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  1. @czabe Should've been in punt safe....

  2. @davezorn72 he's a "true Jet"

  3. "Beautiful city of #inglewood" Are they sure they were in the right place? @RamsNFL Can't even walk the streets at night....

  4. RT @TheMinimalists: Minimalist Family: Start With Yourself https://t.co/8EJcTva3w1 https://t.co/F9yAa6Tqry

  5. @usnews plus it's in the hood.

  6. @commie22 you should grow the wig back for that climb. that would kick ass!!

  7. @wyshynski thing is, nobody in LA cares about a local NFL team. Lived there 4 years. Never heard "wish we had the NFL " from a single persn

  8. @AffordAnything It all just seems like a money drain.

  9. @EJHradek_NHL can't wait till he doesn't retire.

  10. @craigsmorgan @icemancometh that's not good

  11. @czabe He was thinking about his dance.

  12. @CFD22 @ErinAndrews if he has any contract left Mike Brown won't can him. He's to cheap to eat money.

  13. RT @myregularface: Connor Murphy clotheslining himself cc @YotesHereToStay https://t.co/ZCKZjCJ20A

  14. @FoxNews #religionofpeace strikes again.

  15. @Sonikku_a @cnnbrk Well Biden called O'bama "clean"

  16. @YahooFinance Billy Blanks?

  17. @BarackObama giving the finger to the USofA today.... #ObamaCriesAbout #Obama https://t.co/qfx7qkYmjH

  18. @wyshynski @dawgbone98 The game is actually interesting now.

  19. @craigsmorgan I'll take that

  20. @SethWalderNYDN not elite anymore. Just a good player who needs help like most others.

  21. @frankgrimes2015 Rex goes into offseason feeling good. Seen it before. When the games count, not so much.

  22. You probably know to ask yourself, "What do I want?" Here's a way better question https://t.co/E82oOv7wdz via @qz

  23. @FortuneMagazine 1) Obama was elected 2x.

  24. @damienwoody First 20 games Canadians... Last 15 Bruins....

  25. #shanedoan #coyotes.

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