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  1. At this point in the season, many of us realize that the Jets problems go way beyond one player or position. If you were to ask a fan what areas do they need improvement, you would probably get a response that consisted of just about every major unit or position on the team. I have always heard the following saying when it comes to the NFL: You build a team through the draft, not through free agency Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look at the Jets past drafts and compare them to some of the better teams in the league. The range is from 2008-2012 and includes the total number of draft picks, as well as the total number of picks in rounds 1-4 (since they would be considered the most valuable). Note that the picks below are ones that were actually used to draft a player and not picks that were traded away during free agency or to move up a position on draft day. Here are the results: Draft Picks From 2008 - 2012 Total # of Picks NYJ - 27 NYG - 37 NE - 48 HOU - 40 PIT - 42 SF - 38 GB - 42 # of Picks in Rounds 1-4 NYJ - 14 NYG - 22 NE - 27 HOU - 24 PIT - 20 SF - 17 GB - 21 The average number of draft picks for the other 6 teams, from 2008-2012, is 41. On average, the other 6 teams have had approximately 50% more draft picks in the past 4 years than the Jets, as well as 50% more picks in the first 4 rounds. My general opinion on this Jets team is that the weak links, are very weak. Many can argue that they need better talent or more legit star players. I feel that they would be a much improved team if their weak links got only slightly better. So if you were to give Calvin Pace a grade of D, and another player could bring that OLB position up to a C or a C+, it would positively impact the defense as a unit. This is basic idea of football being the ultimate team game, with all 11 guys on the same page, all handling their responsibilities. I feel that you would find these sort of roster upgrades through the draft. They might not be a top 10 prospect, but they can be a 3rd or 4th rounder with upside, youth, and ability to be coached. In the end, it has always seemed that the Jets easily give away draft picks in the pursuit of free agent prospects or as draft day leverage. I am not saying that these picks would of make up for all of the problems we see on Sunday, but when the analysis of the team shows needs in so many areas, it makes you wonder how to the other teams in the league go about building their rosters?