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  1. You mean gms actually reach about for OL because they are so important I sure hope a place kicker is not considered “ best player of the draft “ next yr
  2. He will only draft a OL If “ bpa “ applies. Which is why he hardly ever drafts them. He will laugh at the gm who picks a O tackle at 14, that Mac had ranked 28th on his little bpa chart
  3. I assume you didn’t see this chart earlier.. otherwise you would not have came out in defense of macs last on the list who teams who have drafted OLs in early rounds past five years. Yes the OLs he has signed, he has never come close to breaking the bank for a OL, the way he easily does for the D. We are probably the only team in nfl who does not have even 1 OL being close to ranked on the positive side of OL rankings. You defending Mac on the OLine, is pretty pathetic..
  4. You either lack basic intelligence, or you are just a blind faith fan boy, if you can not see the severe neglect of Mac on the OL
  5. Lol. You seriously can not argue he holds it higher in regard than any other gm in league. Yr in yr out. Five years ! Draft and FA say so. Why Gase flipped on him about not caring about signing Paradis
  6. He has drafted 2 OL in five years before 6 round ! One in 3rd this yr, and shell in Fifth. Do you realize how neglectful that is? Considering we are talking about a unit of five ! And it’s not like he walked in the door with a OL already established. It was a weakness then. Mac has done the absolute bare minimum. I don’t know why his fan boys are so against good Olineman. Either top dollar FA, or hardly can’t miss quality you can grab in first or 2nd round. Most of the top teams have strong OLs, mac is too obsessed with bpa. Why he always misses on them in draft. They are reached for, and he will only sign/ Trade for OLs who come cheap due to injury concerns or decline. ALL his moves. It’s easily a fireable offense.
  7. The OL has only got worse under him.there is not a team in nfl who has had more OL neglect than ny Jets. that is fact boyy
  8. “Blind Mac hate” what a stupid comment. People who don’t like mac love the jets, want to win not lose every yr. We also want a gm who will actually care about a offensive line, and less about “ bpa” you mac fan boys seem to love mac way more than Jets. I simply stated facts about when you suck as a gm, you pick at top of the draft every yr. despite having that critical advantage every yr.
  9. A gm and pretty much entire OL. Every position on OL is a patchwork job, no long term solution. Darnold deserves a 2-3 solid guys who will be there with him next decade
  10. Lol.. ya im sure there is one day out of the yr bb wishes he was mac. Draft day ! While bb has to settle for the last pick of first round, mac gets to pick what the whole world says “ is the best player in the entire draft “ every yr Wow that must be so hard
  11. Do you give points for being the gm who picks in top 6 every year Mac gets to pick almost first in every round, while the pats pick last or 2nd to almost every year. Bb finds talent, mac has shown he can only make the obvious picks.Anyone who defends one of the worst gms in nfl has weak dreams for the jets
  12. Can we trade him now for an offensive tackle Mac wouldn’t, but a new gm would
  13. I’d go as far to say OL is the most predictable position when drafting. Sure you can find the lucky late rounders who turn good, but it has to be considerably less than almost every other position. They are less likely to be busts either. Guards and center. When you take a OL in first and 2nd, you likely get a solid starter for years, if not pro bowl caliber. David de Castro was a guy I wanted jets to draft years ago, he was hyped as a cant miss bruiser with intelligence. He is just that. But we had Rex Ryan pushing for D Busts like coples. Quinton Nelson the same. Why colts wanted him so bad, and probably wouldn’t have traded with us had we been further in draft order in 18. Shell is what you would expect from a fifth rounder. Brian winters is what you would expect from a 3rd rounder. I hope next yr the new gm pulls a 06? jet draft. Draft and uses first 2 picks on OL, to anchor the OL around. Having 2 guys like that be there with darnold for next 10 years would huge for him. Instead of a bunch of patchwork guys who will interchange ever 2 years. Shame we had one of best center for years, just not a good qb to appreciate him ha
  14. Lol brah. Let me break down why cowboys aren’t on that list, but yet have best OL year in yr out. 3 pro bowlers. All picked in first round by cowboys in 11, 13, 14. So think mangold, dbrick, and even a 3rd stud OL picked in first round. You don’t have to touch it for years. Now if you want to put some of blame of izdik, for also not touching Drafting OL early too, fine. But as soon as Mac walked in the door he should have seen OL patchwork needed some solid youth. Instead he ignored it every yr.
  15. They both have had very good OL rankings “mac boy” the past few years. When you draft can’t miss studs like mangold, dbrick, David DeCastro early in a draft, you don’t have to draft OL often. OL was a weakness when Mac walked in the door, instead of addressing it he has just made it worse. It will be the reason why he is fired. Johnsons bros won’t like seeing their prized qb get hit often, or our stud rb stuffed, because Mac loves “ bpa “ it is no surprise, gms reach for OLs and pass rushers.. We don’t draft them because Mac won’t reach for them, why he has taken a record number of D tackles
  16. Bottom line. Mac and his crew should have done hours and hours of homework on the non obvious picks. Q Williams obviously needed zero extensive study. So while we look on the other picks and judge, you have to assume Mac knew, could/should have known a ton of info on these players that we couldn’t possibly know. So let’s wait and judge
  17. That shotgun with the suppressor was pretty bad ass
  18. He is fired if he doesn’t find a center for Darnold
  19. This is exactly why they have to put Mac on notice, because you know he will be tempted when his “BPA” for our next pick again says DL You know he will be thinking about it, but doesn’t want to lose his job lol
  20. It’s not picking Williams. Do you realize we still do not have a starting center ? Kind of a very important position for a 2nd yr franchise qb no? I know jet fans have been conditioned with Mac not to care much about OL, but we now have a O HC, who May be warning the Johnsons about lack OL, especially big hole at center is a major concern. One that mac seems to be ignoring, once again. I will wait until draft is over. But relying on finding a day one starting center in the 3rd round, is not the best plan for Sam and the jets. Mac had all FA to adress the problem, this yr, last yr, last yr draft. He shouldn’t have backed himself into a corner here..
  21. Don’t be so sure. They obviously can’t fire Gase now. You can’t fire a HC right before training camp. Especially when whole staff is new. The gm is not very important after the draft. If Gase really makes a big thing of this, or if Mac somehow fails to provide the Johnsons prized qb with arguably the most important position for him, center. I can see them finding someone who will move heaven and earth to find more protection for Sam and hole busters for bell. Post draft. Mac is a pretty stubborn guy, I’m not sure he would admit he messed up in FA, and draft and now run around league looking to bolster line, at least find a actual starting center. Gase is gonna be the key, he can force Mac out.
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