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  1. Not sure all the “no excuses now” crowd are haters. I for one am hopeful about Zach. But if he is to be the future, he needs to make a big jump this year. He has been provided weapons and an oline that Darnold never had. This team will be primed once the rookies settle in this year. If he doesn’t make the big leap, it’s a fair statement to say that next year all options are open at the position. This is why he gets paid the big dollars as a number 2 pick. He knows it, we all know it. Let’s hope he does it.
  2. Taking a step back, recognizing like all of you, this was the most transformational draft since 2000. Round 1 is getting universally praised, but I think we’ll see a big of nitpicking today on Breece Hall with the trade-up in the second. I for one think it was an inspired pick, although you could argue that in our rotational system, a 4th/5th round back like Pierre Strong would have been suitable, allowing us to address the depth in the trenches, LB, or safety. Heck, Jalen Pitre was the next pick. But, as I see it, I still think this may have been the year for a second round RB, RB1, in the draft. It’s clear JD loved Breece Hall. What’s not to like. Great vision and ideal for our system. You beef up the interior offensive line, and we are moving chains! ANd then you consider the alternatives: 1) DT sucked this year in the draft; could we have used depth at DT, sure, but JFM will slide inside and we picked up Solomon Thomas in free agency. Shepherd is back. It is serviceable. 2) Oline: the history of tackle prospects in round 2 is abysmal. And again we’d be drafting a rotational player who would not start on day 1. 3) LB: think Saleh believes he can get specialist LB/S tweeners so I understand the move here. Do I think the Jets need to infuse oline, D-line and LB/S more? Sure, but in evaluating the Breece pick, you get an immediate starter, much like the three Round 1 picks. Getting 4 impact starters in a draft is highly unusual. Gotta agree this was a slam-dunk draft. Do we still have holes, yes, but we now have an identity, a competitive team, and can enjoy Sunday football again for the first time in over a decade.
  3. One other thought: AVT is the wildcard here. Can he kick out to tackle on the right? Opens up the possibility of a developmental guard pick if the Jets think so. Will be interesting to discuss if the Jets go with a guard prospect today instead of one with upside at tackle.
  4. Phillyjet


    Great draft so far… but we gotta talk about the oline. It is the glaring hole right now; some would argue LB too, but oline is a problem. Some may disagree but we are one injury away from Conor McDermott or Dan Feeney. Bechton has been injured more than he has been on the field; I am hopeful he has a bounce back year, but even the most optimistic folks out there need to recognize that the probability of him playing 17 games is dicey. Fant had a big year for him, but he is pushing 30; can he replicate it? So we enter day 3. What are our options now? Here is who intrigues me: 1) Zach Tom: This gives us maximum flexibility as Tom can play both tackle and center… developmental prospect, but seems to fit the mold. 2) Fallele: Is this Joe’s Jordan Mailata project? Needs work, but dude is a big boy. 3) Darian Kinnard? Not sure of the fit or upside. Who else? There are guard prospects out there but that’s not the priority. We need center and tackle prospects. Anyone else on free agent scraps? Or are we looking at waiver wire? Gonna go out on a limb and say that tackle will be a target in Round 1 next year.
  5. Surprised they passed on LB there. O-line depth and LB remain concerns. To some degree safety as well.
  6. Lot of discussion that beyond round 4 it’s basically UDFA’s. Jets also had numbers on their roster so are looking at quality not quantity in this draft. Still concerned about o-line depth. And LB depth.
  7. I am a JD fan, because I can see there is a process and because I think for the first time in a long time the GM and the coach are on the same page. Watching JD's tenure so far, you can see that results can deviate from process and can go sideways, but a good process does not waver substantially and eventually usually succeeds. That's what defines the better organizations in the league. Look at Bellichick for example. He whiffs on a ton of picks, but there is a process there and while it is tempting to say it was all Brady, the reality is that their teams are consistently more complete than people give them credit for. They will get killed for the Strange pick yesterday, but I was listening to a Dante Scarnecchia interview last week where he talked about how they scouted o-line in New England based on traits and characteristics. Strange may or may not work out, but the Pats have done this before and turned some of these picks into all-pro guards. They throw darts the same way, eventually they hit. Now a couple of more things I've learned watching JD that makes me think he is a keeper, regardless of outcome: 1) He doesn't get fleeced. He is not an emotional decision-maker... he is confident of his approach. I think we will see this after some of these rooks reach their second contract. The goal here is to develop sufficient depth that not all guys will be resigned, but that we create the farm system that has the better teams getting comp picks every year and restocking because they can let guys go and still be good. 2) You can't underestimate the value of continuity and alignment between a coach and GM. The 2020 draft and its failures are proof central of this. Bechton was not drafted for wide-zone system, and is trying to find where he fits. His talent is good enough that they can figure this out, so long as injuries and attitude don't interfere. Mims was for a vertical passing attack; he is not a route runner that LaFleur craves. What you got was Gase personnel when the coach was on his way out. Now year 2 with Saleh, you can feel the value of the systems approach starting to take hold. 3) I have no idea whether we will look back on this draft like the 2000 draft, which too was transformational, but I feel confident that the approach was solid. Injuries and off the field stuff can kill even the best-looking draft. But I am fairly confident this is already among the best 3 drafts I've witnessed as a 40 year plus Jets fan. And depending on outcome of the players could vault to the top. Those two drafts are the 2000 draft (Abe, Ellis, Pennington, Becht, and Coles) and the Revis/Harris draft (we didn't have a ton of picks there but that was quality over quantity. And maybe the Brick/Mangold draft as well.
  8. Have seen so many QBs come and go with the Jets, and even if you look at Darnold, he was never really set up for success as he was developing here. He may be a bust, but to properly evaluate a QB you have to have pieces around him. This is the first young QB since Sanchez who has had that. The plus is you'll know what you got with Zach by the end of this year. Another plus is that a veteran can easily step into this roster and make it a borderline playoff team. People write off Flacco, but I think with solid protection, he gets the ball out quick. And he will make plays. The cupboard is no longer bare.
  9. also no excuses if Zach doesn't make a big jump this year.
  10. Based on who they scouted, where they made the big offers in FA, and their needs, here are some thoughts: 1) Safety, as others noted: you don't make a play at Marcus Williams for over 10 million a year unless you are determined to get one. They got Jordan Whitehead, but they are thin at the position. Would think Jalen Pitre is a target, so too JT Woods in Round 3 or 4, who played for them at the Senior Bowl. Another late riser has been Nick Cross from Maryland. 2) Interior Offensive Line: Focus on Center: They made a play on Ryan Jensen. They are not satisfied with McGovern... and he is accumulating injuries now. Was a bit surprised the Ravens took Linderbaum, given that they are not a zone-blocking team, but here we are. Cam Jurgens will be coming off in Round 2 (I know some think he is a third round pick, but he is similar to Linderbaum but with more classic physical traits.). Zach Tom is a guy to watch later in the draft. Both are developmental prospects. 3) Tight End: Decent but not top-end TE class, but plenty of options. Would think Isaiah Likely is a target; can create separation (unique to the class, as opposed to needing to be schemed open) and the Jets have had him in for a 30-visit. Ruckert also there. Lots of options through Round 4. I like Daniel Bellinger later in the draft. Jelani Woods is an intriguing target, but suspect he will have lots of suitors. 3) Offensive Tackle; we are down to developmental prospects now. I think Round 2 tackles have suspect histories... so would rather see Safety, tight end, or inside/outside d-line players in Round 2. Right tackle is the focus here for depth, so Raimann and Petit-Frere are two to watch. Abe Lucas is also pro-ready, with lots of experience. But Pac-12 and Air-raid? Hard projection. 4) D-line: weaker draft for inside players, but double dipping on inside/outside (Paschal, Logan Hall) or going for Perrion Winfrey or Travis Jones in Round 2 certainly possible. Boy if Ebiketie dropped, I'd run to the podium, but I think he's coming off at the top of the round. 5) LB: think this will be a surprise. Jets are going to try to find their Fred Warner in the 4th or 5th Round. Need is clearly there as CJ is a goner unless he re-negotiates come next year. Need to groom a successor. I like Muma, but so do many teams and there is a large gap between 38 and 101. 6) WR: Would love to see them double dip. At the very least, a nice hybrid TE with some length would be a must as above, but looking for a big slot would be a nice complement to the guys we have. Not a big guy, but I'd love David Bell in Round 3 or Round 4. Didn't time well, but that kid can play. Really interested to see how they build up the skill positions. 7) RB: I am assuming at least 1 RB in later rounds. Much discussed, but don't see a Round 2 investment here (never say never, but unlikely). Think Pierre Strong, Brian Robinson, maybe one of the Georgia Running backs in Round 4. Jets like Round 4 RBs. Who else?
  11. Tell was Saleh saying there were no elite edges but it was a deep class.
  12. the Jets have the leverage here... they don't need to be desperate. If the Niners don't move him, they have a holdout situation on their hand. We hired Joe for these situations. Desperation by selling his draft capital too much will reek of owner intervention, as it is totally counter to his MO since he has been hired. Make the Niners sweat Joe... don't bid against yourself.
  13. No way the Jets do this without a contract lined up for Deebo. Feels too dicey to do this type of deal on the clock.
  14. I consider that a possible reveal. Parkinson leaking that Stingley is high on the Jets board on day of draft? Trying to nudge Stingley to the the Texans? Draft odds on Sauce just improved a bit.
  15. I still think a QB is going top 10, but even if that doesn’t happen in this scenario, then Jets would have pick of the wide receivers. Hutch and Sauce have to go top 10, right? Unless you think Cross or Neal are dropping to 10. If so, I’d have to think the Jets could trade back a couple of spots and still get one of the prime wide receivers.
  16. Christopher Allen, Alabama, coming off of injury. Discuss
  17. Keep in mind if Stingley goes three, and if a QB goes top 10, then it is very likely that Jermaine Johnson drops to 10. If he doesn’t that would mean that we get first choice of WR. All good. Whether Hutch and a WR, or Ekwonu and Johnson or 1st WR, I can live with either scenario. 3 edge plus 3 tackles plus 2 CB, plus QB=9. Even without a QB, then 10 comes down to Johnson or 1st/2nd WR, whichever the Jets rate higher.
  18. By now, the Jets have reviewed every scenario, including Hutchinson dropping to 4. Hell, they had him in for a 30 visit. They have a board, like you say. There shouldn’t be any debate on pick 4. It all comes down to where they’ve ranked these guys. If they pick Ekwonu, it will have been long settled under a scenario where Hutch dropped to 4. Same with Gardner. But it’s a good problem to have. I like Hutch, but I still lean Ekwonu at 4. If the Giants go tackle or Gardner at 5, which is what I suspect they will do, then Hutch would drop to Carolina. If the Jets like him enough, they could try to trade up with Carolina, who might happily drop back to 10 for one of our seconds. If not, Johnson will be there at 10, having benefitted from Hutchinson dropping. How much those two are separated on the Jets board will be key. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a wild moment on the board at 4. Buckle up.
  19. Fully agree… we can only hope he gets over drafted, but I think it’s a real possibility.
  20. Increasingly unlikely Johnson drops to ROUND 2 because of his positional versatility
  21. Excellent post; Strange is another intriguing prospect. You can sense the depth in all of these posts. What do you think about Tom?
  22. It’s not just that. I think there is a real possibility that BPA is the receiver. If KT is gone by 4, and assuming the Jets go Ickey, then the run on edges is likely to include Walker and Johnson before 10. That will leave a best WR as BPA. It only gets interesting if Johnson and the WRs are both there. If KT is the pick at 4, then it is more likely that the run on tackles has happened. Again now you are looking at 1st or 2nd WR being the BPA at 10. Would they pick Penning over the WR? That will be the thing to watch. The curveball will be if KT, Hutch, and Ickey are all off the board at 4. (I tend to doubt it, as I think there is some smoke to Gardner or Stingley coming off the board at 3). What do the Jets do? Overdraft Johnson? Are they higher on Neal or Cross that I suspect? Or do they shock folks a bit and take a Stingley or Gardner? I have no idea what they would do. I really think this is a Ickey vs. KT vs. maybeeeee Johnson at 4. Otherwise they see one of these CBs as unicorns.
  23. Somewhat agree but was intrigued by the Jets approach to the position last year with Sherwood and Nasirildeen. Seems to me they are favoring S/LB tweeners who are dropping. Have size to grow, but maybe a touch slow for a safety. Seems like the scheme relies more on pressure up front on the line, allowing these tweeners to thump downhill but also have the versatility in coverage. The Tariq Carpenters are the type of late-round pick I could see happening. Who else in this draft fits that mold?
  24. Depends if Johnson is still on the board. If all four edges are gone, it drops off to the next group which goes into round 2. Think Karlaftis is now in that next tier that includes Ebiketie, etc. Unless they trade down, I would expect WR in this scenario at 10, because 4 edges, likely 2 CBs off the board (with Stingley rising), 2-3 tackles off the board, and maybe 1 QB… numbers add up to 1st WR being there at 10.
  25. I am leaning toward the niners pay up, but agree it’s either a new contract or he’s shipped.
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