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  1. So Fitzpatrick who throws slow ducks on a regular basis doesn't throw the "concussion ball " genius ? It was a dumb rook safety who hasn't adjusted to the rules...
  2. That's a throw in traffic with zip Fitz can't make
  3. It's a tough call.. You can't cut smith, who may end being the best qb out of the 4.. Fitzpatrick is not good enough not to have a dependable backup with real experience ready to go.. Petty hasn't shown enough.. He is either cut, to practice squad or we keep 4..
  4. Well right now Fitz isn't outperforming geno in camp so you saying Fitz could end up being the number 3? Lol.. I hope Fitz lights it up and we win a ton of games.. But he has never put 2 decent seasons back to back ever in his career.. he will be on the short leash if we aren't winning and he is not getting it done.. ( especially with the 1 yr deal ) .. They aren't cutting geno.. They aren't going to roll the dice with the two young guys..
  5. fitz fanatics want geno gone because they know Bowles will go to geno if Fitz isn't getting it done.. If it was just petty and hac, Fitz would be in there until the jets were really bad..
  6. Who doesn't like a heated competition? Sure that's a great saying, but not smart when one of these old guys pulls a ham and is out for real games because they were going 110% at eachother everyday during training camp..
  7. I think it would be stupid to let this guys keep going head to head. They are both egomaniacs and will burn out or injure themselves trying to win this personal battle.. Can see one of them pulling a hamstring.. Let's save our two of our best players for real game days..
  8. If he farve in 09 instead of Sanchez we would have made it to the super bowl at least.. In 09 he had a mvp like yr, while rookie Sanchez somehow just did enough to not get in the way of that great jet team that made it to afc championship..
  9. I'm sure all of our 2016 opponents defenses are petrified by the thought of going up against Ryan Fitzpatrick
  10. One our dl's are going to knock him into retirement..
  11. Geno will continue to work hard.. If Fitz can't keep us in the playoff hunt geno will play end of the yr.. Bowles won't keep playing Fitz just to rack up stats/audition for another team next yr.. Geno should have sat his first two yrs.. It's funny the morons understand hac needs to sit a yr, or two.. So if the jets played him this yr and next when he wasn't ready and didn't do well ( like geno ) we would throw him off a cliff too ? Lol .. If we hung on to farve one more yr, (09) ? When he had a near mvp yr, maybe we win the super bowl..
  12. I love the losers who believe geno should have been like " sweet I can sit on the sidelines and play pokeymon with my kids like Fitzpatrick did for the past 5 months " I'm rooting for Fitz to have a good yr back to back for the very first time in his long career ! If not geno will be ready.. Bowles isn't going to give Fitz excuses if he plays bad vs the rough schedule stretch.. I love that Fitz bet on himself.. Because he will be on a short leash and zero future plans with jets.. So he should be highly motivated..
  13. Gailey definitely weighed in his opinion during this hardline negotiating stance jets took with Fitz.. Giving how jets did not press hard for Fitz and allowed him to roam free for 5 months tells us gailey would have been perfectly fine with geno.. Many qbs would do as well as Fitz with gailey, Marshall, decker.. There really is nothing special about Fitz or geno.. But Fitz has lot more experience in gailey's system, and obviously more chemistry with the starting O then geno since he was with the 2nd team last yr.. And what people overlook is now we have a legit backup if Fitz goes down or tanks.. Fitz has never put decent back to back seasons ever in his career so it is smart to have geno just in case.. Petty is a #3 qb.. Lol no..
  14. I like geno's honesty.. If Sanchez was in this position we would have to hear some long bs speech
  15. Lol there is no way they are cutting geno.. They are not going to trust petty as the backup just because he throws a few nice passes in camp.. He was a known project when we drafted him and from what has been said its been even slower than planned.. They may keep 4 or petty may be gone..
  16. we all anxious for football to start.. I'm tired of listening two men with bad hair trade insults..
  17. We got VERY lucky with ivory.. Before he came to the jets he was hurt more than he was on field.. I tend to think he is due to fall back to his old mo.. Power backs like that don't hold up well with age.. Forte will be a valuable passing option.. Especially Since we don't have a dependable tight end.. When the blitz comes he will find the safety pass for Fitz.. A weak arm qb needs that.. Forte is an upgrade imo
  18. I think in 10 years after geno retires he will become the jets quarterback coach.. The game is changing, slow bearded golfers are dying bread.. Most teams will move to the athletic, fast/mobile qbs like geno smith, Russell Wilson, Watson, ect..
  19. smart..Sorry to get testy.. My brain is wired to always be thinking ahead to the future with this team, every yr ha. 2016 Training camp just started and I'm already trying to visualize the unavoidable 2017 offseason qb circus .. Because googling "Ryan Fitzpatrick " every dam day for the past 5 months looking for latest update was so much fun
  20. Lol ok genius.. You care to predict a alternative Scenario or just take the high road ?
  21. You honestly believe there is going to be a long line waiting to talk to geno's agent next feb ? Ha. He will be in the exact same scenario as Fitz was this yr.. Where else would he get a better offer, opportunity to start on a good team.. Atleast in 17.. I'd be surprised if hac or petty were declared starters to start camp next yr.. Mac will want a qb in camp who has actual reg season experience.. Why Mac originally wanted Fitz for more than one yr.. But they will cut ties with him after this offseason fiasco.. Geno would be cheap and knows the O.. 3way competition..geno could be enticed with the starting job and give hac extra half season to get ready if geno isn't sharp..
  22. You not packing heat are you Maine? I worry for the malls and shopping centers in your area of Fitz goes down and geno comes in and leads the jets to the playoffs
  23. I give Fitz a lot of credit.. By signing a one yr deal they are NOT going to cater to him. Once the playoff picture looks dim Fitz is out.. Mac will want to see geno or petty in there auditioning for 17.. They are going to want to see some live play from those guys to figure out what the hec to do about the qb situation next yr.. Doubt they will be comfortable going with petty/hackenberg on top of the depth chart before either takes a live regular season snap.. Geno may be the bridge next yr.. Mac isn't going to go through this crap again with Fitz..
  24. Lol the jets didn't want Fitz for 3 years well as a starter at least.. They wanted him to be the backup yr 2/3 with a possibility to start if hac wasn't ready.. This works out well.. Fitz will have a LOT to play for.. If he actually does well again he will get a good multiple yr contract somewhere else next yr.. If he shhits the bed and picks up where he left off in buf, we will see geno sooner than later.. If geno takes advantage of having a great WR duo led by a talented OC, jets may bring him back next yr to be the bridge for hac one more yr..
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