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  1. Jets bringing Braylon Edwards back?

    It would be a sin to pass him up and keep hoping that the dross we have might catch one of those badly tossed balls!
  2. It's taken me 6 days to get over this result. It's also taken 5 days extra to get home.....and I'm in far far better place than so many poor folks. Hope you and your families are all ok. Met some crazy Jets fans at TGJ's and had a ball and spent silly money in the Jets shop. But from where I was sat..the NYJ didn't care and didn't try. As flat a performance as I think I've ever seen. Tried harder in the shutout game! Lose to the Hawks and Rams and we're done for another year. F'ing sick of poor play calling, half hearted players and no vision by anyone in charge about how we stop the rot and fix this team.
  3. When do we start talking about the Dolphins ?

    The Pish will get hammered at MetLife this weekend....not least because of my 3243 mile trek to get there.....but more so the fact that we cannot afford to lose the small amount of credibility (and faith...but not the Tebow type) we regained last night in Foxboro. Pats fans booing their own team.....awesome! This weekend Metlife will be rockin oot to a HUGE Jets win....or you can punch a Scotsman in the face!
  4. Comedy gold! I'm ready for him too but a 6pt game means he'll get 1 snap and a wee run.
  5. This is the agony I was expecting tonight....but it's never any easier just coz it's expected. Been nothing short of a farce on offense. Happy with the D. Need 3pts by the half.
  6. Tebow trademarks "Tebowing", what do you think?

    Fair play to him. Nowt wrong with what he's done/doing. It'd be great if the buzz reignites about it all.....after he scores loads of TDs in a Jets jersey. If not.....get shot of him and all the pish that comes with him.
  7. Jets-Pats score

    For who? 27-24 Jets. Would bet a single penny on it though as how we win this is as mysterious as Tebow's Sunday club.
  8. Jets vs. Colts score

    flgreen I owe you an apology. You said Greene gets 100yrds and you were right.
  9. Jets vs. Colts score

    I thought I had a drink problem! Jets to win by a safety. I do have a drink problem.
  10. I suppose we have to see that jersey in some stadium.....didn't see many of them at their home game. (I'll regret that....they'll be out for serious revenge that day.)
  11. Last trip to MetLife...

    Hi Section, I'll be staying in Manhattan for the duration of the trip. All I could rummage up on Google was Snap Bar, Hibernia Bar and Standings Bar.....all in Manhattan I think. Said Jets games get shown there so I figured maybe some like minded unhappy Jets fans might frequent those places. Would be nice to drink somewhere with hardcore Jets fans of an evening as well as at the game. Any advice of a good bar or two is greatly appreciated.
  12. Just bought a house and the Mrs wants to have bairns ASAP.... these two financially crippling decisions/activities are gonna wreck my chances of any more trips to MetLife for quite some time. I'm flying over from Edinburgh to Newark Thu 25th Oct....will be at Dolphins game 28th.....heading back 29th. Will be at game early: tailgating and getting pished as you'd expect. Was looking for some locals tips or advice for the best way to spend my trip. Got Thu and Fri to myself in Manhattan (Mrs is working in NY that week). Saturday will be spent how she wants. Monday is still up for discussion. Would like a stadium tour but read they don't do this for individuals and need groups of 10 or 15. Seems a bit crap. Will make my usual trip to the Jets shop and go daft there. Would like to watch a college game or two in a lively bar on Sat if I can getaway with it. Any suggestions? Anything I'm missing? Any Jets fans "must do" or "must see" stuff?
  13. Jets need to sign TO or Plax, its bad!

    It's just not this bad just yet....one thorough hooping a season doesn't mean anyone needs to lose their lunch and sign up some old duffers.
  14. How much will the Texans beat the Jets by?

    This ain't the spirit! But whilst I'm typing....loss by 14.