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  1. NO, hell no, he is not much uf a upgrade from Sandhead, christ could you imagine him on the Jets? the 49ers are well stacked, christ Sanchez would look elite playing for them, with all the talent they have.
  2. It's not his fault, he was thinking of another play in his head, don't believe me just ask the Sanchise
  3. Ya it's sums up the season well, priceless
  4. He was thinking of a different play in his head, wtf
  5. NO, NO...Don't Bench Sanchez!!!

    Was it above 50%? cause that would be a milestone for Sanchise
  6. NO, NO...Don't Bench Sanchez!!!

    Can't bench Sanchize, he had a QB rating of like 94 something, thanks Rex for that, I feel a lot better now
  7. Give Sanchez credit

  8. Just End The Season

    It will be sometime before this orginization gets back to a playoff team, first find a REAL GM, then coach then QB, an the list goes on an on
  9. It's beyond my comprehension, why the fans are still in the stadium, empty it OUT, make a statement
  10. Anyone else think it will be 42-3 after this drive?
  11. Thwey got their sh*t together now, wow nice drive!!!
  12. Here it comes, get ready!!!!!