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  1. Just the worst drafting hc in history.. and mike T was a cukehold.. coples over David decastro 🙈
  2. Josh is a proven nfl WR, who had his HC’s full confidence 🤣That is accurate,” Pederson confirmed when Cataldi asked if McCown put on his helmet to be a fourth WR. “Why can’t he? He’s active, he’s dressed! He’s actually done that in a game before, in his career he has done that. Now it has been about ten years ago, but he has lined up as a receiver in an actual football game”
  3. This would have been too funny, almost happened. What a twist of the knife it would have been for giants to lose while this fing 40 guy is running routes at wide out when game is on the line 🤣 https://www.nj.com/eagles/2019/12/eagles-almost-turned-to-40-year-backup-qb-josh-mccown-to-play-receiver-in-win-vs-giants-seriously.html
  4. Valuable to teams who are at the very top, not teams like us at the very bottom. Having a guy like Adams for cheap is great value if you are a great team who already likely has talent in the “most need “ positions.. (They would be where we are if they did not).. We have a ton of holes at the critical very important positions.. Trading Adams can help us draft those positions. We certainly can’t pay him 17 mil a yr, over paying a stud OT that.. You buy the horses before you buy the cart..
  5. I know you don’t mean safeties lol.. we have had soooo many bad picks by Mac, (guys with bad attitudes and play ) I can see where you are coming from. But now that we have a pro O HC, pro O ( especially very pro OL) gm, our D loving fans are in a rude awaking.. Even if we had a balanced past draft/talent, these two would favor O in draft/FA. So I’m on board saying jets will try to get more players like Adams, as long as they play OL, WR, RB, TE .. lol..
  6. Poor guy had to come on “after” offseason, following a all time horrible gm who poisoned this team for yrs. He was smart to demand a long deal, because it will take a while to clean up macs mess. Mac was by far the most anti OL gm in nfl history.. It shows. However I think Douglas is going to fully commit to OL as number 1 and 2 priority for next 2-3 years. Unfortunately it will take a few yrs to build up a good OL after macs deflect for years..
  7. Douglas and gase will. Going to chase after OL hard in draft and FA next 2-3 yrs. if Bowles and Mac were still here, we will still be chasing DLs who don’t rush the qb and completely ignore OL as usual.
  8. That was def holding, a stupid hold for 2 reasons, in end zone and wasn’t going to get to sam anyway. Want to kick Mac in the nuts for leaving jets with one of worst OLs in nfl..
  9. I believe the rule is, no team can deny other from stealing a assistant if they are offering HC. Williams might say to jets” dudes many other teams want me to be their HC, ZERO want Adam Gase to be their HC.. So FU pay me or I walk “ ha
  10. It should, but nothing if ever predictable. He has a lot more raw talent then mark Sanchez ever did, but he was someone we thought would improve with years too.. Mark had 1 of the best OL in league for his first 2 years and still sucked ha. Think everyone is way too in a rush to judge rookies.. or 2nd, even 3rd yr qbs
  11. Yep. We can throw big $ at 1, maybe 2 of those next yr. draft another in first and 2nd, possibly another first if we trade Jamal.. Will be an exciting offseason.. Defense will definitely be taking a backseat for ONCE, for next 3-4 years at least
  12. Will wait to judge when he is not behind one of worst Olines in entire nfl 💁‍♂️
  13. So are we last in pass D then ? Lol.. shutting down Barkley was nice, but giants OL is junk now, and they still put up over 20. Plus looking at our record, when teams are up by a good amount on the jets, they are just running 2 yard dives the D knows is coming just to eat the clock..
  14. I think they will try to extend him this offseason to a team friendly deal. If he doesn’t take it he is gone..
  15. That will begin to happen this offseason. Since Johnson was a moron and didn’t fire Mac (the biggest anti-OL gm in nfl history) in Jan last yr, it’s going to be a while to establish a solid OL. I see many first and second round OL picks for next 3 years, plus some big OL signings when they are available. Can’t build a OL over night, but I have no doubt Douglas wants to transform the OL from the worst weakness of the team, to its top strength. Why I see not having the $ for Adams in 2 years. If we get a first for him, wouldn’t shock me if Douglas picks two OL With both first rounders next yr.

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