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  1. You can point to things like that on both sides, but nobody is talking about Pittsburgh's gaffes because they won. The difference in this game was Ben vs. Sanchez, period. After the first two drives on each side and despite Revis and Polamalu being out, both offenses stagnated. Ben made stuff happen because that's what Ben always does. Sanchez curled up and died because that's what Sanchez always does. He's fine at taking what the defense hands him on a plate, which is usually good enough against teams like Buffalo but hardly ever against teams like the Steelers. He's basically human garbage against anybody that offers up more than token resistance. Even worse, we throw Tebow in for an instant spark, get it, and have to pull him right away because we're afraid that Sanchez will get butthurt and become even more worthless. I seriously don't know how much more of this I can take.
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