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  1. Swap out Morgan for Darnold and I'd be more willing to go this route. ....because Sam IS a bust.
  2. I'll add my 2cents to the debate. Sam was an ok rookie under Bowles.
  3. O'Brien was pretty damn good; Marino was better. End of story.
  4. If JD offered that then he offered too much. The way I first heard it was that that is what THEY were asking for, not what we offered. I hope I'm right and you're wrong Greenbean because overpaying + the DW cap hit it is just too much for me to stomach.
  5. Remove the bold and I'm with you 100%. The bold is actually incongruent with the rest.
  6. Millionaires get to do and say what ever they want, right. Pathetic Jets fans just keep taking the click bait. Now that IS pathetic.
  7. My thinking on this subject changes weekly but as of now I'm with you on the bold: I'd like us to trade down even if that only nets us fare value and not a haul. So, trade down and see where that lands us and then address the QB situation from there. Drafting a QB or keeping Sam, I don't care. That is JD's call. I'm just all in on the trade down.
  8. Yeah I think folks who think we are going to score big by trading Sam are sorely mistaken.
  9. When do we have to decide whether or not to extend Sam?
  10. Thanks all who posted here. This thread is really my first look at Zach this year and take him or not, I'm feeling better about the value of our #2 than I did before.
  11. I thought Sam would be worth a 5th rounder. Boy would I be blown away if any of the above were to happen. This off season is going to be one hell of a ride.
  12. I think shell shocked is the operative concept. Assuming we keep Sam and he begins to do better under the new CS/scheme he will still be facing very tough competition many times. If the wheels come off often enough (which they will) he'll become more and more fragile. I say move on and let this possibility become another teams issue.
  13. the only saving grace is that Sam was a much better QB under Bowles so there is some hope for an upside.
  14. Well I was enjoying the game for a while but then as usual the officials favored team Brady and it became a runaway.
  15. I'd be very surprised if our GM/HC think Sam is fixable. I can't even guess what we'll be doing at QB. Literally anyone would be an upgrade. Further, cut/trade Sam frees up another $9m cap so IMHO no brainer.
  16. Wait, what.....isn't not showing up at big moments the polite was of saying he chokes?
  17. Deshaun Watson signed a contract extension prior to the 2020 season Right before the 2020 NFL season got underway, Watson seemingly committed his future to Houston. Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans agreed to terms on a four-year, $156 million contract extension, with guaranteed salary at signing through 2022. Watson signed the deal entering the fourth year of his career. Therefore, he still had two years remaining on his rookie deal, including the fifth-year option. Counting the 2020 season, the contract extension meant Deshaun Watson was committed to the Texans for six seasons.
  18. There is the team and then there is the FO/CS. If the latter is screwing up every which way possible then all bets are off regarding loyalty to the franchise. At least that is how I see it.
  19. Actually at this point (sight unseen) you have to wonder how much better/worse Morgan would be compared to Sam (if we go with starting our in house QB)
  20. I laugh at the Shotty hate; he wasn't all that bad and as stated earlier all our OCs since have been worse.
  21. I view taking a QB at 2 to be in the above average ceiling and low floor range. For various specific reason I view both keeping Sam and trading for DW to he higher/better on both ends of the range. In the immortal words of Bart Scott....can't wait (for draft day)
  22. Greenbean today sorta reminds me of '09-'10 Fireman Ed. Those were the days, and while this is a new/different form of rah rah, it's oh so welcome!
  23. With no TC and no pre-season some teams still managed to get more production out of their draft class than we did. However, our roster had major CS & QB deficits. IMHO jury is still out on this class.
  24. "The difference between the best coach and the worst coach in the NFL is small;" Sorry but I don't care who says this...I'll never believe it. People lose credibility when they say things off the top of their head like this. (IMHO)
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