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  1. Jetsplayer21

    The case against Williams is weak

    Leanoard Williams was also the clear best player is the draft also
  2. Jetsplayer21


    So your not a fan of “ improvement “ 💁‍♂️🤣. Please provide the long list of teams who was 3rd worst team in nfl, and next yr top 10 💁‍♂️🤣.. but all worked well.. they got same player they wanted at 6, and added major players in 2nd round, including D ROY.. we know Mac would never pull that off 🙃
  3. Jetsplayer21


    Well they went from one of worst teams in nfl in 17, picking 3.. now they are picking way back right ? 💁‍♂️🙃
  4. Jetsplayer21


    We walk away with one good player, because macs teams are so bad every yr he Guarantees himself a can’t miss top 6 pick every yr 💁‍♂️ Why I am a little hesitant about trading down.. a good gm who knows how to trade, like the colts gm, could make good late picks.. you have to know what your doing picking past 12? Even if he doesn’t blow the first round move back pick, The risk is too great he blows the later picks we would have picked up.. not worth it
  5. Jetsplayer21

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Your probably right. Now that we have a franchise qb, and a top rb, we have to have a pro OL gm. There is not a gm in nfl who values OL less than mac. One of main reasons he will be gone. Have to find a pro OL gm
  6. Jetsplayer21

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    comparing the well known to be worst overpaid trade in nfl history is not a good argument lol. That was even before rg3 was a flop, every said immediately after the trade that was a hack job in the worst way. You are right, 3 2’s for Sam darnold is absolutely worth it.. Especially with how bad mac has been outside of the easy blue chip picks.. I’m not arguing that. But it sure would have suckked balls if darnold was not there, and we had to pick Allen or Rosen wouldn’t it ? Mac would have been forced to give up this yrs number 1 to giants, if they were actually a smart franchise and at least made Mac believe they may trade the pick to someone else right before the pick, unless they gave him our 19 number 1.
  7. Jetsplayer21

    Raiders love Oliver

    So you are saying mac, and/or fans would have been just as happy taking Barkley if giants took darnold, or traded the pick ? You are right about Barkley, but we just bought one of the best RBs in the game, fairly cheap. You can’t just buy the top qb in fa, like you can a rb. Teams do not let them go,RBs shelf-life is less then half a qb. Giants cold have traded back to about 10, received a 2nd and 3rd, and a first and 2nd this yr.. Barkley is amazing, but they had so many holes I’m shocked they didn’t do that.. either way, mac obviously didn’t say “ I”ll take darnold or Barkley and be happy with either.. no way.. He would have been fired if he took Barkley.. I think he knew if he didn’t do everything he could to land darnold after being so close, he would be gone.. it’s one thing if mayfield was there, but I think it would have been a huge letdown to trade up to 3 and only come out with Rosen or Allen..
  8. Ya they are trying to fake out another team, even though they are picking first. They just want to play mind games, and piss off their rookie qb with all these rumors of “Murray love “🙈🤣
  9. Jetsplayer21

    Raiders love Oliver

    I wish was a qb, not a D tackle.. the giants last yr really could have screwed with Mac, not that would be hard. If they told Mac last min. After mayfield was picked “ give us your first round pick for 19, or we are trading the 2nd pick to someone else “ you think Mac would have called their bluff ? Giants could have recieved a “ truckload “ for that 2nd pick once mayfield was picked. I really wouldn’t have been shocked if Mac gave the giants what they wanted to swap spots..
  10. Jetsplayer21

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    Yep, same old story. We draft and sign dls and dbacks, but every yr we need more 🙈. Maybe one yr we can draft 2 OL studs top of the draft and let them anchor the OL for 10 years 💁‍♂️
  11. Jetsplayer21

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    Lol mac is not going to “ fleece “ anyone for 3. He overpaid last yr, but that is because the qb prospects were that good. Not even close this yr.. I hope we do trade down, unless they are terrible offers. We trade back where we can pick a major position of need, OL, around mid first, and again in the 2nd. When we pick up 1. O tackle and center, 2 of our biggest needs
  12. Jetsplayer21

    Frank Clark

    Mosley will likely be gone by then. I’m curious to see if Adams loves being a jet more than he loves being a star. Is he going to ask for 16 mil per yr ? And do we really want to pay a box safety that ? I like Adams, but like you said, OL is much more important. A strong OL for darnold, and bell, and whoever after him, is the key to setting up a championship team. Adams is a luxury if you have all the other pieces in line
  13. Jetsplayer21

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    That is just hilarious “ scenario “ that would never happen.. I’d take him factoring in what a actual real offer would look like.
  14. Jetsplayer21

    Atlanta Falcons-Quinnen Williams?

    I hope you are right, and not just being a optimistic fan like we all fall habit of from time to time.. somebody may love Haskins, and the press hawks haven’t got hold of it.. if Mac is willing to take considerably less than what he gave last yr, I think we do move down
  15. Jetsplayer21

    Tom Coughlin comments on absent players.

    Can’t see them trading him even if we moved down to 7, for him, and threw in a later pick. Hopefully Ramsey doesn’t let it go and Forces jags hand.. we need a lockdown corner

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