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  1. one of these decades we will have a above average qb for once, maybe..
  2. We only have a barely average qb.. He made a horrible weak high school throw at the end for the pic.. He didn't play terrible up until there.. He had a lot of pressure because everyone knows he can't throw deep.. Unless he takes a huge step and windup
  3. Did this happen in 1812 ? Wow, everyone should be fired.. And some broad gets 20 million for rude sexual comments hurled at her, wonder what this guy deserves ?
  4. The nfl doesn't need to test for weed lol.. It's not performance enhancing, it's legal many states..
  5. So you are counting out the jets against the good teams you are saying ? If they can't beat the good teams in a stretch, what is the point of making the playoffs anyway ? Since your logic says they can't win.. Maybe 1st round but surely can't beat a better team twice.. No reason to make the playoffs if you don't have a shot.. I like the Giants luck, they either win a Super Bowl every few yrs, or they are selecting far ahead of us in the draft..
  6. Your entitled to your extremely minority opinion but I like many totally disagree.. The bengals could have the game of their lives, fitz could have his worst.. That has nothing to do with the rest of the season.. Like I said, this is a quitter mentality.. I'm sure you were one who thought, " there is no way the jets can beat the pats in foxboro in the playoffs after just getting pummeled 45-3 weeks before. " but it happened.. Sure it will get harder if we lose Sunday, this isn't baseball, every single game is big.. Can only lose about 5-6 and still make the playoffs.. So if they do lose Sunday, pressure will be on week 2.. Nobody likes to go 0-2 with hopes of the playoffs..
  7. There is NO way, gar is a threat to Brady's Job, " this year. " but let's say he does pretty good in his 4 games, and Brady's old age finally starts to show throughout his 12 games.. They miss the playoffs.. Does Brady go through same thing manning did in 17?
  8. We never had a problem putting down the pats, or atleast be in a position to win.. It's the dam bills give us more of a problem.. It's not always about records/match ups. Only quitters and non ex athletes think this way..
  9. Looks like it.. Maybe we can trade hackenberg/geno, for Paxton lynch ? Lol.. Since mac wanted hackenberg over lynch, elway gets his starter this yr, and a even better prospect
  10. so nobody else even offers a deal for Fitzpatrick, yet now they will take on his overpayed salary and give away a draft pick ?
  11. I know.. Actually geno probably has more trade value than Fitzpatrick.. Like you said ANYONE could have picked him up without giving away a pick but they chose not to.. Jets should wait carry 4 for now, more qbs will get hurt few weeks into season and they will be desperate.
  12. He is funny no doubt.. How hilarious was it he was demanding 16-18 mil per yr like he was elite ?
  13. If geno is worth a 7thh rounder, I guess we could only get a 6th rounder at best for Fitzpatrick then Ha..
  14. He is certainly better than Fitzpatrick.. But the greatest city in the world should never accept such a scumbag.. I know jets play in nj, but we represent Nyc.. After 9/11, Nyc sport teams need to lead the way in patriotism.. No way that POS will EVER play here..
  15. I still can't believe we traded up for mark Sanchez.. He will be out of the league in a year or 2..
  16. Is there really any team who would pick up petty ? maybe we could trade him for a 7th rounder if we are lucky ? Lol
  17. I think Mac and Bowles actually believe we can compete this yr.. Rightfully so.. What fan wants a coach and gm who gives up before the season even starts.. That is why geno stays.. He is shaky as Fitzpatrick.. Fitz is slightly better, and petty has yet to prove he is nfl ready.. So if fitz sh*ts the bed as usual they need to try geno.. Maybe he isn't any better but they can't give up.. I remember after the fitz signing last year no one believed he could even be a decent #2.. Only idiots try to predict how these average qbs will do..
  18. I assume Mac and Bowles already knew fitz is not a sure thing to repeat last yr.. Last night was just a reminder to them how awful he can be..Has never put two decent seasons together back to back in his entire career.. Probably why geno is definitely staying as the number 2.. We need options at qb.
  19. Lol it's what mac did.. izdik and Mac seem to have this in common, just draft d and qbs and forgot about the O-line ha. i don't know macs thinking.. But he obviously didn't think much of petty to draft hac.. At the most he still was unsure of petty to draft hackenberg.. Who all say is another project.. So clearly both are not ready to be the number 2.. So now you have 3a, and 3b.. Knowing your going to want a #2 with actual NFL experience.. I think if Fitz did walk, Mac still gets a vet qb as #2 to backup geno.. Either way it's looks like he was either thinking 4 or bye bye petty.. Which I do think is unfair.. But he was a 4th rounder.. Jets have history of wasting 4th/5th rounders who don't stick around long
  20. Mac wouldn't have drafted hackenberg in the 2nd if he really thought that much of petty.. Petty slid to the 4th last yr, and I think mac just went for the value pick..petty must not have shown a lot (in practice ) since being drafted.. Given the extreme lack of youth with our Oline, Mac still went ahead and drafted hackenberg knowing that move would make the qb situation problematic. Geno is not going anywhere.. Mac obviously thought geno could get the job done since he dared Fitz all spring and summer to go elsewhere.. I think they will carry 4, Atleast to start the yr..
  21. Lol thanks for the laugh We will be lucky if Fitz gets us 9-7
  22. I love how these writers, and some stupid fans think what to do about petty, or geno is going to come down to how he plays in a quarter of a " preseason " game lol..
  23. Taylor and geno are much better qbs than the jay fielders and other weak arm slow qbs like that.. Fielder may have been the most weak pathetic qbs in history of NFL..he had zero toughness. Watching the dolfins tonight reminded me how terrible fielder was..
  24. Lol.. Well it's nice to have a OC who knows how to hide his weak arm.. Plus two outstanding WRs sure doesn't hurt but if we want to have a shot at making the playoffs, Fitz is going to have to improve on that aweful 59 completion %
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