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  1. Great. Now all we have to do is figure out how to dispel the notion that made-up numbers mean anything.
  2. Jets offensive DVOA 2011 -8.3% 2012 -20.6%. Rams offensive DVOA 2011 -27.2% 2012 -4.7%. Sanchez DVOA 2011 -12.5% 2012 -29.9%. Bradford DVOA 2011 -24.2% 2012 -1.2%.
  3. It's not funny, crazy, interesting, or true. Do guys who aren't either already head coaches somewhere or retired turn down NFL head coaching jobs? Are you suggesting that this is something that ever actually happens? I mean, I could say that the Jets are going to be fine because next week Brady is going to get in over his head with some kind of political intrigue and shoot himself on the field, and that would be more plausible than your ludicrous claptrap because at least it happened one time in a movie.
  4. What do you expect them to when the fan base can be counted on to be duly astonished that the unicorn is actually a donkey in a party hat?
  5. Please provide actual facts tending to disprove this proposition.
  6. [ ] Schefter-type NFL connections [ ] fwiw =/= 0 [ ] Guys who don't have head coaching gigs turn down an offer for the big job in the NFL [x] Kid at the comic shop is the source
  7. His major qualification is that he's not in any position to decline what increasingly looks like it's going to be a one and done gig. It seems like we're planning to just take our medicine and chalk 2013 up as a lost season, which is why we're promoting disposable guys like Thurman and Cohen for Rex's walk year. The Jets HC/GM jobs will be a lot more attractive in a year than they are now.
  8. Standard Melo/J.R. crapfest. We lost by six points in a game where the team took 75 shots and two guys combined to miss 30 of them.
  9. Francesca is a fat idiot too but he's not wrong. I think it's pretty clear that Rex has Woody's ear regardless of whether the hire turns out to be Gamble or not.
  10. Rex has a job because he's a cartoon character and the owner is a jocksniffing dick in a ball cap and shirtsleeves. Keeping the coach on while bringing in a new GM is the blueprint the Browns just wasted three years on. We're not even ****ing trying anymore. Let's see if fatty thinks it's funny when Isiah starts making noise about replacing him with Lou Brown.
  11. If Rex stays Woody is going to get laughed right out of the billionaires club for taking sh*t from the help.
  12. Rex has refused for four years to accept responsibility for the first and most impactful decision he made as an NFL head coach. It starts and ends there. You can't give up on a guy who doesn't consider himself accountable for his actions in the first place. You just stop herding him in when he gets distracted and wanders off. I bet if we just pull Jets security personnel from the babysitting detail he'll choke to death on a pork chop by Wednesday and save us the hassle.
  13. Woody gave Sanchez like fifty million dollars because Rex told him to, and now Rex says that if Woody doesn't come across with another thirteen to get rid of the loser then it's all his fault. I can't even fathom how livid Woody must be. Rex is lucky he's coaching Sunday.
  14. Anybody who can count to sixteen could have seen there was nothing there in 2009. Everybody chose not to.
  15. The mistake was not firing Tannenbaum and Rex the second they told Woody they were planning on doing such a thing.
  16. If Felton needs surgery this is a tremendous opportunity. Obviously you'd prefer it be through good coaching decisions rather than injury, but our lineup just replaced its least productive player with increased minutes for Kidd, Prigioni, and Brewer. As soon as some combination of Amare's return, Copeland's continued emergence, and a little more run for Thomas puts an end to this Carmelo at the 4 horsesh*t, this team is going to be lethal.
  17. They're all getting canned so Tannenbaum and Rex are giving Sanchez one last shot to audition for a backup job somewhere.
  18. Superb. Step one is concede 2013. Step two is one voice. I mean, for god's sake, you can't have the coach running around talking about how he gets one pick a year to use on a fullback he liked on tape while scouting somebody else when just a year prior you had decided to pull the trigger on a quarterback because the same buffoon fell in love at the workout. This kind of sh*t doesn't happen in organizations where somebody's in charge and you know who it is.
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