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  1. Mad? Helll no! We just won the draft! I'm searching in the interwebs for when the parade will be, I don't want to miss it!
  2. Neither should start, why keep the distractions around?
  3. He has to be. I have read here on this very message board that he is the best QB in the draft. Tannehill was like the third best QB in his draft. Seems pretty clear to me.
  4. Why not get rid of both Tim and Sanchez, and have Geno, Grrard and McElroy as your three?
  5. Question, do you hold your kibble and bits in your hand when you type/say this?
  6. Poor you, baby. Every point I make you turn into Sanchez bashing, I'm passed Sanchez, he will never take another snap with the Jets again, you just Can't stop yourself. Then attack me with bs like I share my bed with Sanchez. Your an a hole, period. I did not go at you personally until you threw that bs in. Then you come here with this Bs? Usually you just threaten to ban me, a hole
  7. Yeah, it's me douche,boy. When I respond to attacks, mp not start them, it's me. Yeah, your a big wet douche.
  8. Well, if angry, you mean not happy with the direction of the Jets, yup, right on. I'm passionate about the Jets, it's why I waste my time here. It's funny, I did not see you or your ilk attacking anyone who posted with such enthusiasm over the pick, even though there is all the, we should be so happy, we should give Idzig a chance theme going on. So, it's not about telling people how they should think/feel, it's about not agreeing with the opinion, douche. So the reality is, it's not
  9. Thank you for showing that there are still some jets fans with a fkng brain
  10. Every criticism has been deserved. You and your we are so great crew act like we are the Yankees of the NFL. The reality is we suck balls, and will for years to come. Hey, if you like your team sucking balls, enjoy, your going to have a fun year this year.
  11. Lol, yeah, I'm the douche. I post my opinion, and you and your insane clown posse get your panties in a wad, and I'm the douche. Laughable, like the direction of the jets. The reality is that anyone screaming about how it's such a great move because it was a second rounder, is too fkng dumb to understand what the real issues are. Enjoy your Offseason victory! Add the trophy to our case, douche.
  12. Wrong, some of us acknowlegde that the direction of this franchise has sucked balls for a few years now, hence the results. This was another classic example of how the Jets just don't fkng get it. Which is no surprise, when your moron a-hole owner has to hire a GM who is willing to stick with a fat moron coach, this is what you get. I'll celebrate when we have a real team that can threaten for a real championship, not when we pick the best QB in a sh*t class of QBs the year before what will be a far better class of QBs, that we won't draft because of this move.
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