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  1. Vinny T.....freak of nature

    Yeah, pretty sure I'm the first one to read this sentence, because wow.
  2. Who y'all like in 2013 Draft for Jets?

    'Second round grade' isn't an actual thing.
  3. Jets OL Rates # 3 in NFL

    There's this idea that 20 sacks 4.6 Y/C means a better OL than 47 sacks 3.8 Y/C.
  4. Jets Draft Prospect TE – Kelce

    No way. We traded up for 12 points below chart price!
  5. Rotoworlds Mock

    I like Mingo but Werner is better. We're not getting either of them. High motor is just words. Werner knocks down an awful lot of passes for a guy who's somehow lacking in effort or concentration. He looks a lot more active now that he's down to 255.
  6. Jets OL Rates # 3 in NFL

    You've lost your mind.
  7. Jets OL Rates # 3 in NFL

    Yeah, because throwing names back and forth is doing a whole lot of good for either side of this argument.
  8. Jets OL Rates # 3 in NFL

    Yeah, invoking adjusted sack rate is sooo typical, isn't it?
  9. Jets OL Rates # 3 in NFL

    #3 seems like a stretch. FO has us at 5th in the running game and 30th in pass protection which seems a lot more reasonable. A lot of that latter number is Sanchez, but Mangold and Moore really weren't very good this year, Howard is only good in comparison to Hunter, and Slauson's pass protection is only good in comparison to his run blocking. PFF's stats are faux. Anecdotal evidence expressed in numerical form is still bullsh*t.
  10. Who y'all like in 2013 Draft for Jets?

    Allen is a really exciting player and I haven't heard anything that makes it seem like the knee is a problem going forward. Seems like fine value at 9 plus it doesn't really preclude doubling down later on because there's going to be crazy value at the position in round 3/4/5.
  11. is Landry's price being overrated?

    No, no we don't, probably us, too much, and no sh*t.
  12. McShay, Kiper Updated Mocks

    I'd be more impressed if you could show me a link to one of the companies that writes policies on NFL contracts saying that stenosis isn't a problem.
  13. Rotoworlds Mock

    It does look pretty brutal. Besides Kansas City everybody in front of us needs pass rushers.
  14. Rotoworlds Mock

    Werner is a 255-pound pass rusher. Are you actually being serious?