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  1. The plan is to wait 3 years. Then Brady will be washed up, and hopefully the jets can earn a playoff bye. That's their best chance of reaching the show. They've learned that playing 3 road games is to tough for them to accomplish.
  2. Trade for what? He's got one year left on his contract and he's not that good. You think other teams want our garbage. He's an avg. nickel at best.
  3. So the Jets got a guy who saves dogs and a guy who hangs them... See it all worked out. Even steven.
  4. I clicked on the link thinking Marty Brodeur or Marty St. Louis. I was wrong.
  5. Chris Johnson is a scrub. Pussyfoots it behind the line and loses way to many yards unless there's a hole that a truck can be driven through.
  6. Mangini was making those picks. He put those teams together for the most part.
  7. Idzik or his director of security is getting that call. All the other guys he could call on his own would probably be in jail w/ him.
  8. You really want a guy who will take 5 or 6 negative plays for the CHANCE of one big one? That's not guaranteed. Can't have him pussyfooting it behind the line of scrimmage. No thanks. Team has bigger problems than RB.
  9. Idzik waiting till Brady to retire before he gets serious. Give him about 3 years.
  10. Idzik doesn't want that 4am call that he's in custody after a brawl broke out at de club because he was "disrespected." Bc if you are disrespected, he would have to retaliate or look like a chump. You know this guy is an NYC club brawl waiting to happen.
  11. Its all about "the ends." Get rich or dye trying....
  12. She's got a glass jaw.. But even if he put her in the hospital for a week, she was squeezing that ring on her finger to get on that money train.. Now she's locked in.
  13. LMFAO!! This has to be the quote of the day.
  14. She was going to get that ring on her finger even if she had been put in the hospital for a week. it's all about the $$$$$. now she's got him locked in.
  15. Jets game plan is waiting for brady to retire anyway. they aren't winning the division regardless, so why get stuck w/ this diva. plan for about 3 years down the road and then get serious.
  16. Speaking up for a gay guy would just be crazy talk for a man of god like St. Tony.
  17. How would the Latin Kings feel if they signed a Crip? Could cause issues... Not that DeSean would get into any trouble in NYC late night.... There's nothing to do.
  18. "Not an idzik guy?" LMFAO.... didn't he just give a convicted felon $5m... All of a sudden he's got morals....
  19. Jets are probably extremely interested, but idzik will move so slowly that he'll be gone before they even make an offer.
  20. Good strong two yard carry to get her over the goal line.
  21. Eagles put Sanchez in front of the press right away. Why didn't the Jets do that w/ Vick? Is it b/c the signed a scumbag that's an embarrassment for the organization?
  22. Don't waste money on rb's. your rb is only as good as your o line.
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