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  1. LIJetsFan

    Game Observations (ATL)

    Can our OL be improved, yes. Can every other position be improved as well, yes. Is the OL a dumpster fire, no. Did the OL starters (sans Beechum) play better than I was lead to believe while reading this message board, yes. Is this team better than the Vegas under/over, yes. Do I think we might very well be in the hunt for a post season birth, yes.
  2. I would think that there is some number that I would not consider unreasonable (considering our cap room) that Teddy would sign for for at least two reasons: 1. As already stated he his would still be young for a QB. 2. He'd have all the more time for strength and conditioning. If he's seen as totally healthy he'd have the better part of a decade left to cash in on his career. I frankly don't see the down side. It's not like 20+$M is chicken feed.
  3. When are the 1st roster cut downs? Will some of these UPS guys be cut before next weeks game? It is pretty scary having a non fodder QB back there with them. Agree 100% on giving Cannon a break too. No need to use him up.
  4. This is pretty close to the truth Go Jets! None the less keeping it a competition might pay dividends re: Teddy value.
  5. IMHO McCown and his 10$M contract have 0 trade value. What are you thinking?
  6. Anyone who thinks that Bridgewater isn't the real deal is nuts
  7. So glass half empty. I myself prefer to believe that the vibe has changed. Mo was a cancer last year; Hack and Petty were pitiful examples of a QB. Green colored glasses, yes, perhaps, but I wanna believe
  8. Jetster, I happen to think you are one of the best posters here but IMHO Sperm is really an ok guy so wtf, having a bad day or something?
  9. The scouting report on Darnold is irrelevant: 1. We had no idea which QB we'd be drafting at the time we signed McCown. For all we knew we might have needed a starter. Less likely with Darnold but still a distinct possibility. $10 M was overpaying for sure so we overpaid by a few $M, so what, we had the cap and we had bigger fish to fry they those measly few bucks. 2. Once again we didn't know which QB we'd get. Perhaps some of them (perhaps including Darnold) would enjoy and function/perform better with that sort of a security blanket. That is something we just don't know but better safe then sorry. 3. So bottom line, me personally, I don't mind a bit of an over payment for a possible stopgap starter and/or possible security blanket. I think we are in line for post season possibilities this year and if McCown is an ingredient then cool.
  10. LIJetsFan

    Khalil Mack

    On 2nd thought, if the Raiders were interested in dealing because they can't afford Mack then they probably can't afford Leo either. So a deal would be based on draft picks.....so how much of our future do we mortgage? That is the real question.
  11. LIJetsFan

    Khalil Mack

    Are you guys nuts.....so mortgage the future for "D"? Hell no! Not overpaying when we have a defensive side HC who can't get it done in the first place. Leo + a 3rd perhaps but not a cent more.
  12. Are offsets the real issue in Sam Darnold holdout? Posted by Mike Florio on July 29, 2018, 10:39 PM EDT AP As the holdout of Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold continues, conflicting reports have emerged regarding the actual reason for his absence. Rich Cimini of ESPN.com reported on Sunday that the impasse arising from an effort by the Jets to wipe out Darnold’s guarantees in the event not only of a suspension but also of a fine arising from any on- or off-field misconduct. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News has painted a sharply different picture. Via Mehta, the real issue is the effort to get the Jets to remove the offset language from the deal, allowing Darnold to double dip in the event he’s cut at some point during the four-year contract. “CAA was fuming (and expressed their annoyance) after Baker Mayfield agreed to the deal with offsets,” Manish Mehta said on Twitter, in reference to the agency that represents the former USC quarterback. “They lost leverage for Darnold.” Mehta adds that anything else is a “red herring,” and that Darnold’s camp is simply trying to emerge from the process with a victory over the team. Mehta points out that multiple other CAA clients have agreed to the same language in contracts with the Jets. The language voiding the guarantee, according to Mehta, relates to fines arising from team-imposed punishment for conduct detrimental to the team or from league-imposed punishment under the PED policy. (That last part is a bit confusing, since any violation of the PED policy results in a suspension, not a fine.) Mehta claims that Darnold is “pissed” about the situation, and Mehta speculates that Darnold and his family won’t let the situation last much longer. So the question becomes whether the Jets and CAA can work something out before Darnold simply instructs CAA to accept whatever the team’s current offer is. Which could shift the fight from team vs. agent to agent vs. client. Which could, in theory, result in the client ending up with a new agent.
  13. LIJetsFan

    " D " dept. ~ ~ ~

    Antonio Cromartie is back for a third stint with the New York Jets. This time, the former cornerback is going to be a coaching intern on Todd Bowles’ staff as part of the NFL’s Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship program. The 34-year-old is looking to make the transition after retiring in March. Interesting name at Jets training camp: Former CB Antonio Cromartie will be a coaching intern. Cromartie, 34, retired in March after 11 NFL seasons. Last played with the Colts (2016). #Jets Cromartie last played for the Colts back in 2016 after spending the majority of his career with the Chargers and the Jets. He first came to New York in 2010 and stayed there until 2013. He then came back for the 2015 season. During his first tenure in New York, Cromartie played second fiddle to All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, but make no mistake about it: Robin was essential to Rex Ryan’s great defenses. Cromartie struggled at times with his technique, but his rare speed and athleticism made him one of the toughest cornerbacks in the league for years. Despite being a former cornerback, Cromartie is expected to work with New York’s linebackers. He won’t be the Jets’ only coaching intern, either. Joining him are Derrick Alexander and Randy Starks.
  14. LIJetsFan

    Cimini: Jets #1 TC Objective

    I'm not a SB or bust kinda fan. I do however always want my team to be in the post season hunt....every single year. If and when they get their act together both Bridgewater and Darnold are superior QBs to McCown. I want wins; I want post season prospects. Let the best man play whoever it might be and be happy that we have have huge depth and upside on the bench if it's McCown who EARNS the start.
  15. This is tongue in cheek, right