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  1. @anthonydleblanc good win tonight !

  2. @FoxNews @foxnewspolitics she meant to say "illegal aliens "

  3. https://t.co/UNlMjDt9Qa What a mess it is w/ the Islanders according to this guy. #isles #Islanders

  4. @damienwoody NFL officiating is ridiculously bad.

  5. RT @weknowwhatsbest: The proposed Obama Pres Library will feature a play area where kids too can experience kicking the can down the road.

  6. @AmericanAir this is useless bc I already have the ticket. Just wanted to upgrade my seat selection.

  7. Tough loss.... #Hokies. #Beamer. They kept fighting for him though.

  8. SC On The Road: Shane Beamer reflects on his father's legendary career https://t.co/tDDvOJvONu. #hokies #frankbeamer

  9. Religion of peace strikes again.... #Mali

  10. @TysonNash I just hope he doesn't give up any "That's one Mike Smith will want back" goals...

  11. @HayesTSN do you think Chiarelli would've traded Draisaitl for the #3 pick last year. Aka Hannifan???

  12. @RealJamesWoods what an idiot

  13. @Eagle3568 @nypost drip from a spigot....

  14. Feels like a preview of the #bengals first playoff game....

  15. @Jody_Jackson It's a school night! Get his butt to bed!!!!

  16. RT @realDonaldTrump: Hillary and Sanders are not doing well, but what is the failed former Mayor of Baltimore doing on that stage? O'Malley…

  17. #Coyotes @OEL_23 sporting a sweet porn-stache. @ArizonaCoyotes

  18. @Buccigross @MarkLazerus Go Fighting Sioux!

  19. RT @Lrihendry: Obama Lies! Obama vowed $2,500 cut. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan!#RepealAndReplace @AAPSonline https://t.c…

  20. @boringmonahan that's so boring. B

  21. #oilers should never lose a 3 on 3. They can all skate n have lots of skill.

  22. @LukeLapinski want them to play Lindback on Thursday night.

  23. @JoeBanner13 If you are willing to think Hillary is honest, how can you think that anyone else isn't? She's the biggest fraud / liar going.

  24. @dish your regional sports lineup is so confusing to navigate. It sucks truthfully. @DIRECTV was so much easier.

  25. @davezorn72 Maybe they just want out of Flint, Michigan?

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