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  1. So ive been following this forum for a while now, but just decided to make an account recently. Ive noticed a lot of Sanchez bashing and a lot of stats being taken out of context. Sanchez has been FAR from perfect but call me crazy I see him transforming. Did anyone see that pass to Cumberland, that was absolutely gorgeous, he had a few other beautys too but besides a few nice passes I felt he was able to fnd open recievers a lot easier this game for some reason (they looked real good against a tough secondary.. Besides the drops) . I honestly think santonio Holmes caused a lot of problems for the other recievers and Sanchez for whatever selfish reasons and now that hes gone we will see Sanchez and these mediocre wrs gel. His statline looked bad but do you forget there were 3droped passes one for a pick and 4batted balls, 1for a pick which probably wouldve been a td, so instead of 49% hes 21for 29 300yards 2touchdowns no picks, those numbers are how good he played, jj watt and drops****ed him that game