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  1. If you still think that somehow you're disagreeing with me, feel free to continue.

    Well, then, with your leave. The disagreement doesn't have anything to do with whether either of us wants to draft Warmack at 9. It has to do with your premise. Because guards never go top ten, framing the decision to trade down in terms of whether or not Warmack is the BPA at 9 is pointless.

    Not really sure who you're trying to impress with the constant, comically unwarranted condescension. Pretty easy to tug on the cape now that I don't get to have fair fights.

  2. I'm responding as if we are holding them both equally responsible

    Singling out Mangini doesn't make it especially clear that you're holding them both equally responsible, but that's certainly a reasonable position. I just think that even if you take 2006-07 out of the equation, the way we did things in the 2008 offseason seems to comport with Tannenbaum's M.O. sans Mangini a lot more than it does with Mangini's M.O. sans Tannenbaum based on their respective track records. Faneca, Pace, Favre, Gholston. That stuff just isn't Mangini's boring-ass style, which is why it was so roundly celebrated at the time. It's not in keeping with the Belichick style he emulates ad absurdum, or with the way he ran the Browns for those twelve minutes and change, or even with the silly rhetoric of message boards (pretty uncanny how uniformly Gholston was regarded as "not a Mangini guy" before April 2008 and "Mangini's guy" subsequent to January 2009).

    Brees-Flacco-you're fired isn't much of a window for finding a quarterback, all things considered, but that's just another cloud in the perfect storm of sh*t that put this franchise into its present predicament, so I'm certainly not suggesting that anybody got a raw deal. There were plenty of stupid moves that seemed to be primarily Mangini-driven too.

  3. Mangini was a great at drafting and evaluating talent, so I've been told.

    Is there any reason why you're putting this on Mangini? I tend to put 2006/07 primarily on him and 2008 primarily on Tannenbaum. That seemed to have been everybody else's take at the time, when we finally started splashing around with big ticket free agents and the like, but of course things didn't work out, Mangini left and Tannenbaum didn't, and blame had to be reapportioned accordingly.

    This isn't to absolve Mangini on the quarterback front. The only thing worse than a new head coach who hitches his wagon to the wrong quarterback is the one who waffles around and refuses to yoke up at all. But given what we can piece together about the different decision-making dynamics we've seen over the past few years, I find it kind of difficult to assume that Mangini would have been at liberty to go all in on a (non-Matt Ryan) rookie that year.

    Everything always comes back to organizational retardation. Nobody's in charge, and you're never going to find the quarterback if you can't even find the guy who can find the quarterback.

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  4. I dont think Mingo will make it to 9, who I think is awesome.

    If its between Warmack and a not a sure thing pass rusher...Id go with the guy that can immediately transform our running game.

    I think Werner, Mingo, Moore, Joeckel, Lotulelei, and Milliner are definitely gone. They all seem like easy picks or easy trades at 9. Somebody probably reaches on a quarterback and somebody probably clears Jones. One more and we're in business, two more and we have options.

    If we whiff, Warmack is in the picture. Jets and Seahawks have done pretty well with Senior Bowl guys lately so maybe Fisher and Ansah. Allen and Lacy depending on how they run. People seem high on Ogletree lately. Bunch of interesting candidates for #2 DT if there's actually any chance of going back to that well.

  5. Look at the difference between the Werner, Mingo, Moore, Jones tier of pass rushers and Margus Hunt or Malliciah Goodman. Dee Milliner and Johnathan Banks. Keenan Allen and everybody. Now tell me the difference between Warmack and Barrett Jones or Warford is even close. The top ten is for positions where the difference between a great prospect and a good one matters most. Guard isn't one of them.

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  6. The top rated guard in the draft.

    Which means he's not going to be the top guy on our board at 9, and he's not going to be the top guy on anybody else's board either. Which obviously doesn't mean we're not going to have an opportunity to move out of the pick -- the fact that the top of the board is so lopsided with DE almost ensures that. If the end we like (1 Werner 2 Mingo 3+ undercided) isn't there then the Lotulelei or Milliner or Allen somebody else likes will be.

  7. if they make a high profile signing like Spencer or Barwin then they aren't gonna go DE to OLB convert at 9.

    Says you. Drafted Gholston after signing Pace and Wilson after trading for Cromartie.

  8. If the Jets are on the clock at #9, and Chance Warmack is the top guy on their board, I hope like hell they burn up the phone lines to move down....

    This is Rob Rang's site NFLDraftScout. Ratings are a good barometer of wisdom of crowds consensus. I use it for combine numbers but they didn't have the 10- and 20-yard splits last year which was annoying.

    At 9 we're going to get one of the top four or five players on our board easy. Warmack isn't really even in the picture.

  9. See, the problem really lies in the Baghdad Bob PR responses. Last year at this time, the players spoke about it being the OC's fault, this year, it's the GM... And would you know it, we swiftly fired those guys, so really, all is well in Jet land.

    Both guys deserved to be fired, but the narrative that paints them as the only thing holding back the QB from succeeding falls a bit flat. Despite what the Jets PR machine might think, our football IQ is not pudding.

    Remember when Gholston was supposed to have been Mangini's idea?

  10. I didnt understand this statement above, however, I do understand this. Revis is the best CB in the league, and he's better than half the CB's in the league even without an ACL lol. I totally get this.

    The elephant in the room here is that Revis is actually kind of overrated, even if he is the best corner in the league. Half the forum thinks Revis is the greatest ever and will return an embarrassment of riches in trade and the other half thinks Revis is the greatest ever and shouldn't be traded at all. It seems to have totally escaped everyone that we're talking about a player whose performance has declined for three years running. In 2009 he had one of the best seasons anybody has ever had, but in 2010 he had the hamstring coming off the holdout and started giving up touchdowns, 2011 started out great (3.9 Y/A; 68% success rate over the first half of the season) but dropped off down the stretch (7.8 Y/A; 56% success rate over the second half), and last year he got hurt again. At this point my guess is that Idzik gets an offer he can't refuse, but nobody is happy about what such an offer actually entails.

  11. John Abraham pussed out on the sidelines in a huge game. What has he won?

    He's put up ten sacks a year for Atlanta while we've spent seven seasons bemoaning the lack of pass rush. And for what? To upgrade the center position from Jonathan Goodwin to Nick Mangold. You can get a great pick in the trade and find a great player with the pick and still end up making the team worse. That's the risk in trading a superstar.

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