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  1. @chuckwoolery does he say "bitches n hoes" a lot as well?

  2. @AbigailDuarteZ @azcentral @CBS5AZ @12News @LUCHA_AZ Those HS kids should stop having babies. If you're a burger flipper no need for kids

  3. Here come the #ducks.....

  4. @LukeLapinski might be a difference maker.

  5. @HayesTSN @jamiemclennan29 Button has neither Getzlaf or Perry on the team.

  6. LIVE on #Periscope: The Boston Terrier https://t.co/429zT3jDV2

  7. @NabilKarimTSN @KateBeirness @tvnatasha still hot

  8. Ben Golden ex Taco Bell exec who got axed for beating #uber driver probably wanted to goto #TacoBell while drunk. @tacobell #irony

  9. @usnews if we're lucky it will.

  10. Bring on the Chevy Truck guy to present.... #Royals #royalsvsmets

  11. @jcamerontv I fixed my fence the old fashioned way. Money....

  12. I would hand out candy cigarettes but they don't make those anymore. So now I am just handing out loosies. #Halloween

  13. @CraigJButton I drafted Getzlaf on my fantasy team. How do you think i feel???

  14. @Seanam999 @HayesTSN wait till they all start dating models n they hate Edmonton . Will be Pronger part deux

  15. @azcentral strip mall

  16. Parents beat daughter's stalker, tie him to lamppost https://t.co/m6AN56wU9Y via @nypost

  17. #Ducks w 3 first period goals. They should trade #Getzlaf @AnaheimDucks #anaheimducks he's holding them back.

  18. RT @Real_ESPNLeBrun: My Monday piece on Martin Hanzal, still underrated for whatever reason, just not inside his own dressing room: https:/…

  19. RT @foxnation: Cornell U. Kicks @JesseBWatters Off Campus for Asking About Liberal Bias: https://t.co/nscqksEIpZ #WattersWorld https://t.co…

  20. RT @TheCauldron: Bob Miller's face at the end of recounting his "8 inches of his shaft in his hands" blooper is the best part https://t.co/…

  21. RT @nypost: A study says drinking beer makes you better at sex https://t.co/aZ8DNA0ung https://t.co/5fpGkgdirW

  22. @BuffaloSabres @FriedgeHNIC doing push-ups w money stacks again???

  23. @czabe Hate that sh*t... Don't have to make a scene w/ every little kid.

  24. @Shannon_Hogan may as well have Sterling call Mets games

  25. @RealSheriffJoe get ready to crack some skulls kid!!!

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