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  1. Can’t make a change before. Like changing docs in middle of surgery when the new 1 hasn’t had time to prep. I would assume Johnson’s are clear about Gase’s Concerns about OLine. And know mac has been a guy yr in yr out who does not care much about OL. Johnson’s May realize they have to bring in another guy who will do whatever it takes to protect the jets by far prized possession behind center. If we can still find a center
  2. Not really. Crazy would be keeping a gm Who year in year out ignores the offensive line Especially when we have a prized possession to protect now
  3. Yep.. it is nice to see we finally have a HC who actually pushes for offense, especially offensive line. troubling the gm still doesn’t give a crap about offensive line. I’m sure the Johnsons have took note of Gase wanted more OL protection, especially at the gaping hole at center. By failing to sign one like Gase wanted, many thought he would trade back and grab one late first or 2nd. Mac now has to put his future in a 3rd round center ? Big gamble by Mac this OL holds up. His future beyond this yr depends on it
  4. Reminded me yr when everyone had us taking geno at 8? The “ experts “ said we got tremendous value being able to wait and grab him in the top of 2nd ha
  5. Says who ? They aren’t conventional. Everyone knows mac was very close to being canned. He just doesn’t get a clean slate. I’m sure bowles would love the improved D, but if bell and darnold are getting tackled in the backfield often, mac is a goner. Darnold is 1000 times more important than Mac. Bell is 100 times. Johnsons will want to protect their prized investments.
  6. It will be up to the new gm next year to fix the OL. Mac won’t do it
  7. Will we find out ? Or will Mac demand everyone stays hush on the offers.
  8. I’m sure mac was out of touch with reality. To move back at 9, He was expecting to receive what he gave up to move up to 3 last yr. there were not studs at top of this draft like last year. Id like to know what he was offered
  9. I think if your a “ any” fan, your laughing at the giants
  10. Yep. How good do redskins feel ? Didn’t panic and trade up, got Haskins at fifteen
  11. I just can’t wait to hear fat mike tomorrow
  12. You think giants could pull a Arizona cardinal next yr? Select a qb next at top of first round ? I would guess giants pick 2nd or 3rd next yr
  13. How about the can't miss stud David de Castro
  14. Not a according to one of the worst gm in league
  15. Just curious what you didn’t like about giants 3 picks to far? I personally would have waited to draft a better qb prospect next yr, in top five. And we all know, Eli moving even slower, without Odell, Will asure them a top five pick. More likely a top 3.. but now they can’t draft another qb next yr
  16. I wish one of us was on jury.. we would have voted “ not guilty “ just because he was cool and famous, just like those on OJ Simpson jury lol Mac is on thing ice. He has to pick safest pick as always
  17. When describing defense, As always we say “ who cares about offense “ we need to be a 21 ranked D, instead of 26
  18. Your arguement is, qbs were so bad back in 09 we couldn’t do better ? I don’t have a list of the teams backups, I’m sure 3/4 would have been better. Trade for a starter who’s team was out of playoff contention ? When your team is setup To win everywhere else, and your rookie qb is getting benched multiple times due to poor play, you do anything you can to bring in a decent qb. Jets didn’t even try.
  19. Leanoard Williams was also the clear best player in his draft also
  20. So your not a fan of “ improvement “ . Please provide the long list of teams who was 3rd worst team in nfl, and next yr top 10 .. but all worked well.. they got same player they wanted at 6, and added major players in 2nd round, including D ROY.. we know Mac would never pull that off
  21. Well they went from one of worst teams in nfl in 17, picking 3.. now they are picking way back right ?
  22. We walk away with one good player, because macs teams are so bad every yr he Guarantees himself a can’t miss top 6 pick every yr Why I am a little hesitant about trading down.. a good gm who knows how to trade, like the colts gm, could make good late picks.. you have to know what your doing picking past 12? Even if he doesn’t blow the first round move back pick, The risk is too great he blows the later picks we would have picked up.. not worth it
  23. Your probably right. Now that we have a franchise qb, and a top rb, we have to have a pro OL gm. There is not a gm in nfl who values OL less than mac. One of main reasons he will be gone. Have to find a pro OL gm
  24. comparing the well known to be worst overpaid trade in nfl history is not a good argument lol. That was even before rg3 was a flop, every said immediately after the trade that was a hack job in the worst way. You are right, 3 2’s for Sam darnold is absolutely worth it.. Especially with how bad mac has been outside of the easy blue chip picks.. I’m not arguing that. But it sure would have suckked balls if darnold was not there, and we had to pick Allen or Rosen wouldn’t it ? Mac would have been forced to give up this yrs number 1 to giants, if they were actually a smart franchise and at least made Mac believe they may trade the pick to someone else right before the pick, unless they gave him our 19 number 1.
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