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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised in Barkley is #3 on jets list. Mac will brag they got the best player in the draft 😀
  2. I think it’s more of a news story on Who Adams does NOT tweet about.
  3. Third overall pick is...

    He was in awe of Christian hackenberg too.. He is like rex in many ways. Rex was all D but also knew you need a good qb to win. But Bowles is also like Rex where would say “ ok go get your qb then leave all the other premium picks for my defense.” Rex like Todd, never wanted His gm to use premium picks on offense besides qb. Mac is like MT in that he often goes along with his HC’s requests.
  4. To ALL the qb promoters..

    Sure he could try that lame ass line. But he could also grab a win now more sure thing player. Use his other more famous line “ we took the best player in the draft..” He isn’t going to go off the reservation. If the johnson’s only like 2 and somehow they are gone, mac is just being the good soldier. It’s their call. Even if they only targeting 2, they prob get their guy. Thurs night can’t come soon enough either way.
  5. Can you please post a live feed to your reaction when jets pass on Allen ?🤣 people will pay to see you throwing beer bottles at your tv lol
  6. To ALL the qb promoters..

    I wish I could laugh this off. We know for a fact this is Bowles pick if it was his call. Mac has said and proven he often listens to what Bowles wants. Hence why our top picks are always D. My worry is Mac only has 2 qbs on his list. If they are somehow taken 1-2, he gets to please his HC with best D player of draft 🙄
  7. To ALL the qb promoters..

    I’m glad you are putting the next 10-15 yrs of our team on the reaction of me if jets pick josh Allen 🙄
  8. So you won’t answer the simple likely scenario question ? Jets are not drafting Allen? I just want to make sure nobody is going to go on a rampage because the jets didn’t select josh Allen 🤣
  9. So if we don’t draft Allen. The bills or dolphins do, ect. You going to keep that Allen pick up on Friday ? Lol
  10. I guess MF didn’t say anything bad about mark Sanchez ?
  11. To ALL the qb promoters..

    look at my profile pick. Don’t think I don’t like sarcasm, especially when it comes to picking the qb we should support ?🤣
  12. To ALL the qb promoters..

    I see that now. My subconscious gave the down vote not me lol. There have been so many douches about this qb debate, it’s tough to tell sarcasm form doucheness ha. I took that down rep back. I admit when I’m wrong.