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  1. Go ahead Ape. You're already number one "cool kid" and I'm obviously a sh*tty terrible person who sucks at everything, so why not?
  2. I'm at L-1 Ape. Go ahead and hammer me so I can post my role and alignment before I go to sleep. Game will be so much better without me regardless right?
  3. No, you were unwelcoming before I ever spit in anyone's face. Also, as I said many times that game, I wasn't using TO as a cover. I was legitimately busy. QQ moar tho Ape, it amuses me.
  4. How does the fact that I was calling out JC LONG before I started getting piled upon work for your theory of us being scummates Ape? Oh and someone who is terrible at mafia (and sportsmanship) whooped your ass in the Champions game btw, where you played like crud and had every power townie in that game convinced you were scum.
  5. Well now I can say I was speedlynched D1 by JNers this time
  6. Well you're AwesomeVM and not a jerk so I'll level with you- my limited experience of JN has... left a lot to be desired. In sorry I'm bumming you out but I really wish I could find a good new site to play mafia on. DM is dying, VS is dead, POG is too active for me, MF is too anime and japanophile for me, and WF is like JN but with dumber people. Also as people who know me will tell you, I'm generally "emo" anyways. Just wish I could have had a legitimate chance to play without getting speed lynched for such piss poor reasoning. From MY POV it DOES kind of seem like people just want to
  7. Yes. Serious answer. I'm getting lynched today, there's no doubt in my mind about that. I'll flip VT, the game will spend all of 2 seconds acting like they care and will generally be happy that I'm gone, and then the game will continue from there. My GRC count is irrelevant at this point.
  8. Town on both was in response to this post
  9. He did remind me that Krak should be in my scum list. And Smash prob doesn't need to be on it honestly /shrug
  10. Town!Ape hammering me within 24 hours of day start would be a pretty funny and expected way of this turning out
  11. Sad thing is me and you have closer taste and style than most, yet you still kind of generally don't have much respect for me it seems
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