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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    deleted: Sorry but as soon as I posted it I thought better of Barkley at 3.
  2. Dilfer on Rosen

    I've been worried and a doubter for a while now. I'm just praying someone picks either Allen or Mayfield ahead of us, making Mac's section a no brainer. Mac does well when it's a no brainer, otherwise not so much.
  3. This was the right way to handle Bowles in 2017 re McCown.
  4. I repeat, does McCown get us to the post season? No! Enough said for me at any rate. Agree to disagree.
  5. I'd just as soon go with Bridgewater, (Rosen, Mayfield, Allen), and Hackenberg as our 3 QBs. I don't want the likes of McCown or Fitz on our roster. Sink or swim. McCown gets us no closer to a good season. Further, how did having a mentor work out for Sanchez?
  6. No I like my team to act rationally. Call it bitching is you like.
  7. Why $10m? Who were we bidding against?
  8. I'm not a superbowl or bust guy. All I want to see is a team with a really good shot at the post season. McCown does NOTHING for us. If McCown is under center we are not a post season team. IMHO this business about being a mentor is total BS, total feel good BS. Each of these players were grossly overpaid. Having to spend the cap is one issue but misplacing it is another and Mac is guilty of the later IMHO. I felt he overpaid each of them at the time but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now for me the jury is in and Mac ain't cutting it. For me the 2018 McCown contract is the very definition of cap mismanagement.
  9. The McCown signing really puzzles me as well. I'm losing all confidence in Mac. Almost every "name" resigning he's done has been a misstep: Revis, Cro, Harris, Fitz, Mo, and now McC. Will this guy every learn.
  10. Why didn't Mac that his 3rd best valued QB at 6 last year then? I'm losing more and more confidence in Mac as time goes on. We had $91m in cap and what have we to show for it? Not a whole hell of a lot.
  11. Here's another take that just occurred to me as I was reading the OP. Suppose instead of trading all our 2s and our 1, we stood pat and watched as the draft progressed for any moves we could make. Baring any moves, we take the BEST AVAILABLE QB irregardless with our 2018 1 & 2 2s. Never sign McCown and let the three of them plus Teddy fight out for the start. I think I'll send in my GM application as soon as I post this
  12. A look inside Teddy Bridgewater’s deal Posted by Mike Florio on March 19, 2018, 8:00 PM EDT Getty Images The one-year contract signed by Jets quarterback Teddy Bridgewater includes only $500,000 in guaranteed money. Which essentially gives the Jets an option to evaluate Bridgewater until shortly before the start of the regular season, at a cost of the signing bonus plus another $500,000 workout bonus. Even if the Jets keep Bridgewater past Week One, the base value of the deal becomes $6 million. But there’s also a $9 million incentive package, which won’t be all that hard to secure. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bridgewater’s incentive package includes the following potential payments: 1. $4 million for being on the 46-man roster for every game and taking at least 50 percent of the snaps. 2. $250,000 for throwing for 2,500 yards. 3. $500,000 for throwing for 2,700 yards. 4. $1.25 million for throwing for 3,000 yards. 5. $250,000 for 10 touchdown passes. 6. $500,000 for 16 touchdown passes. 7. $1.25 million for 21 touchdown passes. 8. $2.5 million for the Jets making it to the playoffs, with Bridgewater playing at least half the postseason snaps. So he gets a total of $15 million if he’s on the 46-man roster for every game, takes at least half of the snaps, generates at least 3,000 yards (22 quarterbacks did that in 2017), and throws at least 21 touchdown passes (16 quarterbacks did that in 2017). To do that, Bridgewater needs to win the starting job, sooner than later. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But he’s clearly confident that he’ll win the job — and that he’ll play very well.
  13. I don't think sitting and 6 and waiting to see who dropped while being prepared to move up depending on how it was going was such a bad position to be in. Those 2 second rounders were going to go a long way in reshaping our team. None the less, one of the top 3 ain't half bad for this franchise. I just think it's a lot to pay for the 3rd choice when a premier player (not necessarily a QB) would have been there at 6. So bottom line I'm not crazy about the price we paid for the 3rd choice but I'm very excited to see how it all turns out. I would have said fk it if we got a non QB at 6. Just sit McCown and let Teddy and Hack battle it out for the start. Our top 3 picks would have been building a team anyway.
  14. Nah, if this guy busts we just move up from 6 to 3 again next year.
  15. If Darnold and Rosen go 1-2 then IMHO we overpaid. However I do understand that Mac just couldn't afford waiting till draft day to see how it falls. Go Jets!