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  1. In Becton's defense, this is a new OL scheme so let's give him more than a NY minute to get it.
  2. The fun part of it is playing football. I just hope both the NFL and NY aren't too much for him. We're due for a FQB, right?
  3. What I recall was that he would push off with his hands and make separation that way and the college refs allowed it I guess. So from what I saw he NEEDED to push off to get separation otherwise he got very little. Just my limited observation from college highlights but there it is.
  4. While watching Mims college highlights I always thought he'd have trouble getting separation at the next level. Hope I'm wrong because it sux to be right on this one.
  5. Excellent guys; roasting the OP is spot on. As a bonus, some of you guys are quite amusing.
  6. Theories are like bellybuttons; everybody's got one.
  7. Robert Saleh backs his faith in James Morgan and Mike White As Zach Wilson's absence casts a relative pall over New York Jets training camp, Robert Saleh backed James Morgan and Mike White. By Geoff Magliocchetti 07/28/2021 The show belongs to James Morgan and Mike White for now The start of New York Jets training camp has also commenced the countdown of seeing a quarterback make his NFL regular-season debut. At this rate, however, Jets fans might not be getting the professional newcomer they were expecting. The ongoing contract dispute between the team and Zach Wils
  8. The bold is just silly: The players are just warming up and dreaming of where they will fall on the roster pecking order. The coaches are grown men and have many more this thing and worry about for now. The only ones bent out of shape are the message board fans who might be actually happy to have something to gripe about. (IMHO of course)
  9. To me JD is in the middle ground sweet spot between Mac's insane over spending/over paying. and Idziks' over-caution and cheapness.
  10. I didn't say it was good I said AT LEAST there is a good that comes out of it. Geesh, people love to nitpick. Getting a look at his other QB's might put JD at less disadvantage during negotiations.
  11. Yeah I think JD has in the back of his mind that if he can't get Zack to sign sooner rather than later then at least he'll get a good look at these other two. I'm liking JD more and more as time goes by; now we just need some wins.
  12. Neither James Morgan nor Mike White has ever thrown an NFL regular-season pass. Can one emerge as a reliable backup for Zach Wilson? By Michael Nania 07/27/2021 Importance of the backup quarterback James Morgan and Mike White have each thrown exactly zero passes in an NFL regular-season game. For that reason, they will have a mountain of pressure on their shoulders throughout the upcoming training camp and preseason. The backup quarterback position is a crucial one in the NFL. This past season, only 13 quarterbacks started all 16 games, meaning that over half of
  13. Geez, get a life. You really find making a point on this message board so important as to devote this much time and effort to your replies? You're one scary dude.
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