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  1. Landry had like 116 catches in 2017 (the NFL record for the year) basically because everyone else was hurt and the line was down to 3rd stringers. Every other pass that season was a screen or a two yard toss to Landry. So around week 15, Landry walks into Gase's office and says that he needs more opportunities...maybe line him up outside a little more and throw him bombs. Mind you, we had multiple speed burners in Grant and Stills that we couldn't throw to deep because of the line. Landry was our slowest receiver, so it shouldn't have been hard to figure out that was a really bad idea.....
  2. Landry- it's a really tough call but at the end of the day, he's not an 18.5M/year receiver. He was ejected his very last game in Miami for throwing punches/starting a brawl and that was really the final straw for me. Amazing player but his temper drew too many penalties. Ajayi- I was personally thrilled over the move because it showed Gase had balls of steel. Ajayi kept bouncing outside and ignoring the lanes his blockers were opening up- Gase warned him in week 2 to stop that crap. Week 3 he listened, then went back to freelancing a week afterwards. And just like that, Gase put him
  3. That's not entirely accurate. The Fins started 1-5, barely squeaking by Cleveland in overtime for their only win, and Gase flat-out fired two linemen. They went on to win 9 of 10 in a row with a balanced attack by outscoring everyone they faced. Most games were close....and we stole most of them on the final possession.....but 9 of 10 wins is 9 of 10 wins. The other part of that story though is that we won 2 of the final 3 without Tannehill, then we only had him for about 7 games the following two seasons. When Tannehill started the first three games of 2018 we were 3-0....he got hurt
  4. Wilson went down for the season around week 7? Maybe week 8? He was ultra-dynamic up until that point though and left Stills/Grant with 1:1 coverage on the deep ball. And if Wilson caught the ball in space, it was a TD more often than not. I wasn't trying to imply that Wilson is the next Irving. Gase simply took a lot of pieces that didn't seem to fit together and made it work- sometimes our tallest wide-out was 5' 9". I would have loved more than anything to see Gase with our 1st string offense healthy for another season. But you're right, I don't know the Jets front office and th
  5. No worries.....because there's nothing to really trust. It was my honest opinion and anyone is free to take it or leave it. I certainly want Gase in the league though so it's definitely not reverse psychology- I genuinely wish you guys well and I'll root for you at least 14 games next year.
  6. He absolutely did- starting with Jay Ajayi. If you watch our film for the first month of 2017, you'll see Ajayi take a hand-off and take a step to the hole off-guard (between G & T), then cut to the outside even though there was a small hole in the B gap. After week two Gase benched Ajayi for two quarters and then had a long talk with him....he said that freelancing stuff doesn't fly on an every down basis. Week 3 Ajayi stuck to the script, then week 4 he did his own thing again. He was in Philly shortly thereafter. With Landry, he's an elite slot receiver and would complain if he
  7. I 100% agree with you- I'll be a Fins fans for life. I've been ride or die with them since I was a little kid....yet my owner and the head coach just traded away 90% of our talent. We have a stud corner and an amazing pair of safeties- that's really all that's left to talk about. And I'm supposed to spend $400 on the Sunday Ticket to watch them go 0-16? Sorry, I'm a fan.....not a fool. So I'm following our head coach, that just so happened to land in our division. LOL, oops. Our owner has to know that Gase's Jets are going to beat the crap out of them this year, and for those two ga
  8. Fitz is a quality NFL backup much like our Matt Moore (who retired a few years back). He plays the gunslinger role like Brett Favre with about 85% of Favre's talent, so he's going to have some amazing wins and some incredible losses. I'll enjoy watching him this year but I'm not expecting any Fitz-Magic for more than a few games. I'm guessing we will eventually start Luke Falk (Gase's #1 rated QB in last year's draft) or a rookie to come. Fitz is just there for the transition to try and steal a game or two. To me, it's almost comical....if Falk develops, it's 100% on Gase for insistin
  9. I haven't watched a lot of film on Darnold but I think he has the potential to be better than Tannehill.....and we were a playoff team with Tannehill upright. I mean- we were "projected" to be the worst team in the league last year with 2 or 3 wins. We started 3-0, lost our QB, then lost our backup QB. Then we lost 4 of 5 starting linemen, our top corner and our top 3 receivers. Then Frank Gore went down. 7-9 was an absolute miracle season under the circumstances....they should have given Gase the key to the city for that. Yet the front office convinced Ross (our idiot owner) th
  10. Me too- that's just the social media world we live in today though. Remember this though; people made fun of Einstein as well because he was socially awkward....he had a habit of tripping over his own feet. That's because the man was always thinking though and not really paying attention to what was around him. I'm not saying Gase is Einstein at all, but he has that thinkers mentality and keeps himself busy. The other thing is that Gase thinks the media is a bunch of morons....which he's basically correct about. I mean, if they could understand his advanced concepts then wouldn't they
  11. Nope, I'm just a bored Miami fan with nobody to root for this upcoming season. LOL! I was reading an article online trashing Gase for being Gase (not giving a crap about the media's questions, refusing to explain his reasoning, etc.) and I figured I'd come set the record straight. I'm a copywriter by trade so I naturally love writing....I'm more than happy to share my views with some old-time rivals that just hit the coaching lottery.
  12. LOL, I've been cussed out here more times than I could count, but I've also made quite a few friends over the years as well. I hadn't posted in quite a few seasons since we had the Jets number and I wasn't expecting it to be competitive, but now I have a feeling that the shoe's going to be on the other foot and you'll dominate us for awhile. Like I said though, I am absolutely nuts about Gase and I'll continue to follow him. Darnold should have a very good year and probably an excellent year in 2021. If he has the stuff, Gase will figure out how to maximize it and let the kid shine. I
  13. Not at all. When Gase came to Miami, we had zero identity on offense. Gase asked for three different defensive coordinators and the front office turned them all down....so we were stuck in that horrible "wide 9" with terrible run protection. Gase rarely got his way early on yet we went 11-5 that first season....and we lost 2 other games on the very last play. We absolutely kicked ass with an unbalanced roster and some truly crappy leaders. Gase just wants to win and so far, your owner has let Gase have his say on just about everything. He didn't have that in Miami and I think you guy
  14. Hey guys! I'm a long-time Dolphins fan and have posted here over the years during our big rivalry games....which unfortunately we haven't had in several years. Miami was 5-1 against you under Gase (and .500 against NE) and I fully expect that margin to flip in your favor with your new coach at the helm. I was just stopping by to share some insights on Gase and what you got in a head coach. First off, I saw the national media trashing Gase right off the bat for his eyes in the original press conference. Gase is different from your average NFL coach- he doesn't give a crap what anyone s
  15. TY....even with the insult, it's the nicest thing anyone has said here all week. See you guys again in week 17 when you'll undoubtedly be playing to knock us out of the post season again. Since it will almost definitely be Rex's last game, I'm expecting an all-out war!
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