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  1. He doesn't have to prove it, you have to disprove it. Nyah nyah. The bust projection on Sanchez was out there and it was based on an absolutely unequivocal historical track record. It simply is not a possibility that a single team was unaware of it or that it wasn't taken seriously by at least a few of them. He started sixteen games for the USC offense bust factory and the presumption is that everybody was head over heels unless proven otherwise? My Cassandra complex has a Cassandra complex.
  2. This wasn't really based on efficiency statistics. Those numbers were fine but pretty heavily mitigated by the fact that his performance was basically right in line with the other quarterbacks in that system. Not the actual numbers here, obviously, but somebody like Cutler gets more credit for completing 60% when Vandy QBs typically complete 55% than Sanchez does for completing 65% when USC QBs always complete 65%. The problem is the start count. It's a problem for three reasons. First in that he couldn't beat out John David Booty in the first place, second in the resulting lack of experience, third in the small sample size for scouting purposes. It really doesn't take a great deal of prescience to have seen this coming.
  3. The fact is that the Jets rated Sanchez highly enough to give him a first round grade. The assertion that there was total unanimity of opinion on this at the time is not a fact.
  4. Facts, plural? I'm struggling to find one.
  5. Football season's over. Baseball season just started. Not a tough call.
  6. It did work here. It didn't work in Cleveland because he had control of the program for like nine months. I'm glad he's on ESPN because basically every other analyst is completely terrible and Mangini talks about actual stuff instead of the standard pseudostrategy and empty jargon.
  7. And Pouha was actually Herm/Bradway, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about where Rex is at on evals. This crap about him getting one pick a draft to screw around with doesn't even work as a joke anymore.
  8. Sanchez is great at taking responsibility. Almost as good as he is at doing stuff somebody needs to take responsibility for. They should make him do the next press conference in a bunny suit.
  9. Can Vince Oghobaase throw a slant without pump faking?
  10. Oh. Yeah. Right. We chose to be Jets fans. Because it seemed like it would be fun. The pleasure to be had is in not setting yourself up for obvious disappointment by hoping that Sanchez is just suddenly going to turn into an NFL quarterback. This team is plenty good at counfounding expectations that are actually reasonable.
  11. The bewildered old man where-am-I look on Belichick's face at the presser when the reporter asked him if he thought he'd get disciplined was priceless. It's so weird. I never in a million years expected Belichick to show his ass like that.
  12. I'd really rather have a quarterback that is good at football. Why put a moratorium on the subject until the offseason? It's not like any of us is going to be able to do anything about it then either.
  13. I don't know how it can possibly be hard to come up with positives about a team that's won 33 games in spite of Mark Sanchez.
  14. He's the new starting RB until the next new starting RB. It's going to be a revolving door of LaMont Jordans as long as we have Sanchez for defenses to ignore. The guy getting part-time work is always going to look better than the guy who actually has to do it on a regular basis.
  15. 4/25/09 I dunno that three and a half years after the fact qualifies as 'sudden' death.
  16. There are two Sanchezes every game. The one before the tiniest little thing goes the least bit wrong, and the one after.
  17. One fumble doesn't even move the needle in terms of explaining a thirteen-minute time of possession differential. I can't believe people are getting on the defense today. It's totally psychotic. No defense can stop any offense when the telecast is measuring the quarterback's time between completions in hours of real time.
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