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  1. It's hard to figure out what a player is worth in terms of marginal wins, but not so hard that it can't be said with mortal certainty that Revis is not worth anywhere close to two wins.
  2. Revis is not the commodity. The commodity is the exclusive right to give Revis a hundred million dollars to lock him up before he can test free agency. It's not a subtle distinction.
  3. I don't understand why this prospect so terrifies everyone. Even if you assume we have to keep him the odds are pretty good that we get a better deal by letting him hit free agency than by letting him make the market again. Nothing good is going to happen fast because Revis is counting on the Jets to panic.
  4. Yes. Isn't the ability to shut down an NFL-caliber pass rusher sort of what makes an NFL-caliber tackle an NFL-caliber tackle? In any event I don't think Mingo was dominated by either of those players. 29 TFL 15 sacks 11 PD 4 FF in the SEC is statistically bad?
  5. I think we might want to do something about our zero viable linebackers before we start fixing what's not broken.
  6. The Falcons got Abraham for his entire second contract. Cromartie is only locked up for two years. This is boring.
  7. What does a horseshoe do? Are there any horse socks? Is anybody listening to me? That Cromartie isn't worth a first rounder now doesn't mean he wasn't worth a second when he was three years younger and making relative peanuts.
  8. The hell you say. Sanchez stayed healthy all year. I think Fluker is better than Fisher and Johnson but probably goes after both of them.
  9. Yes, I think a first round pick is an impossible return on Cromartie. This isn't a trick.
  10. Cromartie is four years older than Davis and makes ten times as much. Do you want to go back to the kids' table and argue about playcalling? Is that what you want?
  11. It doesn't matter that there is zero factual support for what you claim is the going rate, because you can just say it's worth it, easy. It doesn't matter that Green Bay hasn't traded a first round pick since probably Favre, because you can just call it a pretend rule. I guess you win.
  12. Are you really going to keep doing the indignant straw man thing on everybody who figured out that Sanchez is terrible before you did? This might take a while.
  13. The Packers don't do stuff like that, Cromartie is not returning a first and a third in your wildest dreams, and we don't want to trade Cromartie anyway. The pass defense is the only thing we have to rebuild on. Why do you think we're taking an end in the first round when the offense is a dumpster fire?
  14. I don't see how being happy when we manage to keep Sanchez from losing a game constitutes waffling as to whether he's any good.
  15. Really? I think he's the best end in the class and goes 2 or 3 for sure.
  16. Beware the football people. Beeewaaare. http://a6.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/026/Purple/41/6d/03/mzl.xwcqxjca.jpg It seems like the offseason devolves into hysterics over catchphrases earlier every year.
  17. His neck is messed up. He couldn't get cleared at U.S.C. Of course we can pass.
  18. Yeah. How much of anything is anybody's fault is almost impossible to determine based on the information available to an average fan. One thing that's easy is that overall responsibility for organization and communication falls on the GM (unless we're talking about New England, obviously). We've had the same scouting department for twelve years. If this were as simple as we keep asking for a hammer and they keep bringing us a wrench somebody would have figured it out a while ago.
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