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  1. @RamseyShow Just a credit card!


  3. @VT_Football @BattleAtBristol those seats look so far away, why would people want to watch that in the stadium?

  4. @HayesTSN May as well say Mike Smith is a stud b/c he backstopped last years stacked World's team to a gold medal.

  5. @TheGamingKeeper @steelerposts 56% career passer. If u expect much than you are going to be disappointed. And he's not getting better.

  6. RT @FoxNews: What now? How to deal with the utter collapse of Obama's Syria-Iraq strategy http://t.co/z1mqcGmpdR via @FredFleitz http://t.c…

  7. @realDonaldTrump Did he give you his football picks too?

  8. @melissastark Hasn't 1 playoff game since 04 n has 2 playoff wins his entire career.. Who's been called a "star" for doing so little?

  9. @EJ_Oilers @NHLbyMatty guess they didn't watch him play last season. He stunk

  10. @melissastark @ScottPelley @60Minutes @realDonaldTrump You still have great legs though. Regardless of your political affiliation..

  11. #60minutes Scott Pelley so condescending to @realDonaldTrump

  12. #blues score in OT!!! Lose 3-1 to the #Hawks How bout that headline!!!!

  13. @SSpakeESPN "said no kid ever..."

  14. @FoxNews and the Chinese are very trustworthy so you know the deal is airtight @foxnewspolitics

  15. @azcentral Glad @RealSheriffJoe is on our side @SheriffClarke

  16. @SportsnetSpec Libs are all about free speech until someone disagrees w them.

  17. @craigsmorgan a smile from Tip is like a belly laugh from anyone else.

  18. @craigsmorgan a smile from Tip is like a belly laugh from anyone else.

  19. Tom Brady Cannot Stop http://t.co/5vbh86uJfp

  20. @KateBeirness Maybe next year...

  21. @KatiePavlich plenty of people lose a spouse early that don't have her means or name familiarity.

  22. @FoxNews TAKE DOWN THE FLAG!

  23. @CapitalShows @jcamerontv will he wear a belly shirt?

  24. @docpetit_art @DailySignal anyone expect anything less from this scumbag @BarackObama

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