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  1. Good post except for blaming the fans. If the owner and his FO are weak in the knees and buckle to "fan pressure" that is on them and not the fans. Grow up!
  2. Good take. IMHO all this is on the CS for not having the pits to bench him when they had to have known better. (Well if Woody or JD were actually making the call the it's not on the CS so whatever)
  3. This one more shot idea is scary. From what I understand the CS knew Zack was the worst QB in the room all throughout year 1 and year 2 TC, preseason, etc. Year 1 was forgivable perhaps but year 2, not so much. So post Rodgers (or whoever ), Zack must show the CS he is good enough prior to the first regular season game, otherwise hell no. I'd guess 80% of us are in the ain't ever going to happen camp.
  4. Further with his injury history, it was a happy coincidence that he played so few snaps which may have kept him healthy. I think/hope we resign him for cheaper than he thought the open market would be.
  5. Well we also got rid of his salary and we get the new player on a 4 year contract but IMHO it was a dumb trade. I think we sold low. Further there is no guarantee that the guy we pick will be any good, or better than or equal to Moore.
  6. Sorry but two project QBs on the same roster, I don't think so.
  7. Nah, worse case scenario we'll survive and continue building the JD way next year while we trade for someone like Stafford or the ilk for now. The sky is not falling! JD is bringing us along just fine. Sux he struck out on Zack though
  8. I suppose it's just me but signing a player with multiple concussions just feels wrong. If he's already under contract then of course, sure, you deal with it the best you can for both the player and the team's sake. But signing a new contract, no.
  9. Ok now you guys made me google Zippy the Chimp. Nice blast from the past. Keep up the good work
  10. Do we really need another WR? I think not. (esp. not OBJ...1 head case [Rodgers] is more than enough). Next up an Alfred E. Neuman reference please.
  11. LIJetsFan

    Plan B

    Yes this is a good take. It's the gosh darn off season and the NFL is dominating sports media and getting plenty of play in the rest of the media as well.
  12. I hope this is the thinking at One Jets Drive. I'd love to keep all our draft capital this year. We have holes to fill. If the deal actually falls thru I just wonder what rabbit JD will pull out of his hat QB wise. Sadly the one thing JD is not good at is QB evaluation. Stay tuned... ...and Go Jets!
  13. "Wes Schweitzer is the newest member of the Jets offensive line after coming to terms with the club on the third day of free agency. Schweitzer is the first free agent imported along the offensive line by Joe Douglas this offseason." So I presume this signing counts against our 2024 comp eligibility.
  14. Good post but I think for our 2nd round pick we need to chose a center. Maybe DT in the 3rd? I wonder if we go OT at 13 and LB and Safety in later rounds. Seems most of the desirable FAs are going fast. So draft a late round safety and LB and let them compete with UDFAs and whatever depth jags JD can come up with?
  15. Rodgers is a head case. 95% sure he is now our head case. In which case, GO JETS! btw: 275 pages and counting...mods what is the record here?
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