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  1. Damn wish I would have seen this before I made my post. 100% agree with everything here.
  2. Wilson either gets a penalty or the QB overthrows the WR he's covering and then Wilson jumps around wagging his finger and and celebrating like he did something. P.S. I will never forgive him for not catching that easy INT that drilled him in the face in the 4th quarter of the championship game against Pitt. He makes that play the Jets win the game. P.P.S. Wilson blows
  3. Building an Offense

    I would just like to point out that the NFL should have done us all a favor and contracted both teams after that god awful display.
  4. Eh you give him 4 full years and the Jet's defense I bet he can match Sanchez's production (or lack there of).
  5. Ok, lol I prob should of known that.
  6. Ummmm after watching the past 4 years I can't think of any QB that is less talented than Sanchez.
  7. What was wrong that he missed his senior year? That seems like it could possibly be a worry moving forward, no?
  8. I That might be an understatement. Best case scenario they get to the bye 3-6 but honestly 1-8 or 2-7 is most likely. Other than the Bills and Titans there's not one team there that they should even have a shot to beat.
  9. Now there's a bold prediction. You could literally say that about the Jets (and about half the league) every single year.
  10. He probably would have at least deserved to start if he made it through camp. Who knows if Rex is going to actually be able to make the call to bench Sanchez but Garrard would have absolutely been a smarter choice based on fewer turnovers alone.
  11. Tebow backed by Chuck Norris

    Saw this on sportscenter.... Hysterical. How does ESPN take themselves seriously reporting this sh*t?
  12. Yea I was just throwing him out there as an example but I guess that's off the table now anyway.
  13. These are definitely good points. I think we all as fans agree it would be nice to see Geno come out slinging and everything works great, I just believe as I'm sure many others do that it is gonna be BRUTAL. I don't want to see the fans turn on Geno quickly because he can't make an inept offense run smoothly as an unpolished rookie. You're prob right that the old vet move most likely won't work but at least it puts the blame somewhere else for part of the season before Geno steps in and can be looked at as the "savior" so to speak. But above everything if Trent Edwards is the best option this discussion is pointless.
  14. Ok. That certainly isn't a positive sign. What about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Did he sign anywhere yet? I know he is far from special when it comes to QBs but I guarantee he would be better than Sanchez.
  15. Now that Garrard is done (no real surprise there) is there any other veteran QBs out there that we could bring in to win the job? At least for the beginning of the season while Geno works on some mechanics before being thrown into the fire. I mean there has to be someone that could come in and beat Sanchez out for the spot and give Geno a couple weeks to get his feet under him before he becomes the starter.