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  1. He would have had three more but the defense dropped them...damn. Now even the defense is not catching the passes...lol..
  2. The unnamed player is basically saying that for the past 4 years it was 100% Buttfumble's job. Now, the team feels like someone else, Geno, should be given the real opportunity to start. I completely agree. Nothing replaces game experience. Start Geno in game 1.
  3. Who cares what Namath says anymore? The guy is a retired NFL QB who last played in the 70's. His brand of NFL football has radically evolved and he is just a fan like us now. Give Geno a break...we have seen the atrocities that Buttfumble has committed, especially the last two years, Geno has not had a chance yet to play an actual game, whether pre-season or regular season. Let it play out. Idzik is a smart guy, he let the draft come to him and STILL landed Geno in the second round. Let's not pay much attention to the nay-sayers in regards to Geno. We need hope and these bashing new player posts do nothing more than create vitriol in an already angry fanbase. Namath, shut the hell up and go "KISH" some other sideline reporter....
  4. The WSJ reporting on Sports is like taking Financial Advice on investing from the National Enquirer. Come on now...
  5. I doubt Sanchez is the starter in 2013. He will get Mightily booed and you can bet the BUTT FUMBLE banners will be in full force come opening day at Metlife Stadium...
  6. Let's forget the injury issue. We had Landry as a Safety with an extensive injury history....he lasted the WHOLE year and he played a physical position. Using injury as a reason not to accept Garrard as a better QB is bunk...pure bunk. It should be Garrard/Geno as the starter and the loser of those two will be the backup. At that point, the CHEZ should be cut/traded/waived. Paying your third string that much money is crazy.
  7. I love the number for geno...7...as in TOUCHDOWN! 7Pts!
  8. The media is looking to rebuild the circus in Jetland after TEBLOW's departure. How to do that? Stoke the "anonymous" source flames as to how bad, stuck up, stupid, lazy, lucky, Geno Smith is. Bascially get the guy to blow up to give you a story. GENO---------------> let your play on the field be the reply to these muckrakers..
  9. Cimini is a tool. Everyone knows the guy is a hack. While we appreciate non-homerism this guy writes like he is a Pats fan. Tries to uncover things that aren't even there. Next thing you'll see is, Geno Smith is not even a QB by Rich Cimini or Geno Smith was born on Uranus by Rich Cimini. Complete Hack...ESPN does Jets fans no favor by employing this idiot.
  10. Bottom line, The CHEZ must go. We can't allow the location of a game define who will be the QB. At the end of the year, the Jets were deciding who was going to be QB by who will NOT be booed by the home fans. If you think Jets fans will forget the horrible QB play from last year, then I have a bridge to sell you. The Chez is done in NYC. The best options for the team are to have Geno Garrard and McElroy be the top 3 qbs. Cut Chez and let him see if he can be a back up somewhere else. His time in NYC is done.
  11. Up the Middle Pressure will make the classic pocket passers nervous...and that creates turnovers and three and outs. The combination of getting richardson and Wilkerson up the middle and Coples on the outside...in a 4-3, they are going to create matchup issues. Add in Milliner and Cro on the outside...that only leaves the slot and tight end as your safety valves. Rex will scheme to this. I am not too worried about the defense, I think they will be fun to watch this year. I am worried about the Offense. I know that they will be better this year BUT they were PUTRID last year, so an improvement over Putrid is not that exciting. I think if they start Geno, its gives us something to look forward to. If they start Sanchez then this season will be a big snoozefest.
  12. I will take the silence as a no, its doesn't preclude us from choosing a qb next year as well.
  13. with the 38th pick in the draft the Bills select Tharold Simon. LOL! hahaha
  14. Agreed. I like Rex but the guy thinks its only about the defense. If you don't score points on Offense you will lose consistently. We need a new QB, new WR, new RB, new TE. The current O will be scoring maybe 3-10 pts a game. That means we win 1-4 games. This season will not get any better unless we start assembling better O SKILL players.
  15. KYLE WILSON WAS A 1st ROUND pick...and yes he is starting to ripen into a BUST...not a good CB...maybe a serviceable nickleback but not a #1 or #2 CB.
  16. Then they need new scouts...I think DJ Hayden is a better CB prospect than Dee Milliner. For the Jets sake, I hope I am wrong.
  17. Does that preclude them picking a QB in the 1st round next year? Here is the scenario: Jets use BPA and see that Geno is there at 39. They say BPA...and take Geno. Geno is the 3rd QB on the roster for the Jets as Garrard starts, Sanchez is the backup and Geno learns. The Jets go 4-12 and earn the 4th pick in the draft. Does picking Geno in the second stop the Jets from picking a QB in the 1st round of 2014's draft? I'd say no. You can sink a 1st round draft pick into the QB if he is a bonafide franchise qb coming out. Remember the Jets Drafted Kellen Clemens in the 2nd round and he was a backup. SO personally, I do not believe that Drafting Geno stops the Jets from drafting a qb in next year's draft..
  18. If the Jets had the #1 pick they would trade down. They don't need either of the Tackles. We have higher needs and a #1 pick is too high for Dion Jordan..
  19. I LOVE the Leon Sandcastle commercials. They are Hilarious!
  20. cool, I wanted to make sure...I am looking forward to the draft..hopefully, the fans will be happy...not like when we picked KYLE BRADY....
  21. my posting was a joke. i hope everyone caught that..
  22. The Guy on the right is Vito Lucassi. He runs a body shop in Brooklyn. In his spare time her rebuilds old cars, talks smack about the Pats and eats Meatball subs from Subway. The guy on the left is Vinny Bastousis, he did work on Wall street till 2008 but lost his job. He now is a blogger but makes zero money at it. They are 4th cousins but secretly love each other and are afraid to come out because in their tough Brooklyn neighborhood they would be ostracized. The animated GIF catches them right before they kiss. They want the GIF erased but it has become viral.
  23. I think you can parlay #9 and #13 into great trade back picks that could land you a late first round/early second round QB or take a chance and hope Dysert lasts until the 4th/5th round.
  24. You can find them at the corner, sitting on some milk crates, drinking some Miller Lites planning what jersey they will wear tonight at the Draft.
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