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  1. If he does come on board as OC, I suspect he brings a new blocking scheme. May have insights about the types of OL we need.
  2. A bit of a different take than most fans here on the board...with the recent hire of Hurtt and Dennard, two extremely well-respected coaches in the league, and with Studesville potentially coming on board, it looks like the Jets are bringing in very good coaches http://www.nfl.com/videos/good-morning-football/0ap3000000733494/Schrager-s-Ones-to-Watch-Eric-Studesville-and-Eliot-Wolf
  3. Although I loved Snacks on the Jets (who wouldn't) but he is not a 9.5 million/year player. He is awesome at stopping the run up the middle but a two down player should not be given that much cash. I think Simon will be just fine for us
  4. Certainly an end of the roster type of player - looks like a good ST guy. Nothing to get too excited about
  5. He may have a chance...high motor, a bit of a burst, and certainly a tough, aggressive player
  6. I though he actually looked decent the past two games. Held up agains the run at times; does not really have that burst around the edge we need but certainly is depth quality
  7. Jets Lose Team Reporter

    I can't believe this has gotten that much attention. She was working for the team, not an independent media outlet. Don't know the full story but three things: (a) she wasn't even that good, (b) why does she think she is so important?, and (c) why are we even wasting time talking about this crap.
  8. Bring back Fireman Ed

    No doubt IMO. Never understand the hate he received. In my view, he was part of the Jets identity that simply went away. I want him back!
  9. The fact that Mo got that award based on voting from teammates and training staff says something. I think with the Mo situation, there is more to it than he simply dogged. Not sure what that is, but I think Mo has been a great Jet for his entire career and then all of sudden this year, something was up. Just doesn't fit.
  10. Rex took over a 9-7 team and went 9-7 and then 11-5...flash forward six years later and he never broke .500 again. To be fair, he had exciting runs in 2009 and 2010. Bowles took over a horrific 4-12 team and went 10-6 with a journeyman, internship prone QB - that is a hard thing to do by accident. He did not have good year at all this year...there is not debating it. But his journeyman QB crapped the bed and all of the key vets began to show their age at the same time I am looking forward to seeing how you figures this out.
  11. This is my position as well. I think everyone knows that we need a long term rebuild. If that is the case, and we cut Revis, Clady, Giacomini, etc and go very young next year, then 2017 WILL NOT be a playoff year under any circumstance - particularly if we go with Petty or Hack. That is, you cannot have Bowles come back for 1 year, blow everything up and then say playoffs or bust. I have said all along, you either need to fire Bowles now, or allow him and Macc to do a true rebuild for 2-3 years. Most analysts were on record (Parcells being one of them) that Bowles is a very good judge of talent and has a track record of being a good football mind. I believe he knows what he is doing from that point of view, although he certainly needs to grow and develop regarding overall team oversight and being more flexible and quick to adapt as situations arise. My primary concern is that if he comes back for 1 year and then gets fired, the we have to rebuild once again (after a rebuild had already begun next year).
  12. Awesome point..this has been something I completely agree with. My take is that we need to have a total rebuild, go young. If that is the case, we have two options: (a) fire Bowles, (b) allow Macc and Bowles to oversee the rebuild. We CANNOT have a situation whereby we go young and then Bowles goes 5-11 next year and then gets fired. We then have to rebuild again because an entire new staff comes in.
  13. Vikings Players Go Rogue

    I don't think there is any question about that. The players should be suspended without pay for conduct detrimental.
  14. Rookie Watxh

    I didn't realize there was a time table for this sort of thing. You do not have to respond to "ostrich optimism" threads if you don't want to. At this point, I am not very emotionally involved as I am thinking to 2017. Again, the season is over and we are playing a ridiculous young, back up player team. On offense, we are STARTING Ijalana, Johnson, Dozier, Shell, Robinson, Anderson, Petty and then giving increasing minutes to Peake, Wilds etc - all were 2nd/3rd backups at the start of the year On defense, we are starting Lee, Jenkins, Burris, Miles, Middleton and giving significant minutes to Johnson, Bishop etc on defense - again all backup types of players. We will probably get destroyed by the Bills next week. Why are these losses so "emotionally crushing" for everyone when the outcome is virtually predetermined - we are not playing a real NFL team now.
  15. Rookie Watxh

    At this point, we are playing a JV team...there is really no more analysis needed besides how are the young individual players doing.