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  1. Jetsplayer21

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    And a gm who would pick a HOF qb over a box safety? 💁‍♂️
  2. Jetsplayer21

    If Mac got his way

    And signed cousins for 30 mil a yr, is he definitely fired end of this Season ?
  3. Jetsplayer21


    Some Mac fans will be crying🙊
  4. We have had the worst luck with drafting lazy DLineman in first rounds.. Mac needs to be schooled on its not always “ bpa “ which he is obsessed with. He also must realize the value of a good Oline. Guy refuse to dish out $ for the big guns, and won’t draft them before the 6th round. That is awful
  5. Jordan hired as co-gm, making all the real decisions while Mac crunches numbers and fetches coffee..
  6. I see you do, just curious who all the Mac homers are. You and pac I count so far..
  7. Curious if there are any homers who would actually be upset, or Pissed if Mac was fired..
  8. Jetsplayer21

    Wentz Out This Week, Possibly Season

    Why I wonder if it’s worth playing darnold 4 quarters rest of season.. let’s see if Webb is capable of being a number 2 for next yr, or even a 3
  9. That is fine by most fans as long as 90% of FA $$ is spent on O then.. Trade a D player or 2 for O.. fans are just tired of seeing 90% combined FA$ and premium draft picks go to the D yr in yr out past decade..
  10. Jetsplayer21

    Who would be willing to sign “ fire mac “

    There isn’t a gm in nfl whose record has is worse over past 3 yrs. I know the browns but they have actually fired people. It is pure cowardness to worry the next gm could be even worse.. 14 wins in 3 years is awful.. we didn’t even have major injuries to key players in that stretch, compared to other teams.. our OL is a joke that is about to fall apart with no strong youth.. If he is not the worst gm in nfl, he easily top 3. We have to demand much more from a gm
  11. Jetsplayer21

    Who would be willing to sign “ fire mac “

    Yes.. but wins increases revenue no ? Ya most fans will be sheep and take it from the owners, it’s too bad they know most will show up even if they do keep the worst gm in the nfl
  12. Jetsplayer21

    Who would be willing to sign “ fire mac “

    Love him More than winning ? love him more than 90% of their fan base? If we made them choose it’s a no brainer..
  13. Jetsplayer21

    Who would be willing to sign “ fire mac “

    Fat mike is so biased against the jets and Mets, he is about as credible as CNN..
  14. Jetsplayer21

    Who would be willing to sign “ fire mac “

    lol. Wow.. so being better then izdik is the only requirement to equal a decent gm?🙃 1 blow pick ? Are you high ? Mac is worst gm in nfl

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