may not agree with others on the thread but respect the dialogue and opinions.
  8. Blah, blah. Been there, done that. Too easy a PR message. For long term Jet fans, that’s a con. It’s about scheme and smartness and innovation. Can these guys out coach Bellichick? That’s all that matters. I think Gase has potential. Not sure about Williams. Would rather have someone from the Ravens tree.
  9. didn't have the QB... I am fine with Gase, but not without risk. We'll know if Gase has got it pretty quickly.
  10. Gase has a higher ceiling. Not without risk though
  11. 1) they are winning consistently; 2) Wade is the king of DCs, enough said. Reputation matches the record
  12. I really hope you are right... definitely think there will be a short term improvement, the question I have is whether the success will be sustained. And on that, Williams' reputation does not quite match his record, particularly after BountyGate. I would love to be wrong on this one. We shall see.
  13. bingo.. now you're talking... and this is assuming that Richard is promoted with the Cowboys.
  14. two words... Kotite and Mangini... these are pr slogans... may be true, but lont-time Jet fans have seen this script before. Hope you're right and the accountability police have staying-power. In the cycle of Jet coaching staffs, we've seen all the scripts... tough love coaches, coaches who the players love, blah blah. At the end of the day, I want coaches who are going to out-scheme the other teams and shove it down their throats. I think Gase has that potential on offense. I think Williams is a motivator but the effectiveness either wanes or he doesn't end up out-scheming... you're telling me there are no other candidates or position coaches that deserve their shot? Gase has HC experience now... he's not a first timer. This is different.
  15. All reasonable thoughts, but why is Williams not coaching in the Championship games all the time? Seems to get the DC positions on teams whose coaches are already in trouble. Would you rather have a 71 yo Wade Phillips or Gregg Williams? Phillips record and consistency speaks for itself. WIlliams is more of a crapshoot, and when it fails, it fails miserably. I fully expect if he gets the job to see some more animated players in the beginning, but when adversity strikes, we'll see if they continue playing hard for him... been down this road too many times.

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