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  1. The bottom line is the appreciation for the hard work I put into this piece was to say I stole it and put my name on it and then just cut and paste some stuff. Two things which are just not true.

    If you're going to be in the content business you're just going to have to grow up and put this ridiculous notion that anybody cares about your hard work right out of your mind. I'm being constructive here. The level of detail you went into on the individual transactions doesn't really bolster your argument in any way. This isn't research you had to do. It's time you wasted Googling. What you think is your process is really just a distraction. Next time just sit down, close the browser, and make your point. And knock it off with the quotation marks.

  2. To say I took someone else’s work and put my name on it is insulting and false.

    Of course it's insulting and false. The underlying information isn't work, yours, his, or otherwise, because facts aren't proprietary, and I think the conclusion that this record is one of a 'draft genius' is sufficiently insane as to rule out the possibility that it actually came from somewhere.

  3. Mangold plays center. He's great, but he's a center. Further, Tannenbaum doesn't get genius status for selecting the highest rated center and having it pay off. Same goes for Revis...

    The problem with Mangold is using the second pick of a total rebuild on a premium center. Yeah, there's one every year and they always go in that range, but Mangold is better than the other dudes and he was taken later so there's at least some sort of surplus value there. Tannenbaum gets zero credit for Revis because he didn't ****ing do anything. Revis was Mangini's pick. All Tannenbaum had to do was pay chart value to move up and then ink a slot deal. Check and...sh*t.

  4. I'm not disputing the metric matters, but I'll always be haunted by the thought of what could have been if Earl Sinclair hadn't been in charge of his development.

    If you're not disputing that the metric matters, then why do you need to construct a dumb narrative implying that the success of the model in projecting Sanchez's performance has less to do with its own efficacy than with intervening acts of bad coaching? Sanchez started sixteen games for a program with an unparalleled track record for turning blue chip skill players into NFL busts and is just generally a musical-watching, hot dog-eating, belly shirt-wearing friend of Morrissey. He sucks because he was never no way no how not going to suck.

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  5. I can say with complete confidence that there's not a so-called "Sanchez hater" on this board who hasn't had more than a few unkind words to say about everything from every one of the LBs to Shonn Greene and everything in between, most of all Tanny for putting this mess together.

    This is because everything we did was completely stupid for reasons that were entirely obvious even at the time. It really doesn't take a genius to foresee that a roster created through moves like drafting a quarterback with sixteen college starts, putting a first round grade on a big ten running back, giving a tackle-compiling linebacker a second contract, and giving away draft picks for the privilege of paying veteran talent free agent prices is headed for disaster. Even with Rex the issue of his getting passed over multiple times in Baltimore was just totally glossed over. The product the Jets are marketing is custom-built to extract maximum profits from an uncritical fan base.

  6. The ilk is a conglomerate formed from the masses. Your faction tries to employ the use of fancy language and abnormal mathmatetics to try and sway people towards your side.

    That's not what the language and math is for. If we want to sway the masses we have to use pictures.

  7. If they didn't, the Jets may not have the one Super Bowl that they have. Unitas missed a wide open Jimmy Orr and threw an Int. Without that, The Jets and Namath may not win.

    I agree. Sanchez is just like Johnny Unitas.

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