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  1. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    I know darnold is rightfully Getting “ Most “ of the snaps out of the 3. But my point is he would obviously get more If teddy was no longer on the roster. It is still too early now, but there will be teams not impressed with backups, we went through that last yr ha
  2. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    Lol. Take it Easy there little Nancy boy..
  3. Bowles the Nazi. He should not be talking to anybody on offense anyway lol
  4. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    You don’t think teddy is already taking reps away from darnold ? Pull the bandaid off fast, why let teddy continue to take away reps from Sam in practice, pre games? Showcase now and move him out, so Sam can take 70-80 % of reps
  5. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    I think darnold will get a lot more reps once Bridgewater is out of here. Nobody is knocking on the Jets door yet because they haven’t seen much of him in real games. Plenty of teams that could use a capable number 2 Who may jump their 1
  6. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    Well 3 months ago he would get arrested if he tried to buy a beer.
  7. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    We need to give Bridgewater most of the reps after this week. Showcase him as much we can to get a good draft pick for him. We need them.
  8. And even another qb coming off a near pro bowl yr who may be the best qb to have on your team for a stud rooking with a strong desire to learn. What a qb room 🕺
  9. Jetsplayer21

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    Your right. Woody and fanaca came in 08, 2 yrs after we had drafted dbrick and mangold. That is even more wise to give those 2 rookie studs 2 years before signing 2 I vet studs to complete a Allstar line. Woody was hurt most of 08, but by 09 they were bulldozing everyone.
  10. Who was the Allen guy who left the site because we didn’t pick josh Allen ?
  11. Lot of shotgun formation will be needed
  12. Jetsplayer21

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    I definitely agree. The problem is, that is the new market for a Left tackle. If other teams are going to pay that for him, new market price. They won’t all of a sudden be cheaper next yr. Most teams see the increased value of OL. So you can say, “ I’m not paying that, I’m not reaching for a OL in draft,ect. “ and be left with jags. I do hope this zone blocking scheme works. Because I do never see mac adapting to the new value put on OL. He will refuse to compete with it imo.
  13. Jetsplayer21

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    Agree. They got lucky with finding a capable. OL In the 6th. Most don’t. The point is eagles decided to go after and get a strong OL. They Would not have stopped until they did. We know giants gm always valued a OL, in Jax and now giants made 3 big upgrades. By next yr they may add more to what they started in Fa/draft. Hopefully Mac takes some notes and wants to now build behind his OL/qb
  14. Jetsplayer21

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    We could have had a strong OL for darnold’s arrival like Sanchez did, but ya we can wait a yr. we have plenty of $$$ for next yr. Mac needs to draft a OL first or 3rd round and sign 2 top OLs. If not, I don’t think Bowles and Mac last past 19. Johnsons will not wants to see our only gem face in the dirt, Or hurt becuause Mac and Bowles are chasing D in draft and FA like old times..
  15. Jetsplayer21

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    All good points. I heard also tried to trade up, but I’m sure he refused to overpay for a OL. We have wiffed on so many early D picks, I think those early 1-2 rounds are where you have to draft OL. It is not deep because so many other teams value OL more than the jets. So the good ones are all picked by round 3-4. OL has definitely become pricy in FA also. Mac has tried to cheap out by signing injury ave prone players like clady and Spenser long. Giants paid a lot for Solder. I doubt mac was even considering him, too $$ for O ha. Remember when the Houston Texans traded up 2 spots in 2nd round, to skip us to take a center. O’Brien saw jets had a big need at center and Didn’t want to risk it. Mac was quoted as saying he thought O’Brien was jumping him to take hackenberg, the penn state connection, and was relieved when he didn’t pick him lol. I just see the pattern, how little Mac values the OL