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  1. There is a natural outcome here for the Packers if it goes beyond the draft: Base of the deal: a conditional pick that ranges from a 3rd round pick up to a 1st round pick in 2024, depending on percent snaps, playoffs, and super bowl. (I would prefer a conditional 4th with as high as a second, but we'll see). The real risk for the Packers is the 2023 compensation: 1) If traded before the draft, they would get the Jets 2nd round pick in exchange for the Packers third round pick which allows the Jets to recoup their draft slots and garners the Packers the equivalent of an extra high third round pick. 2) If traded after the draft: there is no 2023 compensation. So, to me, the offer goes down if this is not resolved before the draft. Gives the Jets the leverage in the next 4 weeks. I expect this will be done before the draft.
  2. Fair enough, it may be that his effort waned because he was frustrated, but that is a problem in and of itself. Look, I think he is uber talented. Maybe it's youth, but he'll find himself out of the league or on one year minimums if he doesn't prove more resilient against the ups and downs of being on an nfl roster. It's worrisome that all this played out at the end of only his second year. We'll see if he can turn it around.
  3. I saw a guy who was man-handled at the line when tried to line up outside, and who half-assed his routes. His tape this past year was not that great.
  4. Sticking with that opinion. Garrett Wilson proved he was an outside receiver. I don't think Moore can sustain it. The sooner he realizes he can play the slot at an elite level, the better off his career will be.
  5. We basically got a high 3rd round pick for a guy we picked in the 2nd round, and a guy who proved that he was no more than a slot in the NFL. Could not find separation on the outside. Think that's fair value, although I would have liked to see what he could do in the slot with Rodgers.
  6. Sort of why most fans really don't give a sh*t if Rodgers comes or not. Sure, it seems good, but do we really trust it? Is it so obvious that it is better than the alternative? What could go wrong with a 39 yo QB who was 90% retired at the end of the season? It's the biggest reason why GB might overplay their hand. They have not considered the relative apathy of the fanbase that is half tuned out at this point.
  7. Something called "face validity" would tell you this analysis is bunk. Unless it is biased by apathy for over a decade of losing.
  8. Herein lies the problem with the GB trade. We need our picks over the next couple of years to have rookies on cheap contracts. In 2024 and 2025, he'll count at least $30 million against the cap. Even though it's a dead cap charge whether he is on the team or off, we're still at a disadvantage carrying over $30 million in dead money in the out years of his contract. Which means we hare strapped in FA. Even if the cap goes up, other teams have a $30 million advantage to start, which means they'll outbid us. Get ready for a couple of years of possible comp picks and boring FA periods. We need our picks, so the trade compensation here is very relevant.
  9. Guys with motivation issues generally don't work out. You feel great when you draft them, but they generally bust in the pros. Witness Quentin Coples. Gotta have the motivation to have a long successful career. Can deal with some of the character stuff if the love of the game is there.
  10. With Rankins, Herbig and Shephard gone, and having swung and missed on Cox and Brown, we are arguably feeling some effects of the delays on Rodgers. Looks good to get some comp picks next year, but FA's are depleting, and we are likely giving up picks for Rodgers. Depth is now worse on the lines, with no clear route for replenishing. Feels like the reception to the Jets outside of Lazard has been pretty chilly so far.
  11. pretty agnostic at this point. Folks will bemoan SOJ if we don't get him, but sometimes the path not taken ends up being better. So we resign Mike White, maybe draft a Hendon Hooker or Tanner McKee in the second round. Whose to say that doesn't pay dividends down the road? Would be great to have Rodgers for a year or two, but we were already screwed the moment Zach went bust... we're just gonna have to find another way to climb out of that hole.
  12. I like the idea of Hendon Hooker in round 2 or 3; coming off an ACL, will sit. Needs to learn a pro system. Intrigued a bit by Anthony Richardson, as the Jets could have a package of plays for him as he sits and learns behind a Garroppolo or Tannehill. Sort of like Taysom Hill. I do not think we are getting Carr (his fragile ego can't handle the NY press, he wants no part of that) nor Rodgers (why finish your career in NY? he'll go to the Raiders or one of the NFC South teams). For those that think this group of QBs are not worth it, I've watched many an offseason where that was said about other draft classes. Watson/Maholmes is a good example. Really tough position to scout, and with the money we'll be shelling out for the next couple of years on QB1 and QB2 (assuming that's Zach), we'll need a rookie in the QB room with bonafide potential.
  13. only problem with this, assuming we get Rogers, Carr, or Garropolo, is that we would not be in a position to draft a qb high. This may be the highest we are for a couple of years, and we've seen other teams take similar approaches. Also don't know who QB2/QB3 is if you get Rodgers. Maybe it's not Round 1, but do you take a chance on a Hooker in Round 2 or 3, realizing you are projecting him to a pro system. It's not like other teams have not done similar, witness comment about Jalen Hurts. Witness Maholmes behind Alex Smith. Many teams sign a stop-gap and then draft a qb relatively high. Is JD so dug in that he is betting the farm still on Wilson?
  14. I agree with the vet route, but think having a guy who slides to mid round to sit behind a Rogers or Garropolo for 1-2 years makes some sense. Otherwise the cupboard is bare a couple V of years from now
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