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  1. @TysonNash @Razor5Hole @mattycoyotestv McConnell there smoking a cig between periods.

  2. @rob_gregoretti they say "personal reasons"

  3. @craigsmorgan Brown only scores against 1 team...

  4. @ArizonaCoyotes Wait till fans start chanting "John Scott" at the arena on Tuesday night. #coyotes #JohnScott #NHLAllStar

  5. Love a chick playing a bass.... #NHLAllStar

  6. Found #DowntonAbbey on #AmazonPrime ... Is this new?

  7. RT @sarahgold8: Great story about John Scott's day at #NHLAllStar and his family from @CraigCustance --> https://t.co/GMRpGRd07N

  8. @USATODAY @USATODAYmoney but they were in a secure environment next to the toilet.

  9. @VT_Football @CameronNewton @MikeVick Vick was never close to being in Cam's class.

  10. @czabe who's full of more bullshine... The great Kenny Beatrice or Stan Gans????

  11. @azcentral young kids being stupid. Should be suspended, but their lives shouldn't be ruined over this.

  12. A beacon in the Las Vegas desert. #Trump https://t.co/wqQwujjiBz

  13. @davest4yotes @domingue35 $6m dollar back up coming up....

  14. @EasterSealsON @SNChrisSimpson @Burkie2020 @NHLFlames @RogersBuzz fantastic moulet!

  15. Let the excuses by their fans begin... #patriots #AFCChampionship

  16. @nypost self important Hollywood douchbag

  17. @czabe Looks like a nice grill... Why throw away money???

  18. Balls on chin..... https://t.co/I1MoYWPPI6

  19. @jonasTSN1050 you sound much older not he radio show.

  20. @kristen_shilton I have Gibson in fantasy. I need this.

  21. @drosennhl "Murica's game."

  22. Unusually awesome world clock! @worldtimebuddy https://t.co/GJJzLAGg2Z

  23. "debt is the illusion of success." https://t.co/iE3k3kXQPS

  24. #CoinGate See how coin didn't flip on Sat night? Must've slipped in Pats rigged coins allowing them to win 24 of 25 coin flips. #coinflip

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