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  1. Cap room will help in short term future. We have a ton of holes because of doubling down in 1 area or wasting pics. Two safeties 1st and 2nd round. Wasted 2nd round pick yr before. Knowing Mac it would just be 2 more qbs be failed at. If we don’t have a good structure for a new qb to step into, it won’t matter anyway. Sanchez stepped into a perfect scenario for a rookie. Team literally carried him while they hope he learned and improved as time went on. We know that didn’t happen.
  2. Kenny Britt reportedly nearing Patriots deal

    But this guy is much worse than anyone they ever had
  3. No way. We wasted enough high picks. Hackenberg pick, prior, Coples, Milner, ect. We have to plug lot of holes. Plus is Mac ready to cut hackenberg ? McCown is coming back
  4. I hope hack does played soon. It’s sink or swim time. Stop hiding him
  5. It’s physically impossible for women to do that
  6. Bowles has always been a coward
  7. Sorry Sperm, didn’t mean to throw such a mean curve 🙈 my last post was-
  8. I won’t say on here I de-coded what each letter of “BPA” stands for in the mac’s bedroom 🙈. In sequence 🤣
  9. And when you pick between 9-16 every yr with that method, you sure will end up with all dbs and dlineman. Who cares what methods championship teams follow, BPA baby !
  10. Come on, that’s not fair. He didn’t get reps with first team. The second team is probably 7-8 feet tall, and run different routes,so that is why he was so inaccurate . Or petty can just be the cheap man’s mark Sanchez and have an excuse for everything 👍
  11. Ya because why wait until the 4th round when you can get quality safties when you can end the suspense and take them 1st and 2nd! And ignore every other hole of your team !🙈
  12. Ya, those rookie safeties carry a lot of weight 🤣
  13. Josh McCown was a 12th ranked qb. That was very unexpected . He was a very good lockeroom guy for this kids. That was expected. But Mac doesn’t get the credit.