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  1. He's such a scumbag, that the eagles didn't even tell a team they'd take a 7th round pick... they just got rid of him. Should tell u something.
  2. Idzik was making a move, but he was still getting his pen out of his pocket. He insisted on hand writing the contract in old english font.
  3. Well if someone "disrespects" him, he has to do something, or else he would look like a chump.
  4. Luckily the Jets don't care about character issues. So this should't be a problem.
  5. Then we can all stand around and laugh.
  6. Didn't he also build the early 90s Bills and the Panther team that went to the SB?
  7. I want to, but 35 years of watching the jets will probably overpower me come week one in September... But I hate that they signed that piece of sh*t. Also b/c he sucks.
  8. "I love John Idzik," one agent said regarding the Jets' GM, "but he will never spend money. He'll win the cap." Jets will be Salary Cup Champs! ​Parade down the canyon of heroes!
  9. All he can do is run in a straight line.... Dolphins paid a lot of money to learn that lesson the hard way. Stephen hill can run in a straight line. Just can't catch a football.
  10. But bc Idzik moved at a glacier like pace, he signed w MN.... He was worried about not having the correct font used on the contract.
  11. Who doesn't love crossbar dunks. Especially when the bar wins and the guy falls on his back after getting rejected. The NFL should be more focused on the criminals that are rampant throughout it's entire league instead of crossbar dunks.
  12. Guess Rog wants Rex to keep his job.
  13. And he also believes his 28 y.o. girlfriend is with him b/c of his personality.
  14. I remember doing a speech for a public speaking class back in 1993 saying college players should get paid. Revenue producing NCAA sports is the biggest rackett going.... Texas A&M has a huge renovation going on.. Who do you think paid for that by what he did on the football field??? That's right, #2.
  15. Umm.. He should be put in a bathtub w jumper cables and electrocuted.
  16. "We recognize we have a need at CB, but we're going to let them all leave.... So our team was torched over the top nonstop last year. No need to fill any of those wholes." Idzik is the master of the obvious.
  17. Dungy is just a talking head for hidden racism.... Of course he's going to like Micheal Vick.. Has he never not liked someone who is black. Except maybe his son. Didn't have time for that. Enough of St. Tony... Who gives a sh*t about him. He won one SB over how many years w/ Peyton as his qb?!?!?!?!?!? And how many times was he out coached in his first playoff game leading to losses????? Brian Billick won one w/ Trent Dilfer. I'll take his opinion. Thank you.
  18. FYI... If you have a good o line, you can find rb's anywhere.... 6th round picks become stars w/ a good o line. No need to waste money on this old guy who's only getting fatter w/ low tread on his tires.
  19. I hope he breaks his leg, tears his achilles, blows out his knee.... Justice would be a bitch.
  20. No, I hate the fact they brought this piece of sh*t to my team that I've bled with for over 30 years.... I hate the fact when they are going thru a rebuild period they discuss quick fixes of washed up veterans. They should've done this correctly. 1) Add a couple skill position players to help your qb. 2) Fix the defensive backfield b/c that was terrible last year. The front 7 is dominant, but the long ball killed them. Instead they are doing nothing. 3) Play Geno as he's already gone thru the toughest part of being a first year rookie... He should improve, but you don't bring in a distraction like they did. You aren't winning anything w/ sh*thead. He hasn't won a single playoff game in 10 years. McCown was gotten on a 2 year deal. Would've been perfect fit. 4) They can draft another rookie QB. 5) Don't waste time w/ over the hill overweight rb's. 6) They have so much money under the cap, they could've signed a top flight corner who Rex relies on for his defensive scheme. Idzik is doing a sh*tty job building this team & Woody is an incompetent fool himself. You can't have a coach and gm w mixed agendas. win now & build for the future... doesn't work.
  21. Jets know they f'd up... They are sending out Tony Dungy endorsement tweets.... They are feeling the heat.
  22. But he does do a good show on fantasy football... So maybe he's worth it for that.
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