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  1. Disagree, Anderson's speed and his ability to take the top off the defense should never be underrated. Heck, we finally have a QB that can hit him down field and you want to give him less playing time?
  2. With Rex and now Bowles, the Jets have always played scared as the clock ticks down. With Darnold so far so good. Even when there was good cause and I half expected it and half dreaded it, I've not seem him play scared AT ANY TIME or at any place on the field. This is a day and night difference for us!
  3. So, Long's finger injury might account for his errant shotgun snaps?
  4. Idzik was a bean counter and he did THAT part of his job well (ie all these comp picks that one year). Mac is a talent scout and he's doing that part of his job poorly. If you have to rely on comparing his roster to Idzik's roster to bolster up Mac ....well, imho that's weak.
  5. Yeah I noticed that Harrison error then forgot to address it when I posted. Also, good take on Edwards. I had high hopes for Mac when he was hired but much like Bowles (def) his supposed strength (talent eval) hasn't panned out AT ALL.
  6. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2018/10/9/17945770/mike-maccagnans-folly If you look at the Jets Drafts over the last 4 years, I fail to see a sliver of a methodical process to build a team. The Jets used a premium pick (2nd round #37) on a WR who was a speedy guy but a poor route runner. He played on an all-star team that ran the ball effectively, giving him single coverage most of the time. He was a deep ball threat but had only 33 receptions as a senior. The team spent a 1st round pick (#20) on an OLB (Lee) and moved him inside to play as an ILB, something he was ill equipped to do. (I broke things when that pick was announced.) Lee became one of the worst rated ILBs in the history of rating LBs. His drafting has no tangible logic, and his team building is chaotic. Let’s look at each position, and see what Maccagnan has accomplished. WR - Maccagnan has used 4 picks on the position (14.2% of his draft capital). Only 1 player remains on the roster. That is Charone Peake who was a 7th round selection and is routinely a Sunday inactive. Basically there is no Draft help from WR picks. TE - Maccagnan has used 2 picks on the position (7.1% of draft capital). He used a 5th round pick on Jordan Leggett in 2017, a player who Dabo Sweeney called lazy. He eventually injured his knee and missed his rookie year. He used a 4th round pick on Chris Herndon in 2018 who already had an injured knee. So at minicamp both players who Maccagnan drafted were out with knee injuries. These players are both young and still learning so there is an inconclusive narrative on them and their position. DL - Maccagnan has used 5 picks (17.9% of of draft capital) on the defensive line which was a position of the highest strength for the Jets when Maccagnan took over. He let Snacks Harrison walk in free agency, which was a huge mistake. Maccagnan had oodles of cap space and spent it like water. Then he didn’t extend Snacks who was the keystone of the defensive line. He then had to use the money to sign Steve McLendon to take his place. It might have been wiser to resign Snacks and sign McLendon to use as a rotation plus have two colossal DTs when the team goes into a 4-3 alignment. That would have freed up picks used on the D-line on other areas of need. The players he selected are Leo Williams (#6 overall) who was considered the best player in the draft and fell to Maccagnan. Leo is a good kid and a quality player who has not lived up to his Draft position. You would have hoped that Williams would be a disruptive force and a difference maker, but he has not. Deon Simon, a 7th round dart throw, and Dylan Donahue, a 5th round pick, are both no longer with the team. The Donahue pick was a head-scratcher, a short armed edge player who was too small to hold the edge and not athletic enough to play OLB. The other two picks are Nathan Shepherd a 3rd round pick and Foley Fatukasi a 6th round pick who were drafted this year and have not been around long enough to evaluate. A lot of draft capital has been invested with suspect results so far on the D-line and no real edge players. RB - Maccagnan has used 2 picks (7.1% of draft capital) on running backs, and both were 6th round picks. Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon are both young players. I thought Cannoncould have easily been picked up as a UDFA from Virginia State, and that pick could have been used elsewhere. Two 6th round picks is just a cursory attempt to supply a position and is no way to find a high quality back that is capable of being a work horse for you. CB - Maccagnan has used 4 picks (14.2% of draft capital). One in the 4th round, Justin Burris, has been a poorly rated cover man and not a solution. The other 3 picks have all been 6th round selections, Jeremy Clark (no longer on team), Derrick Jones who has had little use (a usual Sunday inactive), and Parry Nickerson who has had all of 43 snaps in 4 games. We will with hold judgement on these players because they have not been around long enough to evaluate. You would think that in a passing league Maccagnan would spend more Draft capital on the CB position. It is hard to find difference makers at a position in the 4th round and later. If you had a couple of young studs at the position it would be a decent strategy to add some developmental guys, but the Jets don’t have those players. Maccagnan has spent lavishly on free agent CBs like Revis, Buster Skrine and Trumaine Johnson but with poor results. Revis was a colossal bust, and the other two players appear to be worth not even a quarter of the money being paid them. This is just a very poor utilization of resources for such a vital position on a team with equally miserable results. S - Maccagnan has used 2 picks (7.1% of draft capital) on the safety position, a #6 overall and a 2nd round selection on consecutive picks in the same Draft. Both players are beginning their 2nd year on the team and both are starters. They both seem to be good players but we will withhold judgement until we have more data. It was strange to use your first two picks (both high picks) on primarily one position when you are coming off a 5-11 season with a team so full of obvious holes. Although if these player continue to develop into team leaders and difference makers, you would have to put these picks in the win column for Maccagnan. LB - Maccagnan has used 3 picks (10.7% of draft capital) on the LB position. He used a 3rd round pick on Lorenzo Mauldin who is no longer with the team, #20 overall on OLB Darron Lee in another head scratching move, then moved him to ILB where he was over matched his first two years with some of the lowest grades ever given to a LB. He used a 3rd round pick on Jordan Jenkins who has been serviceable so far but not a difference maker. We have 3 premium picks on a position with little to show for it so far, but we again will withhold full judgement until we have more data. QB - Maccagnan has used 3 picks (10.7% of draft capital) on the QB position with limited results so far. He selected Bryce Petty in the 4th round but inexplicably used a 7th round pick to move up 1 spot and draft Petty. The Jaguars were not going to draft Petty. If they were they would not have traded with the Jets. This trade just gave away a pick. Petty is no longer on the team. He also used a 2nd round pick #51 on Christian Hackenberg in one of the worst uses of a draft pick in NFL history. I had Hack as a late 6th round prospect, and PFF had him as undraftable. They were right. I was wrong. It was another draft day implosion by a Jets GM. Maccagnan traded 3 2nd round picks and our #6 overall to move up to #3 and select Sam Darnold to be the savior of the franchise. The reviews are mixed right now but we will withhold judgement until more data can be attained. It may take a while. It is at least applaudable that Maccagnan was forward thinking enough to plan for and select a franchise type QB. Even if Darnold flames out and is a bust, it was worth the effort in today’s NFL. P - Maccagnan used a 7th round pick on a punter, but nobody really cares about a punter OL - Maccagnan has used 2 picks (7.1% of draft capital) on the offensive line, both 5th round selections. You could actually say that 3 picks were used since Maccagnan sent a 4th round pick #114 in 2017 for 5th round pick #158 in 2016 used to draft Brandon Shell. A year earlier, the Jets used 5th round pick #152 on Jarvis Harrison. Maccagnan has neglected to use a single draft pick on an offensive lineman of any kind in the last 2 drafts. Both Shell and Harrison could be characterized as serviceable with Shell getting the nod as the better of the two so far. This is what I called our base, the offensive line. Maccagnan has to see the same thing you or I do. Grading services put the team’s O-line near or at the bottom of the league. Added to that, the Jets have almost no depth at any offensive line position which makes them a couple of injuries away from using players off the street. The Jets just ran the ball for an impressive 323 yards, but that was just one game of peculiar big plays that were more about defensive failures than great blocking. A great line will pound a defense with continuous 6 and 7 yard gains that will eventually wear it down, making them commit more resources to stopping the run and opening holes for the passing game. Maccagnan started planning to draft a franchise QB two years ago. It is amazing that a GM would not try and develop a strong offensive line in front of his rookie QB. A running game is a rookie QB’s best friend, but only if you have good blockers in front of him. Even a casual NFL fan would understand the desire to protect the franchise. A clean pocket gives a rookie QB the ability to survey the field and keeps him healthy. With success comes confidence and growth from your prized pick. Mediocre results have the exact opposite effect. You would have to know that defenses are going to be unmerciful with blitzes to hit him and force him into mistakes. It is unconscionable that a GM would draft zero offensive linemen in the two years before the arrival of his team’s future leader. This offensive line has been patched together with mostly castoffs and auxiliary free agents. The backups are constructed of merely replacement level players. Reeking of hubris, it was brazenly negligent for Maccagnan to completely let an indispensable part of his team just wither away like plants without water. If you want a strong offensive line. you must use premium picks to do so. Since 2010 the 40 All-Pro selections of the offensive line have been comprised by (some players have multiple selections) 22) 1st round, 6) 2nd round, 4) 3rd round, 3) 4th round (all the same player Jahri Evans of New Orleans) 1) 5th round, 1) 6th round and 3) were UDFAs. The UDFAs players were Jason Peters twice (he started as a TE and didn’t even become a LT until much later) and Andrew Norwell of Carolina. 70% of All-Pro selections since 2010 have been 1st or 2nd round picks. Your chance of finding an All-Pro in the later rounds is like trying to find a single needle in a stack of needles. Dallas was a middle of the road team for years (17 years out of the playoffs) until they decided to build an offensive line. It took time. Eventually they had one of the best lines in the NFL and they made it back to the Playoffs. They made Dak Prescott a potent force and the team a 13-3 record. Since then they got complacent and neglected the O-line, a few injuries later they are struggling again. Businesses flourish or fail through the leadership of the their decision makers. Smart planning can lead your company to greatness and dominance of your industry. A problem that starts at the top will filters it’s way down to the rest of the organization. If the leadership lacks direction and a viable plan with the persistence to follow that plan, it is doomed from the start. Maccagnan was doomed from the start, and it was done by his own hand.
  7. LIJetsFan

    Pass Rush

    I am prepared to give Mac more time than I am Bowles. Mac pulls these "under the radar?" moves often enough to keep me at least neutral on him. Bowles otoh, geesh, way too much wrong with this guy.
  8. LIJetsFan

    Soooooooooo Buster Skrine

    I still don't like him.
  9. LIJetsFan

    Kacy Rodgers has Serious Illness

    Agree but none the less, addition by subtraction.
  10. I hated Bowles from the get go. Then when it became crystal clear that both Hack and Petty suk I flip flopped and decided to give Bowles the benefit of the doubt. Geesh was I wrong about that. Bowles sux after all!
  11. LIJetsFan

    Joe must go, Joe must go

    Pepper Johnson, 54, vented frustration with Bowles and Rodgers’ refusal to implement — or even consider — schemes he used in 14 seasons coaching under Bill Belichick with the Patriots, like matching the pass rush with coverage, and said he was a “scapegoat” for the Jets’ defensive issues.
  12. LIJetsFan


  13. True but Pryor is running a close 2nd
  14. LIJetsFan

    Captain decal on jersey

    Sam's the man.

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