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  1. Didn’t know about the mahomes thing. Wow. We’ll see when the love for Eli outweighs the love for what is best for team, you get worst franchise in nfl. They had a hard time letting phill Simms go too ha. They should have kept jeff hostetler and dumped Simms. Was many years younger and proven big gamer. But once again the Giants thought with their hearts, not their brains either way mcdoo was a horrible HC, threw players under bus. I never seen a entire team turn on a HC like that. Some guys just belong as assistants
  2. Who was the plan geno Smith ? mcadoo lost the lockerroom, they hated him and wouldn’t play for him. He knew he was gone end of yr. Mcdoodle decided only way to save his job was a Hail Mary, and show he could win with a mobile qb. Like geno reese Made some dumb moves too like like their current gm. The franchise should have traded Eli when he had some value.. They needed a complete rebuild years ago
  3. Fair point. But they love darnold, only reason why they didn’t can Mac and allow him to come back on thin ice. I’m sure they noticed about Gase screaming about not having a center to protect darnold. While Mac insists the OL is fine, he bet his job on it. If it doesn’t hold up this yr, he is gone next Jan
  4. Giants have been the worst franchise in nfl since Coughlin left
  5. Is that really a question ? Lol.. They just have to ask one question. “ who will help, build around, and provide protection to our most prized possession “ the HC who knows O and how to work with qbs, or the gm who heavily favors D and is obsessed with bpa lol
  6. He did build one of the best offensive lines in jet history A huge weakness and major need now ha. Well I think it was more mangini, because as soon as rex got here tanny forgot about the OL and went all in on D with rexy
  7. I’m not so sure. Like parcells , his ego pushes him for a new challenge. I think he wanted to prove he could build a winner around another qb.. He had a guy groomed but Brady made kraft get rid of him. It’s just so hard for him to get down to the spots of the draft mac is use to picking at every yr. the cost would be insane to trade into say top five from 32. Brady’s biach Kraft would never sign off on it
  8. Lol I only listen to the archaic radio for 40 mins in commute. Mike K is even worse and also talks about the Yankees. Boomer and carton were the best
  9. If they play Eli all year, they likely pick in the top 3 next yr. but I don’t think he has the balls to pull a Arizona and go qb again next yr. except if it’s a new gm, who knows
  10. I’m curious, if bb had to choose, see giants fail and Jets do well for years ? Or other way around. I don’t think any other gm in their right mind passes on Sam darnold if a soon to be out of the league Eli is their qb
  11. Maybe have been a negative in Miami but is exactly what we need here. Mac really needs a HC, O minded HC, to put pressure on him to draft O, especially Oline going forward. Mac loves to pick his D because that is what usually pops up first on his little BPA chart. Gase is the HC we needed
  12. Ohh picking offensive lineman in the first 2 rounds is a mistake ? For a team that just won their division, maybe they should follow macs prominent draft record I hope you bought a new pair of knee pads before your next lunch meeting with Mac, I’m sure you worn yours out
  13. And the recycle of DLs continues lol.. remember the good old days when we picked 2 stud OLineman in first round and didn’t have to worry about 2 critical positions for 10 years
  14. Why doesn’t he reveal what those offers were? Is he afraid of the backlash because they were decent ? I knew he would get cold feet, and instead make the lowest risk possible..
  15. They just picked O lineman in the first and 2nd rounds. Hell would freeze over before mac would use a first and a second on the OL.. you would never hear about him “ protecting Sam “ either
  16. Ya when you have year in year out a top OL, you don’t need to draft as much do ya ? Their OL made nick folk look better than Tom Brady 2 superbowls ago lol They just drafted one, moved up in the first to take a O tackle. Probably the guy who will step in to replace 9 time pro bowler Jason Peters. The point is when you are not a top OL unit every yr you should be near top of that list. Certainly not be dead last Macs motto with the OL, “ if it’s broke don’t fix it “
  17. You called it early when most of us homer fans were like “ ya he is the one “ you should get 1,000 greens for that ha
  18. Lol. I don’t know who pulled up this thread and why, but I had a laugh looking through them.. Had to give some ups to the guys who had balls to call it a bad pick then ha. What is funny is Texans we’re right behind us in the 2nd round. At last min they traded up 2 spots to pick right in front of us. Mac said later in media report, his heart sank thinking they were picking hack, because O’Brien Texans coach use to coach him at penn State. But they actually traded up in front of jets because they were worried the Jets who were even then in need of a center, would pick the center they wanted. Funny how they saw our problems with OL, four years later we still are in need of a center and mac is still clueless about it
  19. I know. I’m very confident a major overhaul is coming to OL next yr through FA and draft. Now that we thankfully have a O HC, he is going to push for that. Johnsons are not going to allow a gm not to invest high draft picks on OL, now that we have Sam darnold. I don’t think we have to guess who the Johnsons care more about protecting, Sam darnold’s future or macs lol
  20. There is an excuse EVERY year. Past five years. First thing Mac did when he walked in the door to not so great OL was weaken it. He chased dbrick into retirement because he didn’t want to pay him.. overpay for D players no problem. I think mac has given a D player at his position or overall top dollar 3-4 times ? OL never.
  21. Sorry if it wasn’t you. Someone said, “ you don’t think mac holds the OL in high regard !“ unless they edited, should be somewhere.
  22. Bingo. His fanboys just can’t see the truth.
  23. How many stories did we hear that we were “ told “ were bs just like Eli deciding to leave the weekly fan show, 2 days after jones was picked. The obvious rumor was “ he didn’t want to do the show knowing he may not he starter sometime during the year. The giants wanted mike Fran to say that was totally both the reason, and Eli “ just needed a break “ . Mac and Gase will play nice in face of media, Rightfully so. They know they would be hassled with questions about it every day if they didn’t put on a fake smiley face.. oh and please find me someone who thinks Mac holds the OL in higher regard than another gm lol
  24. Johnsons are historically slow to fire gms, hcs. Izdik, Rex, Bowles, and now mac. If the OL doesn’t hold up he’s a goner next Jan. Gase will say” either me or him”
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