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  1. Actually, just looked at the last post, fail...
  2. MOTHER ****ER! I always miss these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well, I was wrong on Crusher, but right on JiF, and wrong on the last person, Cindy was right on her meta, did not suspect her at all, and Verbal I honestly cannot read for sh*t. Good game guys. ****ers lynched me day 1, I would have wanted to see this played out.
  4. **** you bitches, didn't even get to talk. **** you multiple times in the a$$hole.
  5. Lol at this point, either JiF or Ape is maf. Now I know people are going to call me out for "linking" but if you look at play, this doesnt seem like distancing of any sort. Also, it seems that one of them has more information than the other with their cases, can't tell who though. unvote vote JiF since I would want to lose Ape less due to him bein better at scum hunting when town, but I'm down with either. FoS on Crusher now.
  6. me too, but that might have some basis, if they have nothing else to argue, they might argue that.
  7. I use Firefox, but I am going to upgrade to Chrome ASAP
  8. Um Cindy, I'm the one who has been pushing a lynch on Crusher the most. That was an original thought.
  9. Yeah, I'm not saying that that is a sign that you are mafia, I'm saying that that is a null tell, where you tried to turn it into a town tell. Seriously Crusher, think before you type. I c what u did thar
  10. this to everyone. Lets assume SMC is town. You could definitely be mafia who tried to finish his lynch, then saw him claim, and then unvoted to be safe. You're not going anywhere.
  11. I'm going to buy SMC's claim for now, moving onto my next suspect Crusher. Seems like he is just trying to get someone lynched yet not get his hands dirty and play both sides. Can't post too much right now though, but vote Crusher.
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