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  1. I see him as connected still, but I would wonder if they floated this to him to keep someone from trading up with JAX and selecting JOK. JOK makes a lot of sense if we stay with the pick.
  2. this one suggested they are all in on playmakers for Jones in a bit of desperation... either the lights go on, or they are back in the QB carousel with those 2 1st round picks next year. Problem with the strategy is that it will fail without an oline, so the probability of Jones being the odd man out and the rebuild resuming increased. Did not like the Giants moves of the last couple of years. And unless Thomas develops at LT, Gettleman is close to the door on the way out.
  3. or they knew they were taking Lance, but floated Mac Jones out there so the Jets wouldn't get second thoughts about Wilson... hard for me to believe that they made that trade to 3 and didn't suspect the Jets would take Wilson. Makes me think they were eyeing Lance all along.
  4. The real question I have is how much better the grades are for a Teven Jenkins vs. Liam Eichenberg vs. Spencer Brown... the Oline class is deep, and arguably, they could achieve similar value to bottom first in the 3rd round. It all comes down to the draft grades and where the fall-off is between tiers. The uncertainty of COVID, opt outs and medicals also makes it more of a crapshoot. At RB, I see Etienne, Harris, and Javonte Williams, and then a large fall-off at RB. I don't tend to want RBs high (as their durability is low), but we need weapons. So at 23, would I be surprised if they to
  5. Wondering what your thoughts are about the RBs in the draft. Conventional wisdom would say we wait til later in the draft, but boy, our RB group is very thin right now. I see a window in late round 1 or early round 2, based on top tackles and CBs being gone by then (and a sweet spot for o-line in round 3). All comes down to grades they have on Harris, Etienne, and Javonte Williams. The 23rd pick is a luxury pick this year for them, and a serious playmaker could be a rookie QB's best friend right now. In that light, you have an order like: Rd 1: QB and RB Rd 2: O-line vs. edge, m
  6. think a stud MLB before the end of day 2 is a must. Not talking about edge guys. Not sure Mosley is going to be that guy. And Cashman is almost out of the league with injuries. Depth is abysmal.
  7. Lots being said about what we should do after Wilson... obviously we have needs at CB, LB, OL (center/guard and right tackle), RB. Have done lots of mocks and the way the board falls, I think the premier tackles will be gone by 23 (including Jenkins), as will the premier CBs. Farley may fall, but I see him as a mid-round pick given injury and opt-out concerns. And I think the sweet spot for tackles and center/guards may be round 3 for us (perhaps top of round 2; targeting Radunz, Eichenberg, Meinerz--or even later Drew Dalman, Walker Little), although I'd prefer a playmaker there (Etien
  8. I would have agreed until the Coastal Carolina game. Usually additive pressure throws the QB off through a game, so I agree that he rarely faced sustained pressure, until that game. It is worth watching. He played great in that game and was literally harassed on every dropback. Coastal Carolina was a good team last year. Showed me his toughness in that game. I am not a Wilson homer; I'd actually prefer if we got a haul for 2 and kept Darnold. But lacking a haul at 2, I would have no problems taking him. And I'd keep Darnold and have both come to camp (assuming noone makes a real offer
  9. This is probably the best analysis of Sam that I’ve seen. His upside is still there. Particularly mid-season, you could see him slip into his bad habits with lower body mechanics and occasionally lazy throws. But the theory that he can’t read defenses is easily dispelled in this video. That’s not his problem. I’ve watched every throw of Darnold’s, and every throw of a NYJ QB over the last 40 years. He is not a bust. He was not the primary reason the Jets have sucked the last few years. If we can get a haul for the 2nd pick, it is tempting to go that direction and actually build a c
  10. The same way Drew Brees didn’t? I am not a Wilson homer but his quick release suggests otherwise.
  11. To clarify, I was talking about selecting Wilson, AND keeping Darnold as a bridge. Hedges your bets, and creates a competition in the QB room, with the anticipation going in that Darnold is the bridge to Wilson. Unless the Jets are wowed by an offer for Darnold, I prefer this solution. Would rather trade the difference between a 3rd round pick (if we were lucky to receive in a trade) and the comp pick for darnold, to let that competition unfold.
  12. This would be an argument to keep both on the roster and kick the can down the road a bit. Have Darnold be the bridge. And if it clicks in the new system, that's a wonderful problem to have.
  13. I would not rule out a team like Pittsburgh or New Orleans building for the future and offering a low 2nd. There may be a couple of surprise teams in here. Think Carolina, Denver, and Philly are the obvious ones (trade-down in round 1 or second round pick). But a couple of the upper echelon teams may be lurking in the shadows.
  14. Understand the loss of the pick, but I also think selling low doesn’t make sense either. And there remains a distinct possibility of him improving on the Jets and then being moved for a higher pick in season (when a QB1 goes down), than him walking for nothing. I think it’s worth the difference between a third/4th round pick in a trade and a 5th-6th round comp if he leaves, to solidify the QB room, and take the chance that a 24 year old QB finds it under this new coaching staff. For other skill positions, maybe you get what you can get... but there is a premium on QBs in the league. THat’s
  15. Not buying it... suddenly Darnold is not even QB2 material? The rest of the league did what it did because they didn’t want to give up a high pick for a 1 yr rental at QB2. Or at least not yet. We’ll see if he fetches a 2 or is used in a trade-up. If JD dumps him for a fourth round pick, I’ll take my comeuppance. But there are couple of teams out there, who, depending on the way the first round goes, may be more willing to roll the dice with Darnold for the equivalent of a two or a move down in round 1, than paying a high-first for Justin Fields. If not, I think we should keep him.
  16. But still goes back to whether you trade him, assuming you are taking Wilson. I see the example as whether he is worth a third round pick for us now to have him be a bridge or QB2 for a year, with the potential that a new system that is easier for him will bring out the best in him. My feeling is yes, you keep Darnold unless you receive a compensation that reflects the possibility that he could really blossom in this offense. I still think he is part of a trade-up in Round 1 (23rd and Darnold for 8 or 9), or a high 2nd round pick, or you don’t do it. To me, QB is unlike any other pos
  17. There are 30 million reasons (ie his contract) that we should not have too much sympathy for him. Worst case scenario, he pockets 30 million before his second contract, learns the Shanahan offense, and is a journeyman back-up in the league where he pockets $20-$30 million, or even more past his first contract. It’s business. And he is taken care of for life. And I like Darnold. I just think this “we should move him if we draft Wilson” debate doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. You either get the compensation you want or he is a bridge or QB2
  18. So with the price to move up now well exceeding the price for trading Sam, does @football guy still stand by the prior opinion that JD would weigh each offer and take the one that is better? If so, the trade up to pick 2 could be a ransom. Or has that ship sailed. Interested in what he is hearing now. FWIW, I think that ship has sailed, and we are taking Wilson. The only question is whether we are moving Darnold. I’d sit tight on Darnold unless I got the compensation I wanted. And we still need a qb2. I don’t buy that they haven’t signed Mullens to not tip their hand on Darnold.
  19. Why is it an overplay? Why not let Darnold and Wilson go to camp? If we don’t get the compensation JD wants, then we have two bonafide starters on the team for next year. This Darnold vs. Wilson stuff is a bit overplayed to me. SF is keeping Garropolo; Atlanta would keep Ryan if they drafted Lance or Jones; why wouldn’t the Jets keep Darnold for a year. Darnold could do worse than learning the Shanahan/LaFleur system for a year before free agency. He’s not walking into a starting position anywhere.
  20. Wonder if Philly is making a play for Darnold... trade ultimately from 6 to 23, pick up Darnold and a 1st next year. Not a bad haul. And they still pick at 23. Jets get the 12th pick... I do think the Jets may be trying to use Darnold to move up in the 1st. Philly, Carolina are pretty desperate. Less so Denver. Also can’t rule out Pittsburgh in late first. Rothlisberger is on fumes.
  21. Fair enough, but why haven’t they signed him yet? Tells me that Darnold at QB2 remains a viable option if they take Wilson, unless they get an offer that is worthy enough to move him. If you are right that Wilson is locked in at 2 to the Jets, it would seem the Jets value Darnold for 1 year better than Mullens and a low-second, or that deal would have been done by now. Maybe they are waiting to see if they can package 23 to move up to 8, 9, or 12 (Philly) before making a decision on Mullens. If they can’t, they may just keep Darnold.
  22. The more I think of it, it would seem that Carolina is really the most realistic... Not just for Wilson, but also for Darnold... it could be that the Jets and Carolina are playing chess right now between Wilson and Darnold. And it’s quite possible that no trade commences. One clue is that the Jets have not signed QB2 yet... why? Beatherd and Mullens are out there and obvious, and would have been necessary either way if they took Zach or kept Darnold (assuming they were trading Darnold). Makes me think they are staring down Carolina to see what their offers are for Wilson and for Darnold, an
  23. I think for certain if JD thinks he is a bonafide franchise QB, slam dunk, he doesn’t listen to offers for Zach. I understand that. In which case you pivot to whether to trade or keep Darnold. This is more complicated than people think. We have NO QB2 on the roster. Do you feel comfortable with QB depth chart being Beatherd/Mullens and Morgan? Forgive me if I don’t. Only way you trade Darnold in that case is if you get a ridiculous offer or bring back Bridgewater from Carolina. Otherwise you keep Darnold as bridge/QB2 for this year. You don’t just unload him to be nice to him for a mi
  24. I think that’s a fair opinion... and may be the one JD has... but I’ve learned enough about him that he is going to listen to the offers. For a couple of weeks at least. I am impressed with Wilson... but that shoulder and the level of competition stands out. Is he a generational talent that you listen to no offers for? That said, the Coastal Carolina game is worth watching... you could see his potential in a dirty pocket. They were all over Wilson and he was unbelievable in that game.I’d be fine if he’s that convinced. Then, it becomes whether and if he trades Darnold. Think Caroli
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