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  1. EDIT: Jets Draft Pick

    I dont know if there is any, but we need to draft a running back first round, powell n McKnight wont do
  2. Jets Playoff Scenarios After Week 14

    So we need Cinci to Best the Eagles? Am i reading that right?
  3. bad luck to laugh at the injury. Yeah it will help us Thursday but laughing at injuries is never right
  4. 2013 Draft Talk Will Be Here Sooner Than We Hoped

    they'll draft a cornerback..
  5. This Sunday

    Your exactly right on the stat line lol
  6. What are the chances???

    Would be a great idea..given the fact sparano surprised NE with the wildcat a few years ago. I don't kno something culd be up there sleeves
  7. I'm still trying to defend him but really starting to beleive he isn'tany good a qb
  8. Bill Belichick fined $50,000

    Good nothing like this ever happens to him n the pats..well deserved n btw replacement refs aren't saving him with penalties anymore
  9. I ain't gona be around this weekend but I got an android phone, anyone know how to stream with one?
  10. Jets RapidReports As expected, the #Jets have re-signed LB Bryan Thomas
  11. COPLES

    Been saying same thing all game