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  1. No thank you.

    No...you're welcome? This really isn't hard. Yes, it would be nice not to have Sanchez count against the cap at all in future years, but this isn't happening in a vacuum. We still have to put together a roster with 17M dead and no quarterback, and that's going to screw with our cap in future years more than spreading out the hit will.

  2. “I think before, maybe I misjudged the thing about I just want to ground-and-pound, that type of mentality,” Ryan said. “Maybe I bought into that more than maybe I should have. Maybe I needed to be more open-minded and look at things a little bit differently, but we have to have it.”

    Head coach distracts self with catchphrase, sits on franchise, breaks it. At least it's novel.

  3. Explain how this works, please. Thanks.

    Sperm already did. If he's a June 1 cut in 2014 he only counts 1.5M against the cap.

    Matt Moore isn't going to cost 5M/year. Probably closer to 1/5th of that.

    Which in addition to the 5M you're going to eat on Sanchez to get him and the 12 we're on the hook for no matter what is 18M for Matt Moore. Now go get a halfback, two guards, a tight end, entire receiving and linebacker corps, and a safety. This isn't Major League.

  4. Remember, too, that 5M spent this year, likely a down, rebuilding year, is 5M more in cap room they'll have in 2014, when the real building blocks can start being put into place.

    No. 5M spent this year is 1.5M more in cap room they'll have next year. We're letting five starters walk in free agency and cutting two more. Spending an extra five million dollars against the cap for Matt Moore or whoever seems exactly like the kind of thing you don't do in a rebuilding year. I guess it's counterintuitive since the overall plan is to burn everything down, but that doesn't mean that taking all of the pain right away is the right move in every individual case.

  5. If they believe that removing Sanchez from the team would be addition by subtraction, it's the best move.

    An extra 5M this year for Sanchez not to play plus whatever the quarterback we don't really want costs is totally out of the question in the real world. Not with the cuts we're going to make and free agents we're going to let walk.

  6. Been saying it for months, trade Cromartie while his value is high.

    Cromartie's value isn't going to go anywhere but down, but that doesn't really mean it's high. He's a really good corner, but he's paid like one. Cromartie at 9.5 per is not worth a whole lot in terms of draft picks. I mean, it's not like we've got the option of trading him to the Jets.

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  7. Mingo DE/OLB LSU

    Warford OG Kentucky

    Bray QB Tenn.

    Wolff/Lester/Elam/Rambo S Various

    Taylor RB Stanford

    Williams TE Bama

    Wetzel OT BC

    Mingo seems like he could be really good. OL in the second round is fine, and I even like Warford, but he's not one of the 40 best players in this draft. Maybe if Fluker gets pegged as a guard he could slide a little. I think anybody we take in the second would have to have some tackle upside even if his place for 2013 is at guard. Bray is out of the question. We don't have the resources to dick around with half measures at quarterback. It's Sanchez and that's that. What do you think of Sean Porter in 3? Safeties, Taylor, fine, whatever. Projecting these positions in these rounds without benefit of combine numbers is kind of pointless. Probably going to have to address TE sooner. And if course if we have the chance to take a flier on a BC OL in the seventh round we're going to windmill slam the card for Wetzel.

  8. the Jets have an infrastructure with Brick, Mangold, Wilk, Coples. The trenches are sound. Revis and Cro are stars.

    I'm talking from an organizational perspective. It's just abject chaos. Nobody but Rex can be in charge, because after a disaster season where everybody else left, he got kept on. But Rex can't be in charge either because he got a vote of confidence and no extension. We're really not even talking about football here. This hierarchy couldn't effort a ham sandwich if the Jets were a Subway franchise instead.

  9. Youtube cutups are basically useless but Mingo looks pretty fantastic. Of all the pass rushers in this year's class, he's the one that really stands out as being the first and fastest guy off the ball on a consistent snap-to-snap basis. He also makes a ton of plays when the ball goes the other way, and not just chasing them down from the backside. I've seen a couple of times on counters where he'd already be turning the corner in the backfield when the runner would cut the other way, and he'd double back around and take a perfect angle all the way across the field. Pretty scary sh*t from a guy who doesn't know how to play football yet. His frame presents a disadvantage in the combine metrics, so if he clears the benchmarks there I would be reasonably confident in this player at 9.

  10. Or, as seems to be the common wisdom, are the 2013 Jets already doomed?

    Can't it be both? I mean, you have to be talking about a pretty severely talent deficient team to say that ten wins isn't even a realistic possibility. At the same time, we're screwed for the foreseeable future because the organization is just a total debacle.

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