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  1. I want a solid OL. I don't give 2 craps about the rest for now: *We picked up a few ok-ish FA's on both sides of the ball and our 2020 jags will up their game behind our new CS and conditioning team. *We have the draft and the cut down to 53 mini-draft to follow. We should pick up a few more ok-ish to good players. An improved OL will make this franchise competitive. Note that I said franchise and not team because we might finally have a FO, a CS, and a roster all pulling together.
  2. The bold comes as both a shock and a disillusionment I really expected that we'd be markedly upgrading our OL this draft. I hope JD is better at this.
  3. Does anyone remember when Sam was slammed down hard on his throwing shoulder? IMHO no-one comes back 100% from something like that. Not sure how much % ability loss there but it is one more factor.
  4. LIJetsFan


    As long as it's a player at least a step up from "concrete connor" I'm all in on getting a useful FB this year.
  5. Well so far a few of his draft picks and FA signings have been a bit sketchy but overall I hardily approve of the way JD has approached GMing our Jets. If he can hit on a league wide average draft in picking then we are "very good to go with Joe".
  6. Yeah I'm concerned that he is a one year wonder.....if he's the pick. Geez, I'm starting to feel like one of those glass half empty guys
  7. That's more than I thought we'd get. No great haul but ok by me none the less.
  8. Isn't Wilson a one year wonder? I thought we weren't supposed to do that any more. I would not be opposed to trading down from 2 if the package is reasonable and going with Sam for one more year (no 5th year option). If he improves under the new CS & revamped roster then all is well and good. If he fails again (which I expect) then our win loss record should be such that we'll be in position to try for a QB next year. Lot's of ifs.....
  9. Yes but only because we aren't getting squat for Sam so might as well keep him.
  10. One less pre-season game....thank the gods.
  11. Sam is a bonehead. He runs out of bounds behind the line at least 2-3 times a season. Further, I can't ever recall seeing him throw the ball away. His football IQ sux. There was a poll a while back asking how much we'd get for Sam. I voted a 5th rounder and I've been praying I'm wrong but I don't think so.
  12. This is why I quit watching hockey and wasn't all that keen on the NFL as a kid. So at least the NFL cleaned up it's act a little.
  13. Sam makers too many boneheaded plays. Period.
  14. If we keep Sam w/o exercising the option and he plays well enough to earn a larger contact then it's a win-win. It's the 2nd best case scenario (the 1st being we extend him and he plays well) which is fine with me since I doubt he does play that well if we keep him.
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