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  1. @GaryKaltbaum who was your first pick?

  2. RT @RealJamesWoods: Oops. Looks like a little Entitlement Meltdown Moment... http://t.co/OgPiDqL5Wa

  3. @NFLonCBS @CBSSports Stephen Hill couldn't catch a cold w those gloves... #nyjets

  4. @FoxNews bet he's "never been violent his entire life." Or something like that.

  5. @tsutherland690 @weknowwhatsbest only in some cases to certain groups.

  6. @WSJ @Bachscore American Pharaoh is actually a male. Biggest sports story of the year.

  7. @FoxNews well if it was two black people shot they would've brought up racism.

  8. RT @SheriffClarke: Dylan Roof didn't start a race war, Obama did and did so intentionally. Like Alinsky, he believes that America is oppres…

  9. @LukeLapinski we call that #misery

  10. @cnnbrk she takes all their cash and hangs w them. What's she supposed to do?

  11. @FoxNews why does he hate hard working coal miners so much?

  12. LIVE on #Periscope: Capri taxi https://t.co/akC0Q5qSgo

  13. @nypost so can we just kill him now and be done w him????

  14. @cbfowler soccer sucks

  15. Turnover prone, aging qb who was never that great to begin with, and hasn't won a playoff game in 10 years is going to beat out Tom Brady. Yes, that will happen.
  16. Over the hill washed up qb who hasn't won a playoff game in a decade... NFL network must really hate Geno.
  17. Front 7 is great. However they haven't addressed their weaknesses in the defensive backfield. Apparently Idzik missed all the balls over the top.....
  18. 30 y/o corners are the new rage. You haven't heard?
  19. Well they signed a piece of sh*t qb who hasn't won a playoff game, and had worse numbers the last four years and now many fans think he's the answer to qb that the team has been missing for many years.
  20. Hopefully Hill had his new hands put on this off season. He's the Vlad Ducasse of high pick receivers. Should be a Viking in 2 years.
  21. Woody said w all the money he's saving, he'll be giving refunds on those PSL's that sucker, I mean "fans" bought as investments.
  22. They were never bringing him into the NYC environment.
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