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  1. take the spread... Jets will cover. Darnold and all starting WRs. Becton back. Quinnen back.
  2. Some of you guys won't like this, but we have a relatively cupcake schedule in the next 7 weeks, coming off the bye. And our team has been improving and getting healthier from week to week. Looking forward to seeing Darnold out there with his full slate of wide receivers. I am predicting 4-3 or 5-2 down the stretch. The rookies are developing; the offense, including the line, is improving. They just haven't figured out how to win. We'll end with a top 10 pick, and we will resign Darnold. Unless further injuries kill the season. These guys are not going to just tank for the hell of it. Book it, unless the injuries do us in.
  3. I think we said the same thing, excepting the arguably...
  4. It's time for him to address the media. This team's performance is worse than 96 right now. Apathy is setting in among the fanbase. I usually see the Jets with rose-colored glasses (hope springs eternal, the draft is our super bowl), but this year's team, and the lack of leaders, and the lack of any emotion in the pressers, or even accountability, is making me feel like Sundays are a waste of time watching this team. Parcells would have been chomping at the bit, calling out players, making them feel uncomfortable. This team is losing it's fanbase by the day. For Douglas or the owners not to at least speak out as this garbage continues, is ridiculous. It speaks volumes about a lack of leadership across the entire organization right now.
  5. this team is arguably worse. Coaching was bad in 1995-96, but our problems also started at QB and Neil O'Donnell's calf injury in the tunnel. That team, however, had some good players. Aaron Glenn, Victor Green, Marvin Jones, Mo Lewis. On offense, Keyshawn and Chrebet were here. We lost a ton of games, but at least we watched some players continue to develop. I remember discussing how our defense played hard, but they tired out because they were on the field so damn long. Fast forward to this year and arguably we have a competent QB, but we are so lacking on both sides of the ball. Who are you excited to see develop these first few games besides Becton, who is now hurt? Crowder I suppose. But that's it on offense. Q on defense? Anyone else? Our LBs and CBs are terrible. Our pass rush is the most putrid I've seen in 40 years of watching this team. Maye's pretty good, I suppose, but can't do it alone. That's it. The cupboard's bare. This team is worse than 1996. Maybe the guys on IR, when they come back, will make me feel differently, but they have a lot of ground to make up on the 96 team.
  6. If we are in a position to draft Lawrence, it will be an easy decision because to be in the top 3 means that the season was truly an epic disaster. In all likelihood, we will be in the teens again, and this conversation will be moot.
  7. You wouldn't be giving him $30 million plus if you reupped now. That's the point. Sign him to an extension at a discount. And yes, I would sign him to an extension.
  8. Solid 5, leaning 6. Until we surround Sam with actual playmakers, it's ridiculous to lay this all at his feet. I've watched a lot of QBs come and go with this team in my 40 years watching him, this kid has the talent and rhythm to succeed. He's playing for a sh*tty team and organization right now, and Joe Douglas is playing catch-up. I'd sign him to a long-term deal now, and start surrounding him with a real set of playmakers. Darnold is going to succeed in this league... only question is whether it will be with us or someone else. If he is on Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or a winning organization with real structure right now, we're not having this conversation. The three year rinse and repeat, throw a guy out of town has to come to an end. We actually have to build a program now. If I were Douglas, I'd look to make a deal for a real playmaker now, much like when we added Braylon Edwards back in the Rex days. Similar to when we added Santonio Holmes. We are stunting Sam's development every day we don't add a bonafide number 1. That's why Buffalo added Stefon Diggs. The lack of urgency to surround Darnold with playmakers has been infuriating.
  9. Not going to be an apologist here, but yesterday I had difficulty getting the Jet game with it blacked out on the Ticket and with the Patriot game in the local market. I was pissed. So I finally figured out how to use VPN to get the local market game, and turned it on in the second quarter down 21-0. Had heard that the team sucked from friends who had texted me. But from the Allen fumble on (nice hit Bless), the team wasn’t that bad. Granted, I hadn’t seen the sh*t show before hand, and the Darnold scramble was mind-boggling but here is what I saw: 1) Acceptable bookend tackles for the first time in a long time 2) I saw rhythm and sticks moving with Darnold and 1 receiver, and half a tight end. And a beautiful pass down the sideline to Leveon when I first turned the game on. A couple of years ago, with Geno on the team, we would have been satisfied with 2 offensive TD’s. There were many weeks we saw none. The offense is not dreadful, regardless of what people say. They’re just not in sync, and are still lacking playmakers. 3) A better than average secondary and a decent run support; Maye looked great. Bless, if he can stay healthy, is a great find. Now to the bad: 1) Not one receiver beyond Jamison able to create separation; not sure Leveon, even when not injured was that good. Hoping Perine is decent. 2) Meh linebackers (weakness); no pass rush. 3) Lack of urgency in the 4th; not believing enough they could win (lack of leadership). So, my eyes were not colored by coming into Buffalo and being outclassed by a SB contending team in the first quarter. Not making excuses, but it’s one game. It happens. I, for one, will judge the season in its entirety. Wishing for new QBs and coaches every year or two has grown old. I remember a couple of years back when NE came into Buffalo week 1 and got hosed. It’s one week. Patterns develop over a season. Let it play out.
  10. They are hoping for a vaccine. There are likely to be at least 2 vaccines available in fall, probably for high risk people first. Bank on it.
  11. Teams have their own planes; if they want to conduct free agency with social distancing, they are perfectly capable of doing that. Scouts, on the other hand, fly coach.., that’s why they pulled them
  12. Not offended, not trying to censor, just thinking that the failure of others doesn’t make me feel better about the Jets. I respect that folks like to talk about other NFL topics but some of these threads are clearly trying to boost Jet fan morale by wading in the failure of our competitors or even caricaturing that failure. Take the Judge hire or the Jones pick last year. A bit too much intensity behind many posts when there is no data to really evaluate. I would say that I enjoy the threads about the Jets more. It less distracting and less negative. That’s all.
  13. Just wondering why people are so focused on other teams' mistakes in threads here. Or like to pound players that suck who we passed on, as some sort of validation of our lowly Jets? Baker Mayfield sucks, look what the Giants did, the Browns are worse than us, look at what Brady and the Pats did, yada yada. Who cares! I don't know, just seems weak and seems to imply some currency to the Jets being better as an organization, or that hey, we're not as bad as them or that player. All that really matters are the decisions this organization makes, the development of the players who are here, and the success of our coaches... there is no bonus as a Jets fan in other teams faltering, as far as I am concerned. It doesn't replace the Jets winning or making good choices on their own, which hasn't happened much in recent years. Seems to be more of a reflection of us not having much to cheer about on our own turf. Thoughts?
  14. Sounds like a power struggle in the organization. Hit piece, Ed Reed comment, Matt Miller tweet. All on the cuff of a strong finish. Someone is angling to bring Gase down from within? Top guesses: 1) Jamal Adams: just feels like this one makes sense 2) Gregg Williams, wants to be head coach, can’t stand Gase 3) Hymie Elhai: would be the worst case scenario if true 4) Joe Douglas: I know but crazier sh*t has happened. Paving the way for his own hire Any other guesses?
  15. I watched it in an airport and without sound. He was up and down, and better in the first half. Thought he pressed a bit at times, and should have run for a first down that might have set up a TD in the second half. But as someone who has been around since the 80’s, I really believe he has the most upside of any QB we’ve had. We give him a line and some playmakers, he will be special. He has great vision, and is decisive. The feet need work but he can also throw off a bad platform. Pretty accurate despite not having a true number 1 receiver. And he’s only 22.
  16. Anyone enjoying the calls going against the Pats at home? Never seen that
  17. I agree there is enough here to be worried, but a DT playing through a high ankle sprain as a rookie can be tough. Willing to give him a bit of a mulligan this year and judge next year. It is what it is. Arguably the issue is not whether we took Oliver but rather whether we took Josh Allen.
  18. Starts with having the worst oline in football, plus none of their backs have the speed to get outside, which is where Cinci has sucked
  19. this team is what it is, a bad team devoid of talent. All begins and ends with oline. Pedestrian receivers. If you see it for what it is, the three game stretch was an aberration. There are some positives... Griffin, Bless Austin, Gregg Williams coaching third stringers and practice squad players to play above their heads. Good teams are built in the trenches. Jets can mask deficiencies on defense due to a strong d-line. Their o-line is the worst in the league. You can’t overcome that. They do nothing well. Still, with Darnold at QB1 they are 4-5. About what you might expect if you take the SOJ blinders off.

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