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  1. Than next time try couching it as an opinion and not as a declaratory statement.
  2. Well, with Powell out there goes our run game. Go Jets!
  3. Yeah we did kick ass after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!
  4. Sanchez was "ok" the first 2 years then our crap drafting kicked in and the roster turned to crap. It's been crap ever since. Can't blame the CS for everything. Can't make bricks without straw. Go Jets!
  5. Have you examined our IR list? For me, any game we are competitive in is enjoyable and a spirit raiser.
  6. All you nay sayers are getting a bit annoying now. I suppose it doesn't count that Sam's throwing hand got stepped on (cleats) during the 2nd half. You glass is half empty fans get me sick. Go Jets!
  7. I don't like Bell's running style as it melds with this OL so, yeah. Go Jets!
  8. His philosophy of only drafting OL in the later rounds directly lead to mistakes 1, 3, most of 4, and 5 as outlined by the OP!
  9. With our remaining schedule and looking at our IR I don't think tanking is a choice. (unless you're only referring to the fish)
  10. And you jerks have the nerve to complain about Sam? Brett Favre (16) 2009 Mark Sanchez (15) / Kellen Clemens (1) 2010 Mark Sanchez (16) 2011 2012 Mark Sanchez (15) / Greg McElroy (1) 2013 Geno Smith (16) 2014 Geno Smith (13) / Michael Vick (3) 2015 Ryan Fitzpatrick (16) 2016 Ryan Fitzpatrick (11) / Bryce Petty (4) / Geno Smith (1) 2017 Josh McCown (13) / Bryce Petty (3) 2018 Sam Darnold (13) / Josh McCown (3) 2019 Sam Darnold (6) / Luke Falk (2) / Trevor Siemian (1)
  11. Anyone else getting tired of retreads? Year in and year out, retreads.
  12. Anyone who CONSISTENTLY derails threads ought to be banned IHMO.

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