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  1. Bah. At least I got killed by Rick. Rick is badass.
  2. Every time you say that, JiF, I am reminded of this:
  3. *looks at Chrissy, looks at Hess, then looks back at Chrissy* Hess needs glasses, I think.
  4. Well, Ishy, it was a nice try, but you just keep stepping in sh*t with the LLL act. Because no only am I the cop, but I'm also Daryl. I can't say I blame you, there's no way you could have known that Daryl really would be the cop. I'm guessing that going in, everyone here who has watched the show expected Rick to be the cop. So you went with a different character, and you guessed wrong.
  5. We are happy to have amused you, Kae. *bows, and surreptitiously checks out cleavage while doing so*
  6. Likely cause I'm tired as sh*t and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders. Vote Ishy.
  7. There's a reason Ishy never went anywhere last night. He's hinting at cop and talking out of his ass. I'm the real cop, and I viewed him as scum last night.
  8. Unvote. Vote Cindy. I would really like to see what's up with this possible symp signal.
  9. Now that's just a bad analogy, considering I can take as much time as I like on these books, or any other series of books... or a series of movies or a TV show, for that matter. (I've just begun S1 of Homeland and enjoying it very much.) In my case, it's taken me about four years to work my way through the book series in question. In a mafia game, you don't have that leisure. I got home from work and the game thread was already on page 14 (way more than I'm used to) and it took me about an hour and a half to work my way through everything, by which time it had gone to 18 pages. It is indeed a
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