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  1. @GaryKaltbaum who was your first pick?

  2. RT @RealJamesWoods: Oops. Looks like a little Entitlement Meltdown Moment... http://t.co/OgPiDqL5Wa

  3. @NFLonCBS @CBSSports Stephen Hill couldn't catch a cold w those gloves... #nyjets

  4. @FoxNews bet he's "never been violent his entire life." Or something like that.

  5. @tsutherland690 @weknowwhatsbest only in some cases to certain groups.

  6. @WSJ @Bachscore American Pharaoh is actually a male. Biggest sports story of the year.

  7. @FoxNews well if it was two black people shot they would've brought up racism.

  8. RT @SheriffClarke: Dylan Roof didn't start a race war, Obama did and did so intentionally. Like Alinsky, he believes that America is oppres…

  9. @LukeLapinski we call that #misery

  10. @cnnbrk she takes all their cash and hangs w them. What's she supposed to do?

  11. @FoxNews why does he hate hard working coal miners so much?

  12. LIVE on #Periscope: Capri taxi https://t.co/akC0Q5qSgo

  13. @nypost so can we just kill him now and be done w him????

  14. @cbfowler soccer sucks

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