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  1. Ya we sure didn’t make the most out of those picks either lol.. The rest of Rex’s yrs, I don’t think there was a team who drafted more D in those combined yrs than jets
  2. JD would be in ICU, and Rex would be in lockup after 2nd straight O draft pick
  3. Or if Farve had stayed.. Especially in 09, when farve has maybe best yr of career.
  4. Good points by him Darnold was playing with possibly one of the worst NFL offensives in the history of NFL last yr. With the pick ups, and hopefully a healthier yr, things will be much better. They couldn’t get any worse, can only go up.
  5. I understand. However it would be quite Easy if it was collective effort. If we the fans/readers demanded. We do not read the Daily News unless they get rid of him. The coaches/management can refuse to speak to him. I highly doubt the News would stand by the little Wiesel if we really wanted it. Unless some on here really like him. I highly doubt that is the case. More like just everyone is barely tolerating him.
  6. Why hasn’t the Jets done away with mannish already? Guy does nothing for the team. Cut him off
  7. Will you cry like a little wimp again when the jets do well and you are proven incredibly wrong again ?
  8. Rex Ryan would have strangled Mike T to death if he used our top 2 picks on O lol.. Will be seeing a lot more of this thankfully, can see Douglas going O 1-2 next yr also. Build that line
  9. Ya mostly a DL or safety lol.. Well we know Douglas is not the moron MAC was, we aren’t picking BPA, and would grab another DL, or D in general..OL or 2nd WR
  10. Not sure which Manning your referring to, but they both took a dip fast.. both lost a lot of arm.. And McCown also.. 2 years ago he was having best qb season a jet qb has had in long long time.. Last yr he looked like the same garbage I just saw today lol
  11. Well he does seem like the butthurt ego type of guy who would.. Can you believe he just threw our star Rb under the bus today ? Just forced the gm’s hand. Say goodbye to any leverage in trade negotiations now.. https://dailysnark.com/adam-gase-pretty-much-admits-he-doesnt-want-leveon-bell-back-with-the-jets/
  12. Because you are such a long loyal fan, next Christmas my treat I’m going to buy you 2 tickets front and center on 50 yard line.. if you will accept.. I respect the blue collar jet fans like you...
  13. Not too bad.. too high for me though, but I understand those who on a budget like you...
  14. Dam.. since you are wrong 99.5% of time I know this will never happen now
  15. Lol.. no I never buy tickets to the many meaningless games you are stuck with Only buy the worthy games, pats or non conference team worthy of watching.. Yes I’m sure you could be, but you are stuck in your nose bleeds
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