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  1. I'll admit I was one of the haters in last weeks thread. I still feel I was justified for several reasons already listed in this thread. Exhibit A: He's the one who brought Falk in so please stop with the 3rd string excuses. You break it you buy it, simple. Exhibit B: The OL hadn't played together before game 1. Rust, newness, old and being rested, blah blah blah, OL was not ready for prime time and that is on him. Exhibit C : playcalling, Falk was incapable of executing what was asked of him and Gase never adjusted. The OL needed help as in max protect at least some of the time and Gase never adjusted. Maybe the dude with the big arm on the PS should have been brought up for game 4 after seeing more than enough of Falk. Today Gase finally did show ability at playcalling and OL fixes including some max protections of all things. So I'm thinking perhaps he isn't as bad as I thought. At least Gase has a pulse and which is more than I ever thought Bowles had. So regarding Gase I'm now cautiously optimistic.
  2. Gotta disagree.....IMHO Beachum, Winters, Shell have regressed. Also if Kalil is "done" then the HC is at fault for starting him. It's beyond me why people are going out of their way to defend Gase.
  3. I didn't read the entire thread but are you kidding OP, can you say Tim Tebow and Greg McEllroy?
  4. Since QE went down we should have been using Montgomery as our # 3 WR instead of the jags he's been using or playing Crowder out of position. One more card in the "I don't think Gase knows what he is doing" deck.
  5. OP, Johnson's are NOT selling this cash cow no matter what, otherwise good post.
  6. In chess there is a saying: "a bad plan is better than no plan at all". Ground and pound is a hell of a lot better than no plan at all which is what we've had since Rex left.
  7. Reuben Frank NBC Sports Philadelphia•Oct 4, 2019, 2:23 PM The Jets have one of the worst offenses in NFL history. And we're not exaggerating. If the Eagles' defense struggles against this group then there's no hope. Not only are the Jets starting a rookie sixth-round quarterback who's never thrown a touchdown pass, their offense is operating at a historically wretched level three games into the season. -> The Jets have one offensive touchdown in three games. They are the 28th team in NFL history to score one or fewer offensive TD in its first three games and the 12th in the last 25 years. -> With just 590 yards of offense - 197 per game - the Jets have the 13th-fewest yards after three games in the NFL in the last 40 years. -> The Jets' 36 first downs are the 9th-fewest through three games in the last 25 years. -> Stats on this are only available since 1999, but since then the Jets' seven rushing first downs are 8th-fewest in the league after three games. -> The Jets are converting an NFL-worst 21 percent of their third downs. That's the 20th-lowest figure on record going back to 1999. -> The Jets are averaging an NFL-worst 3.43 yards per play, the worst figure in 13 years (Raiders 3.34 in 2006) and 12th -lowest in the last 40 years. -> They're also only the 12th team in the last 40 years with fewer than 500 passing yards and fewer than 200 rushing yards after three games. -> The Jets are the 6th team in NFL history with more defensive touchdowns (three) than offensive touchdowns (one) three weeks into a season and the first team in NFL history with two more defensive TDs than offensive. -> The Jets are averaging just 3.7 net yards per pass attempt, the lowest figure after three games since the 2006 Raiders (2.4) -> The Jets are the first team in 23 years (1996 Cards) to average 3.0 yards or worse per rushing play and below 4.0 yards per passing play. -> Even with a top-10 defense, the Jets have still been outscored by an average of 12.3 points per game, the their largest margin per game since 1976.
  8. I've always felt the wildcat was a bad call, a bad idea, and signified giving up. Hated it when Rex called it and I hate it more now since our team sux. IMHO, the wildcat does not fix anything or help anyone to learn anything.
  9. After reading the article I think everyone here was going to post this same message
  10. Seems like Jets fans get tested every day
  11. Sounds like a good idea to me. Shake up the off season and the roster decision making process as well. No preseason games = more time to directly coach your team.
  12. Taking a good player away from his natural position just because next man up is a question mark is bad coaching, IMHO. Keep the QB's weapons in their rightful place and let's see if next man up on the outside surprises. Can't be any worse then what we were seeing. Gase is no mastermind IMHO.
  13. By: Tyler Greenawalt | 4 hours ago Adam Gase has already made a lot of questionable decisions this season, but his wide receiver gameplan against the Patriots was one of the strangest. With Demaryius Thomas out with a hamstring injury and Quincy Enunwa on injured reserve, Gase only played four wide receivers – Robby Anderson, Jamison Crowder, Josh Bellamy and Braxton Berrios. Of those four, only Anderson, Crowder and Berrios saw offensive snaps. To top it all off, slot receiver Jamison Crowder played 71 percent of his snaps on the outside, according to ESPN’s Rich Cimini. Crowder only played 12 of 42 offensive snaps out of his more comfortable position in the slot.
  14. I haven't seem any indication that the wheels were in place in the first place. Gase might be an ok HC if he had an excellent roster. We need a HC who can rise to an occasion and not one who is only capable of managing a good situation.

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