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  1. So it’s good push for playoffs or tanking if Rodgers goes down. No insurance for that. Better beef up OL, can’t have buf assaulting qb like they did to white.
  2. Ya they definitely will not get the 13th, unless it’s Jets swabbing for their 15th. It would be truly dumb for packers not to make a deal before draft. But they don’t seem to bright over there. If they won’t take a second this yr and still demanding “ a first” well we can trade that early 2nd to chiefs or contender willing to give a likely 24 late first for the 43 this yr. Then packs can have their first without us giving up 1
  3. Why I think GB wants to give Love all the “ love “ and support they can. That means replacing 60 mil backup qb with other FAs. Using 1 of jets picks also. Plus the mental ****k they would be doing to Love having the awkwardness of Rodgers around.
  4. That is more of old school thinking. Now really don’t want a vet to block the rookie if he’s prepared. Surround him with FAs while on rookie deal is aim for most teams. . Less options in cap with rodgers to add impact players in FA, and drafting qb 1, using multiple picks to trade for rodgers limits a lot of cheap impact players top of draft. That is actually what started issues with rodgers and packers. I’m sure he wanted to use that love pick for another WR, or OL to help him. Not to mention picks they traded to move up to get love.
  5. Ahh I see lol. Well it’s different in nfl. Nothing really is a “ match “ ha.I guess a team worse than us last yr could offer a 2nd, would be better than our 2nd. Pats 2nd wouldn’t be. But those teams appear to have qb or going to draft 1. Want to use picks to surround their qb with OL, skill players. Highly rare for teams to go both. Why Green Bay realizes it’s time, they are done with rodgers. Or they would might as well trade love for picks and have another go with rodgers. They have made their preference very clear.
  6. Lol. Well in reality here you of course would go back to the only other interested party with a quick chance to do better. Scott boras has done this for yrs and why is a billionaire. But also in reality rodgers would essentially have to agree to want to play for that team. He has only said he would play for jets. Would take some balls on a team to give much of a value comp when they don’t know for sure rodgers may decide to retire if forced on team, after they trade for him. Rodgers essentially has lot more leverage than packs and jets combined
  7. Competition bring in leverage. Right now there is no other team we are in competition with. If a team was to poke around ( highly unlikely ) I doubt would come close to what we will pay. Just like what ravens are doing with Jackson , challenge packers to find other offers, and we can then match. Like Jackson, not many teams are even entertaining idea. And he is lot younger.
  8. Packers do not seem too interested in 23 picks if not 13, or too worried about being stuck with rodgers. If they won’t take what is being offered pre draft, be a lot less to argue about after it. Will make trade more simple then.
  9. Or May have fired Adam gase before he could rally the team for 1 last stand and gain 2 wins at the end. Those 2 moral victories will last forever, so worth the cost of can’t miss franchise star qb in Trevor Lawrence 🙈
  10. It’s still a little early to plan for 2024 qb class lol. Always the qbs who fly up draft boards mid season or end. Scary how many those type of busts jets have picked 🙈. Or that the top 2-3 will go 1-3 in draft. Way to early to think about that, and I still believe 90% rodgers is a jet anyway. But if we did start Zach and he picked up where he left off, we would probably get the number 1 pick in 2024. I wish some other team came into play with rodgers and said “ best we will give you is a 3rd”
  11. How about “ franchise “ ha. Sanchez, darnold, hackenberg.. They can try to draft one in a later round than first. Where many gms seem to have little difficulties in finding capable qbs there. This franchise has sold the farm too many times to trade up to top 5 spot for a near “ sure thing star” only to continually get fleeced..
  12. No way does JD trade the 13th pick. He may trade him a 2nd on day 2 of draft. If packers do not accept, JD should look to trade 1 of the 2nds for a next yr first. A contender with little cap space would probably look to buy it to plug in a starter. Early 2 now for a likely late 1 next yr. Essentially using our former 3rd and Moore to climb all way to a first. Packs could then get their demand of a 1 ( but technically our 2023 2nd , or 3rd plus Moore ) and maybe throw in a conditional pick in 25 depending on how or if rodgers plays in 24. If we pull out of rodgers drama and say FU to packers and pivot to stafford or similar this yr. With added ammunition to possibly trade up for a top qb in a projected much better class. Blowhard brought up a good point recently-
  13. So many good qbs have been late first or lot later. Yet us jet fans still try to fall for the top 5 or nothing. That sure hasn’t worked out too well for us past 15 years lol
  14. I would just tell them as closer as it gets to training get, the comp will be less. Maybe they changed their mind and want him back now ? Ha. No team is going to make an offer better. Nobody else even wants the contract and drama
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