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  1. I gave you a laugh emote but none the less I'm not sure I get the point.
  2. Agreed but isn't it an indictment that the young player hasn't been prepared? After all he was the #2 behind an injury prone #1. I find it harder and harder to defend this coaching regime. This all is on Bowles.
  3. If McCown is too hurt to play then next man up.....geesh you Bowles defenders are the pits.
  4. Another reckoning

    Wow, that is bitter. But yeah, I don't like Bowles either.
  5. Broken hand for McCown

    I don't think anyone is glad he got hurt. Othersiwe, good post chirorob.
  6. Broken hand for McCown

    A little off! LOL after 3 years he stinks.
  7. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    THIS!! End the thread right here. This post is spot on.
  8. Hasn't our HC already announced that Petty is his starter? I think it ought to be Hack time as well since Petty totally failed the eyeball test and was an embarrassment out there yesterday. I was giving Bowles credit this year for getting this team to over-perform. This is much like I gave him credit in his first year while making allowances for the fact that he was a rookie HC. Now it seems clear that if his QB isn't having a career year that our HC just sux and hasn't learned a gd thing.
  9. Broken hand for McCown

    Petty looks worse than I thought. If he is better than Hack then we need to cut them both....a clean sweep. Mac, you s*ck QB draft wise.
  10. McCown does seem to be pretty accurate this season. To answer the OP's question I think the refs (2xASJ & 1-2 more) made just as much of a difference to our records as Cousins would have (because McCown is having a career year). As someone noted above, we sign Cousins in 2018 and we have our early draft pick to make repairs elsewhere. I'm in.
  11. Analytics In Football

    Football is much much more chaotic than baseball so getting analytics right is extremely difficult. I'd bet that most/all teams are applying it in some watered down fashion or another right now. That doesn't necessarily mean it's producing positive results. Maybe they'll program a supercomputers to analyse each game tape some day and that might help sort it all out. We can call our Deep Green.
  12. Drafted in the 3rd round and soon to be out of football.
  13. What do we do with Mo?

    Restructure keeps him here and I want him gone.
  14. So when will we see the first....

    Sorry, I rooted for Geno while he was here....cs and weapons argument, but he just doesn't have it and it was clear watching him today. He was is and always will be a bone head. Def an ok back up though.