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  1. The Trump connection: 1. Years ago Trump tried to borrow enough money to buy The Buffalo Bills, 2. Trump hired Woody as Ambassador to the UK, 3. The women who owns/runs the spa's in question here is a frequent Mar a Lago attendee. Hmmm.
  2. I wish we could somehow bring him into the FO or CS, somehow.
  3. LIJetsFan

    Gase speaks at League Meeting

    10 Jets Takeaways from NFL owners meetings Sam Darnold, new weapons, draft, playoffs and more By Ralph Vacchiano | Mar 27 | 4:15P Oct 15, 2017; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets acting CEO Christopher Johnson on the sidelines before a game against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports (Brad Penner) PHOENIX - For a team that went on a wild, free-agent spending spree for the second time in 13 months after firing their coach three months ago, the Jets have been awfully quiet lately. No controversies. No scandals. Nothing but the business of football really. And that's just the way they seem to like it … at least for now. That may change when people realize the expectations have been raised, whether they admit it or not. It will certainly change if and when the winning actually starts. But for now, they are the quiet team in town, content to not make too many headlines. Regardless, after listening to CEO Christopher Johnson, GM Mike Maccagnan, new coach Adam Gase, and several scouts inside and outside the organization, here are 10 takeaways from the Jets' time at the NFL's annual owners meetings at the Arizona Biltmore hotel: They have huge expectations for a breakout year for second-year QB Sam Darnold There is no uncertainty when they talk about the future of their franchise quarterback, and they can barely hide their excitement. What they saw at the end of last season particularly gives them reason to believe he will put it all together in Year 2. A lot of that hope also is because of Gase. No one will say bad things about the previous coaching staff, but let's just say they are very happy to have their young QB in the hands of a genuinely bright offensive coaching mind. They may have worries about this team, but Darnold is not one of them. They believe they are loaded offensively and have huge plans for Le'Veon Bell and Jamison Crowder Gase looked a little like a mad scientist talking about Bell and Crowder in particular, and the ways he plans to use them. He kept saying he won't put them "in a box", which makes it sound like he's open to lining them up everywhere. Previously he said the same about the holdover weapons like Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson and Chris Herndon. Obviously Bell is the key, but his offense really features the slot receiver in creative ways, which makes Crowder a fascinating addition. Think of what Wes Welker used to be for the Patriots, because that seems to be how Gase envisions him. They are serious about trading down, but it'll cost at least a second-round pick, even to move down a little Maccagnan wasn't lying when he said he's open to trading down and that he's already had some preliminary discussions about it. The Jets have only six picks in the draft and the third overall pick is going to be very valuable - especially for anyone that wants to get one of the top two quarterbacks before they're off the board. Word around the league is that the Jets want to recoup the second-round pick they gave up to the Colts last year in their own trade up from No. 6 to No. 3. My guess is that anyone who wants to move up, even a little, will have to start with that. They will be very, very tempted to stay at No. 3 and take one of the best defensive players in the draft Yes, I know I just said Maccagnan wants to trade down. The problem with that is the top of the draft is filled with what he needs most - players who can rush the passer. And not just edge rushers. Interior rushers too. He's guaranteed to get one of the big three defensive players - Ohio State DE Nick Bosa, Kentucky LB Josh Allen, Alabama DT Quinnen Williams - and if Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray goes No. 1 he might have his choice. How can he pass up on that? The answer is that maybe he can't. They're not afraid of new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and actually hope he brings a nasty side to their defense There's a big smile any time anyone talks about Williams and what he'll bring to the Jets' defense - and the Jets practices. It sounds like they can't wait for Williams' D and Gase's O to go head-to-head, and if it gets nasty, so be it. Of course, they don't want fights or for anyone to get hurt, but there's a feeling that Williams' aggression will bring a competitiveness and edge to practices that the Jets sorely need. And if they can translate that into a game, they might be dangerous. Left unsaid is the hope that they end up more dangerous to others than to themselves. They're going to shop LB Darron Lee, and if they can't they're definitely not going to exercise his fifth-year option The signing of LB C.J. Mosley, one year after signing Avery Williams, made that clear. Gase seemed to say he could find a position for Lee, and Maccagnan talked about his inexpensive contract as if keeping him would be no big deal. But there's no way to sugarcoat it. The Jets are down on the former first-round pick and they won't be picking up his fifth-year option (which they'd have to do by May 2). So knowing he'll be gone in 2020 anyway, they will absolutely listen to offers for him, probably closer to the draft. He's only 24 and due only $1.8 million this season and isn't a terrible player, but it's hard to imagine the Jets could get more for him than a Day 3 draft pick. They think LB C.J. Mosley is going to be a star As giddy as the Jets are over the addition of Bell, they're even more excited about Mosley. He's not the edge rusher they need, but they look at him as a guy that can do everything from the middle of their defense. Also, as Gase said, he's a "culture changer". They see him as a Ray Lewis-type who can be the leader in their locker room, and help make young safety Jamal Adams into a real leader too, not just a team spokesman. The defense over the last few years has been a bad mix of characters and players who seemed to do what they want. They think Mosley, both with his voice and by example, is the man to put a stop to all of that. Oh, and they think he's going to be a dominant player, too. They're not worried about what seems to be a hole at center I find this odd, but neither Maccagnan nor Gase were very worked up over not having an obvious starting center. They made a somewhat half-hearted run at Matt Paradis in free agency, and they had a meeting with Stefan Wisniewski that didn't seem to lead to anything. They seem oddly comfortable with Jonotthan Harrison, who re-signed after he took over at center for Spencer Long last season. They obviously saw something they liked in the 27-year-old. Don't be shocked if they also take a center on Day 2 of the draft. Adam Gase is convinced he'll be a much better coach the second time around When he looked back on his time in Miami he saw a young coach who was overwhelmed by all the other stuff that went into being a head coach - the non-football stuff like planning and organizing schedules and dealing with the media and handling everyone's problems. He's more relaxed now and was able to quickly get through the basics and move onto football things. That's often a huge problem for rookie coaches. They can't focus on the most important stuff - the football - because they're swamped in executive-level issues. It's why so many coaches are better in their second stop. Gase seems confident that's the way it will be for him, and so are his bosses. There's no playoff mandate, but make no mistake: They expect to make the playoffs The Jets don't want to say it, and they probably won't, but they are absolutely looking at what they built as a playoff team. They would be stunned, from top to bottom, by another five- or six-win season and barring a string of catastrophic injuries they won't even be happy with 8-8. Their internal expectations are sky high, and they believe this is the year they will finally arrive. They believe the pieces are in place for nine or 10 wins. No one will say it. No one will mandate it. But it's clear they love their team for the first time in many years.
  4. So are all of you nay sayers trying to tell me there isn't one pro-bowl or near pro-bowl player in the entire draft on the offensive side of the ball? We have the 3rd pick. We can take any offense player on the board. So what you are really saying is that Mac and Co are not capable of finding him because if we in fact draft a pro-bowler at 3 noone would be complaining. I say screw it. Go offense at 3 and if Mac and Co fail then fire him/them.
  5. LIJetsFan

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    I can't recall Mac ever signing a jag STer this early or ever in FA so I presume this move in on Gase. Nice to see a HC concerned with all three sides of the ball.
  6. I presume draft slots are like anything else.....value is based on the market. So if you lower the asking price and lower it and lower it again eventurally you will find a buyer. I am more than prepared to lower our price to trade out.
  7. THIS....for all those Robbie is just an average speedster types out there......you have to keep in mind that the CS was dragging down his potential. Further he only had a QB with a live arm for one of those seasons. You let's get a high 2nd for Robbie guys are throwing out the baby with the bath water. Robbie will be at least 10-15% better this year and he's alredy been ok before this.
  8. LIJetsFan

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Sorry but how can you say it was a win now season with Fitz as your QB? That just makes no sense at all.
  9. I thought dolphags was politically incorrect.
  10. Right, to me at this point Lee is redundant.....
  11. LIJetsFan

    Jets newfound identity

    Hewitt Gets Second Shot in New York Dylan Tereman March 16, 2019 As was reported the other day, the New York Jets have decided to retain backup inside linebacker Neville Hewitt for at least one more season. When Darron Lee was suspended for the final four games of the 2018 campaign for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, Hewitt filled in admirably, finishing the season with 39 total tackles and 1.5 sacks. The one-year deal is for $2 million. Gang Green has been rumored to be seeking a trade partner for Lee at this point. With the signing of Hewitt, as well as former Ravens standout CJ Mosley coming on board, trading Lee may be the best case scenario. While improving, Lee has been inconsistent in coverage and still isn’t strong enough against the run. Insert Hewitt, who played well down the stretch, particularly against the run, and you have a strong backup linebacker. The converted college safety should provide quality depth in Gregg Williams’ new system, especially at a position that may look entirely different than it did just one year prior. Hewitt started his career in Miami, so he has some level of familiarity with head coach Adam Gase. The Jets should not be done spending money on either side of the ball in free agency, but retaining players in the National Football League is the best way to establish continuity. Along with Hewitt, the Jets have also re-signed DT Steve McLendon, CB Darryl Roberts and OL Jonotthan Harrison.
  12. LIJetsFan

    Jets newfound identity

    Why Jets' trade for Kelechi Osemele could be their most impactful offseason move The two-time Pro Bowl guard could have ripple effect on offense By Bent | Mar 16 | 11:04AM With the recent flurry of big-name signings, the first major move of the offseason is perhaps being overlooked. The Jets acquired two-time Pro Bowl guard Kelechi Osemele from the Raiders in exchange for a day three pick swap. Here's why that move could end up being the most important one the Jets have made this offseason. A change in attitude It's immediately apparent from Osemele's film that he brings a nastiness to the position, without being undisciplined. Osemele's physical style sees him regularly taking his man to the ground, staying on his man through the whistle and punishing edge rushers when he provides help to his left tackle. This style of play could bring a new attitude and identity to the Jets' offense, giving them the opportunity to impose their will on the defense in the trenches. These also represent good habits, which hopefully some of his linemates will adopt. Osemele should produce an upgrade at left guard, but his mentoring could affect the unit as a whole, while also contributing to improvements in situations such as short yardage and the screen game. A perfect fit for Gase Head coach Adam Gase butted heads with media in Miami over the fact that he didn't feel it necessary to invest large amounts of money or high picks in the guard positions. However, that was on a team with limited cap resources. As for what he does covet from his guards, Gase is said to want to run a system whereby the quarterback gets the ball out quickly, so the most important thing is to hold up at the point of attack, prevent immediate interior pressure and give the quarterback a clean pocket to step into. Osemele is ideally equipped to handle such a role. In addition, Osemele should be more comfortable in the Jets' run-blocking schemes than he was last year. Osemele has played his best football on teams that have primarily used zone blocking in the running game, so Jon Gruden introducing a power-based system wasn't optimal for him. If new offensive line coach Frank Pollack runs the same system he did in Dallas, it should set Osemele up for a resurgence. The possibilities for the newly-signed Le'Veon Bell are tantalizing in Gase's offense. However, if the run blocking from the offensive line is as poor as it was down the stretch in 2018, this will limit his potential. Bell's patient running style often sees him wait for a lane to develop with advanced analytics suggesting he takes more time on average to cross the line of scrimmage than any other back in the league. That's where Osemele could complement Bell perfectly. It won't be an adjustment for him to stay on his blocks longer, because he already battles to keep control of his man from snap to whistle and sometimes beyond. In fact, he often overwhelms his man and then seeks out someone else to block as the play is extended. Bell is the running back most equipped to reap the rewards from this effort. Plenty left in the tank There's some concern that maybe Osemele, who will be 30 by the start of the season, is past his best. Following consecutive Pro Bowl appearances in 2016 and 2017, Osemele suffered through an injury-plagued 2018 season. He missed five starts and graded out poorly as the Raiders had one of the league's worst offensive lines. In order to elevate the Jets' offensive line out of the basement, Osemele will need to be more consistent in 2019, so it's important he remains healthy. The good news on that front is that none of his injuries last year were serious and a recent social media post suggested he has cut a significant amount of weight in order with that in mind. The other good news is that a review of Osemele's film from 2018 shows that he's still just as capable of being a dominant blocker in the running game and a reliable pass protector. The Jets will hope that he'll benefit from being a better fit for their system and it will also help to have an experience Kelvin Beachum at left tackle, rather than an overmatched rookie who requires "babysitting". Low-risk move If the Osemele move doesn't work out, the Jets didn't give up much in the way of draft capital and his contract contains no guarantees, so they'll be able to move on from him after the season. However, if he remains healthy, there's reason to believe that this could have a significant positive impact on the Jets' future. If Osemele returns to his Pro Bowl form, that could elevate the line from one of the league's worst, to among the best.
  13. LIJetsFan

    Brooks On Bell's Impact

    I was luke warm on Bell before we signed him but since then I've been blown away by what I'm reading about him. Had no idea he was a generational player. The fact that his contract was favorable for us and that we got to cut crowell (whom I truely disliked for oh so many reasons and whom I thought we were stuck with for one more year) adding $3M back to our cap is just outstanding. and this: ......Being a sidekick to the Jets' QB1 appealed to Bell. "Absolutely," said Bell in his introductory conference call with the press. "That's a part of it. Seeing a guy like him, so raw and so talented. Maybe he just needs another weapon. You never know what he can do with another weapon. He definitely was a valuable reason as to why I chose to come here." So, I'm all...."can't wait"

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