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  1. How’s the weather in Tijuana ?🙃
  2. Jetsplayer21

    OL Free Agency Over the Draft

    And adding a 2 big FA next year. It is a pipe dream though. It would take a very stubborn /arrogant Mac to admit he has been horribly wrong all these years ignoring the OLine, especially the draft. Mac stated he believes he can find “OL gems “ In the late rounds. Why he has not pick a OL before the six round in 4 years. I don’t think any other gm in history has not drafted 1 OL before the six round in a 4 year span, let alone your first 4 years as a gm
  3. Especially with Mac drafting. We are so use to him wasting Most of our 2nd round picks
  4. McCown can be the 3, and let him worry about coaching Sam again as qb coach like he did last yr
  5. Jetsplayer21


    In a lost season already I can understand that. No way before a season starts. I bet there were idiots rooting for us to win out every game in toward end of 17, even after knowing we lost out on playoffs. Some would have rathered finish 7-9, miss playoffs and darnold, Rosen, Allen, mayfield 🙈lol
  6. Jetsplayer21


    Who are these people ? let me guess you don’t know their names? Lol yes “what you think “ is probably often wrong. Let’s deal with facts. Mac is not important enough for people to care about. A coach is, but not a gm.
  7. Jetsplayer21


    Mac has failed. He has been a very bad gm. There is no place else but UP to go for something that consistently is that bad. I think you are being extremely dramatic thinking some, or more than 2 fans want him to fail. We just want him to stop being such a moron, listen to people who are much more knowledgeable than he is about what moves to make. Because he was such a bad gm, is why we were in a position to draft darnold. If he was a good gm and we had been picking 18 instead of 6 every yr under him, we don’t get Sam Darnold. Now it’s time he earns at least some of his $$. Make simply moves. We are not asking for miracles.
  8. Jetsplayer21


    Mac is/was in total control over drafting/signing. Unless you are bill bellicheck, you are not making the draft/free agent calls as HC. Now do I think mac was kind and took “input “ from Bowles ? Of course. But that is like the President trying to blame the Vice President for talking into a decision that didn’t work out. If Mac is that incompetent where he was not strong enough to do his own job and let the HC take over his most important job, then he shouldn’t be here. He wouldn’t be here. I think we lucked out last yr with his career severe Oline neglect.. The line was definitely near the bottom of the league, but not as bad as most would have expected. Mac can roll the dice again and neglect the OLine for his fifth straight yr, or he can do a 180 on his anti -Oline stance for once and protect the 1 guy who saved his job, darnold. Drafting a OL not just before the 6 round for once, but much earlier and more then 1. Along with a top FA OL. If he does ignore the OL, and The line does worse next yr for Sam, mac is gone in 11 months. I hope He will listen to his Offensive minded HC as much as he listened to the idiot Todd Bowles..
  9. Jetsplayer21

    Macc's biggest flub

    Stubborn over his failure to admit his often severe lack of judgement is a major issue. His handling of the OL is the same stubborn bad judgement. He believed he could replace Dbrick with clady, and believes he can find the “ diamond in the rough “ OLineman by only drafting them in 6th and 7th rounds. Sign a bunch of b and C tier Olineman hoping one or 2 Break out, instead of investing in the tier 1 free agents. Mac obsession with BPA makes him a bad gm. Almost every gm realizes the increased value of Oline, so gms often reach in the draft. Like they do with pass rushers. Why we don’t have either.. instead of reaching a pass rusher, top OL, mac is stubborn with “ best player available “ and picks the best overall player ranked in the draft 2 years in a row. Non pass rushing dL, and a safety.. two positions most gms would never pick at 6.
  10. Jetsplayer21

    Danny Amendola

    Well we obviously have major holes at every position on O but qb, especially wr, so we can’t be too picky.
  11. Jetsplayer21

    Danny Amendola

    No but tom Brady is 🙃
  12. Well that is the good thing when you have the second worst record in entire nfl, teams will gladly let you chew up the clock with runs. He is not a back rb, he stretched some runs. Our running backs were much better than our OL, opposite of the 09/10 teams. Who is the worst ? I don’t care, don’t think it is but ours is top five worst most likely.
  13. Don’t have to worry about having a good rb when you have 1 of worst offensive line in nfl. “ wheels before tires “
  14. Jetsplayer21


    Very true. Any dummy could pick the past 3 first round picks. Unless we move down to then pick best available offensive lineman available. Since we have a hole all across the line we should move back a bit for a 2. Draft a OL in first and 2Nd. But we know that will never happen with the most anti-OL gm in nfl
  15. Jetsplayer21

    Macc's biggest flub

    Lol he would have sadly been our best OL for few years. Either way, much better pick than hack.

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