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  1. Throw in Snacks too and that might be enough.
  2. It's impossible to have a true rebuild when you have a coach who has to "win now" and a GM who says "we want to build for the future through the draft." Draft picks take time to develop. But u have a coach that needs to make the playoffs, so he's not interested in building that way. Bring in the old vets. But this is the Jets and they don't do anything the normal way.
  3. You should be drinking the kool aid like the rest of them. The best part of vick is when he's running around and gets strip sacked. he's very good at that. Hasn't won a playoff game in 10 years.... May as well start now.... He peaked in his rookie year when he beat Favre in Lambeau. I think most of these Jet "fans" played w/ vick a lot on Madden and they think that's realistic.
  4. It's part of the rebuild... Old washed up qb and old washed up running back.
  5. Forgot to include they went 5-0 for Nagle's pre season. Finished 4-12 Lynn Dickey, John Jefferson & James Lofton led the #1 passing attack in the NFL into the 1981 game.... Yes, what do I know about the Jets.....
  6. Sat in Shea for 81 game against Packers to get into playoffs for first time since 1979 Flew from San Diego to Pitt for AFC title game. Sat at fake spike game. Went to 41-0 playoff game against the colts driving 180 miles after digging out of snowstorm upstate. Sat thru the choke against Cleveland in 85. Sat thru 1-15. Sat thru back to back 1st round tight end picks. Sat thru dick Steinberg being the first GM in Jets history. Sat thru Coslet Sat thru "I'm entitled to enjoyment out of this team." Leon Hess and then he hires kotite Sat thru #2 pick Blair Thomas Sat thru Browning Nagle 330+ his first start and then a bust. Sat thru passing over Sapp for a tight end. Sat thru Miami 14-0 over Jets. AJ Duhe 3 picks Sat thru 10-1 to 10-6 win over KC in wild card and then 10 point choke vs. Browns in final 4 minutes... Oh and Walton never tried to win game in OT. Shall I continue????
  7. You want to compare "real" jets fan... Go for it buddy... I'll match you more than you'll ever know.
  8. Jets are "rebuilding," but they are going after washed up guys like Vick & MJD..... When you have a coach w/ no job security, how can he accept a rebuilding mode knowing his ass is on the line if they don't make the playoffs. This is a SAME OLD JETS type of rebuild.... In the end it will be a joke and Idzik will flame out and the next guy will come in.
  9. Players love Rex so much that they continue to sign w/ other teams. Bottom line it all comes down to money, and the jets ain't paying.
  10. Watch out for what? A terrible secondary that will be exploited worse than last year? Creating their own qb controversy w/ a guy who can't play? Possibly signing an old washed up running back... Won't be so difficult taking a year off it seams. 6-10 is what they are looking at.
  11. Jets are looking to be March Champs again!
  12. Hope they sign this old washed up running back w/ no tread on his tires... That will give them 2 "name" players that can't play anymore... Quite the jets rebuild. May as well call Monk, Lott, Boomer and Atwater too... Do you think the Jets are waiting till Brady hits 40 to make a run at him? I mean they are buying a place in NYC... That is the jets way. Can't wait to see them crash and burn this year. They deserve everything they get for what they did signing that piece of trash.
  13. I'll watch b/c i watch football, but i won't put a dime into anything for this team. And I'll root against them every single game. Been a fan since 79 and sat through all the sh*tty coaches, draft picks, gm's, choke jobs, circuses.... This is my breaking point. Hopefully vick takes a nice shot to the spleen and is laid out good. Piece of sh*t.
  14. Woody says he wants to "win now." Where have I heard that before Mr. Hess... This team is already worse than last year. How many times did the secondary get burnt last year? What have they done to improve it this year? Most intriguing part of camp. Decker (dog lover) vs. Vick (dog killer) Way to go Jets! Enjoy 6-10.
  15. Fanboys on this page aren't getting rid of their tix. It will be funny when the first blackout hits Woody's sh*t show though.
  16. "Hello other team.... How bout we give you our sh*t and you give us something of value... What a great deal." How dumb are some "fans."
  17. Literally threw the jets t shirt i was wearing in the garbage when i heard they signed this piece of sh*t. Congratulation jets. you got a sh*tty qb who hasn't won a playoff game in 10 years, and hasn't played a full season since 2006. It will be funny watching him carry the ball like a loaf of bread and getting strip sacked. Yet as sh*tty as he is at qb, they got even a more sh*tty person. That's a daily double right there. Would pay big at Aqueduct. Back in 2015. Not spending a dime on Woody's sh*tshow. **** him and this team.
  18. I am so pissed off about the state of this organization, that this morning I registered www.firemiketannenbaum.com... Just read the bio of both him and Bradway on the Jets web site... If you took the names off of the two, you'd never pick Tannenbaum to run a football operation. Never been a scout or coach... Has no background in talent evaluation.. Basically a glorified accountant... I could go on an on, but I'm going to save it for the site... Hopefully will have functional over the next few hours.
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