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  1. RT @dannykanell: The war on football is real. Not sure source but concussion alarmists are loving it. Liberal media loves it. Doesn't matte…

  2. RT @SheriffClarke: Dylan Roof didn't start a race war, Obama did and did so intentionally. Like Alinsky, he believes that America is oppres…

  3. @MarkCannizzaro it's 1030 out here and i still didn't watch.

  4. @KateBeirness go Taranna!!!

  5. @commie22 you should grow the wig back for that climb. that would kick ass!!

  6. John Scott on waivers... Make sure to get his all star votes in! #JohnScott4NHLASG #coyotes #nhl

  7. @kristen_shilton I have Gibson in fantasy. I need this.

  8. @KateBeirness Maybe next year...

  9. @Sonikku_a @cnnbrk Well Biden called O'bama "clean"

  10. @ArizonaCoyotes good guy

  11. LIVE on #Periscope: Capri taxi https://t.co/akC0Q5qSgo

  12. @AbigailDuarteZ @azcentral @CBS5AZ @12News @LUCHA_AZ Those HS kids should stop having babies. If you're a burger flipper no need for kids

  13. @SoMdNomad look up Herman Cain 9 9 9

  14. @ConIsles Sweet mitts.

  15. @azcentral Glad @RealSheriffJoe is on our side @SheriffClarke

  16. @czabe Should've been in punt safe....

  17. @JoeBanner13 If you are willing to think Hillary is honest, how can you think that anyone else isn't? She's the biggest fraud / liar going.


  19. @WSJ Was there about 6 weeks back...

  20. @KirFlem @NBCSports Before he started killing people... I thought the same thing.

  21. @WSJ @damianpaletta he won't mention them. Will just mention gun violence.

  22. @VT_Football @CameronNewton @MikeVick Vick was never close to being in Cam's class.

  23. @Jody_Jackson It's a school night! Get his butt to bed!!!!

  24. @NFLonCBS @CBSSports Stephen Hill couldn't catch a cold w those gloves... #nyjets

  25. @FortuneMagazine I don't want to live in a world where a girl can't code my Facebook page

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