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  1. @azcsports @azcentral @danbickley @AZCardinals @Seahawks you play to win the game.

  2. @RapSheet Pats beat writer... Now it all make sense... Idiot....

  3. @FoxNews @AdamShawNY What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

  4. @bradleywou I thought Canadians filled the barn no matter what b/c they are the best fans? Interesting.

  5. The psychology of being a sports fan https://t.co/Tav5eJ4CSJ via @seattletimes

  6. RT @NFLonCBS: Just like that, the @nyjets control their own playoff destiny. https://t.co/FnnD4JYjux

  7. @davezorn72 he's not. But he's not good either. Mediocre

  8. @FortuneMagazine I wouldn't go again. You are paying for access to the alumni database. Can get it so many other ways now

  9. @KirFlem @NBCSports Before he started killing people... I thought the same thing.

  10. Buccigross: Patrick O'Sullivan moving on from heartbreaking childhood https://t.co/erOeKIqBJX

  11. @KatTimpf @HillaryClinton People are stupid.

  12. @YahooFinance hipsters need only apply.

  13. Burnside: Coyotes rookie Domi finding his rhythm https://t.co/4SBn02Xi52 #coyotes

  14. @FortuneMagazine I don't want to live in a world where a girl can't code my Facebook page

  15. @cnnbrk those poor "Phillipians."

  16. @TodaysSlapshot I'd take him back. Will give them a 2nd rounder n all star John Scott

  17. @melissastark @nflnetwork :-| emoticon

  18. @MarketWatch she's being well hidden.

  19. John Scott on waivers... Make sure to get his all star votes in! #JohnScott4NHLASG #coyotes #nhl

  20. @ErinBurnett @hardball_chris all tingled up

  21. #Coyotes https://t.co/nMN8BQOKQB

  22. @azcentral he needs a beatdown

  23. @davezorn72 well he does play his best in February n March...

  24. The ten-item wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott | TEDxStGeorge https://t.co/IK1tFK4QFB via @YouTube

  25. "having a lot of clutter around uses up mental energy. Just knowing it’s there is like an ever-present hummin... https://t.co/iWzxqglXvn

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