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  1. If they were that Nazi and kept players from talking to 1 another I personally would organize the biggest anti-NFL protest imagined.
  2. Jetsplayer21

    Rookie QBs...

    Well darnold seems like a very tough kid, mentally and physically. Unlike the rest of the qbs picked. He certainly is no model wanna be mark Sanchez either
  3. Jetsplayer21

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    It’s very smart to build your team around your Oline. They were 1 of the worst units last yr, along with ours. They added two studs in solder and Hernandez. Sure they will add to it next yr also. Mac should take some lessons.
  4. I don’t know why gms listen to these D guru HCs Who of course clamor for defense in the first round every single yr ( unless it’s for a qb) not much has changed
  5. Jets have never had a very strong O in a very long time. It’s time for that to change now with same here. No longer Todd Bowles shouod be allowed to get all the FA $, draft picks for a D he can’t get into top 10. Darnold deserves a lot better support on O
  6. I doubt he does too. But this guy’s ego is too big for his own hoody, He thinks he can I’m sure.
  7. They both have giant egos. I can definitely see bellicheat motivated to try to win a championship without Brady to prove the point it was him and not all Brady. Especially now since Brady and B.B. are not on the best of terms these days
  8. We shall see.. I’m sure bellicheat thinks he can replace Brady with just about anyone.
  9. Jetsplayer21

    Bates Says Darnold Could be Week 1 Starter

    Yes having only 1 of 5 guys hurt for the entire yr is considered a fairly healthy unit. Most teams delt with more injures to their Oline. Look at philly, they had some key injures government their Oline, but their OL was doc stacked they hardly missed a beat. Your making excuses that 1 of 5 guys is hurt ( but still can play ) like it’s rare anyone ever gets injured. Your point is that our line is so bad with no depth to allow winters to sit, and if 1 of 5 gets hurt this yr too we could be looking at another excuse why our OL is so bad. Not because we haven’t drafted a OL before the 5th round since, Brian winters.
  10. Jetsplayer21

    Bates Says Darnold Could be Week 1 Starter

    Only 1 starter partially hurt all year. That is considered a very lucky OLine unit.
  11. Jetsplayer21

    Bates Says Darnold Could be Week 1 Starter

    The line was that bad. He did get murdered in Denver. He did get sacked often. A rookie usually takes more time to throw. Darnold is not know to have that quick of a release. Ranked 30 out of 32, and that was with a very healthy line. At least we got rid of by far the worst center in the entire nfl. I’m for whatever makes darnold the better qb in 2-3 years from now. Will leave it to the “experts “ to decide when he is ready 🙃
  12. I think he is great. I just wish he shut up a bit and played more. Especially as a rookie, talk on the field is fine.. I got tired of all the talk after rex Ryan yrs lol
  13. His daddy didn’t teach him “ talk with your play, not your mouth.”
  14. Jetsplayer21

    Bates Says Darnold Could be Week 1 Starter

    Lol.. oh man. The expectations for this kid should be very high. I can see now already there will be jackasses calling him a bust if he does not reach his full potential by game 4. It will be more like 4 years. He led the nation in turnovers last yr, in college.. You expect him to put a entire “ pro “team on his back and carry us into the playoffs ? Josh McCown had almost pro bowl numbers last yr, and we still only won 5 games. We do need to get this kid major help next offseason. It’s not fair to allow him to try to develop with 1 of the worst Olines in the league.
  15. Jetsplayer21

    Bates Says Darnold Could be Week 1 Starter

    I think you are a pretty smart guy to understand this. We are far from the team we were 09/10. We had all the pieces then, we really just needed the qb. So wrong or right, we didn’t give a dam about rushing mark., Wether it rushing him would stunt his growth, we had to Take that chance given the stacked team we had. It almost worked.. Now this team is a far cry from the 09/10 teams. Darnold can play lights out and we still wouldn’t be better then 7-9, 8-8 at very best. So we don’t need to throw him in the fire and risk stunting his growth just to amuse the season ticket holders..