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  1. Yes that is correct.. So they really didn't need to give the deadline did they ? I'm just curious what Fitz would have done if mac said " 10 mil take it or leave it by 7pm"
  2. Lol take a Xanax.. For " some " reason You seem to have a deep hatred for geno.. I'm not arguing, I'm simply stating there is no way the jets are cutting geno.. Despite your small minority opinion he is a very good bargain.. Look at what all the other teams are paying their #2.. Much more than a mil and change.. Jets overpayed for Ryan Fitzpatrick but I am glad he is here.. If he doesn't produce Bowles will go to geno no doubt.. If petty was the backup Fitz would be free to stink until the jets were mathematically out of the playoffs.. Maybe that is why you want geno gone so bad.. So Fitz has all the rope in the world..
  3. Everyone knew that.. Why the jets didn't need to up their offer.. Would Fitz have still accepted the untimatum if it was say- one yr at 9, 10 mil ? My guess is yes.. But mac was smart, no jet fan would be mad at the jets if he actually did turn down the deal he signed..
  4. After the great season Marshall had last yr, he probably will be doubled a ton.. Leaving other guys wide open thanks to him.. Not a stat for that but hope he embraces that role and not worry about the numbers..
  5. So are you saying the 7pm deadline last night was bs ? The jets were absolutely prepared to move on from Fitz if He did not accept that last offer.. Giving a deadline was a bit surprising, because NO WAY could they give a deadline and then say " ohh just kidding." Mac has really demonstrated strong leadership, getting Mo deal done was obviously much more important than signing fitz
  6. I'm glad Fitz is back.. I'm glad the jets said enough and gave him a deadline.. In my mind we have 2 capable qbs who can keep this team competitive this yr.. Like last yr.. Everyone laughed at the Fitz trade.. But it was obviously a great move.. Nobody thinks about the #2 until the #1 goes down.. It was very unusual circumstances last yr, but I'm glad it was Fitz not petty there to step in.. Only an idiot would predict how well Fitz will do, or how healthy he will be..
  7. Lol lets move on from last training camp.. Nobody in the jets front office cares what you want lol.. Geno is not going ANYWHERE.. He is the best bargain # 2 in the nfl.. We need geno to backup Fitz because Fitz hasn't shown he can play well vs quality teams and we have a tough schedule this yr.. Fitz earned the right to start, but he is getting yanked if he does not backup the statement he made this offseason of how great he is.. Jets have no commitment past this yr with Fitz .. If he can't navigate through the tough schedule he will be benched so he has time to think about where he wants to try to play next yr..
  8. Lol what did geno do wrong ? He worked his butt off all summer preparing to be the starter in case fitzdrama didn't come back.. I'm glad for that.. If he acted like a ryandiva and cried about his situation no doubt Fitz would have used that against the jets and they would have caved big time to sign Ryan.. He is a quality backup making peanuts.. He isn't going anywhere.. Jets don't have anything faith yet in petty or hac for the #2.. If they did they probably would have not been pressured to up Fitz offer.. You need a quality #2 qb if you are in a win now mode..
  9. Lol ! What are you smoking man !? I said he wouldn't bet on himself ?? No I did not.. He obviously believed he is much better than any other team believed, of course he is the only one betting on him ! You honestly think Fitz wouldn't have preferred a 3 yr 30 mil deal ?! Ofcourse he would.. But the jets would laugh at him if he requested that.. He took the best deal he could get.. 12 mil guaranteed for 1 yr vs 3 yrs 15 mil guaranteed ? Hmmm tough 1 .. He was giving a hardline deadline, but the jets were kind to make the decision easy for him raising it to 12.. If the jets actually offered him 3yr @30 mil and he still chose the 1 yr at 12mil that would be " betting on yourself "
  10. Geno is waiting if we start out 1-5..why I am glad we have both of them here not just 1.. In case of injury, or poor play.. Fitz really believes he is as good or better than the stats he put up last yr vs a weak schedule.. I like the guy's confidence, and hope he is right.. He will earn a ton of respect if he repeats last yr's stats with this schedule.. If not he is going to get booed out of town and back to his backup role somewhere else in 17..
  11. Not happening.. For all you Fitz lovers arguing geno has not proved anything yet in this league, it goes triple for petty.. He hasn't even taken a snap and you are ready to give him the backup slot ?! Lol.. When we drafted him it was known he was going to be basically a " two yr rookie ." The great thing about geno is that we selected him in the 2nd round, so he gets paid peanuts again one more yr.. Like him or not he is bargain for the backup.. Like Fitz was last yr..
  12. I think it wouldn't be a bad thing if Fitz got hurt and geno got a chance with this much improved O and OC.. Looking ahead to 17, I highly doubt mac will want to go into next yr with a petty/hackenberg competition.. Mac is not going to go through this crap again with fitz, he is gone after this yr.. I think geno would be much more reasonable.. He won't have a ton of options.. Let him battle it out with hac next summer.. I can't see us going better than 8-8, 9-7 with this schedule.. Fitz won't repeat same numbers.. I know we shouldn't think about 17 already but Brady is getting old.. Next yr could be the yr the tammy goes downhill..
  13. And we had the best WR duo in jet history.. Now it's time for Fitz to show last yr wasn't just a fluke.. I hope Marshall/decker stay healthy again otherwise will have major problems..
  14. Don't be negative.. We will just re-structure already bad contracts and do this all over next summer
  15. Yaa no.. Signing Fitz on a one yr deal, (one where we will likely have to push bad contracts onto next yr ) means we are all in this yr.. Given the age of our top players it is the right call.. However if Fitz goes down we need geno.. He is making peanuts and is far better option than petty and hac who are equally not ready.. Wether you were for Fitz or geno, you have to be much more confident with both on the team not just one.. That is why Fitz was acquired last yr.. You don't want to pin your entire season on the health on a your staring qb..
  16. So in English that translates into " we restructured/extended bad contracts into next yr and yr after ..
  17. Sorry if it's been already discussed.. Just hearing news.. How are they fitting Fitz $$$ into cap ?
  18. Ha no.. Geno is making peanuts, and is 100% more capable #2 than hack or petty ( at least for this yr )
  19. Supply and demand.. What hurts geno is his past, like Fitzpatrick.. Even if geno had a good yr, i don't think any team is going to reach and overpay like tex did with Brock Osweiler .. Brock had a pretty decent yr his first yr playing.. He has no bad years behind him like Fitz or geno.. Brock is young, with a good physical makeup.. fitz has none of that.. Geno at least is young with pretty decent arm and speed, but unlike Brock geno doesn't have the big build and height most teams want these days.. I think geno would be open to sign a 1 yr deal with jets next yr.. If he could put two good consecutive yr under his belt he then would be highly desired in 2018.. Just like Fitz.. Fitz apologist love to say " there are no starting positions open anywhere else " ha.. If teams felt Fitz was a sure thing and had a good chance to repeat last yr or even build on that, trust me many teams would find a way to make him the starter..
  20. Jets may go after nick foles for vet backup depth.. Petty is still a rookie in everyone's mind and they don't want him as the # 2 yet.. When they drafted him they knew he was going to be a longer project than traditional rookies.. Need a capable #2. Look at past few yrs, geno out significant time before season even started, Sanchez also , and Fitz got lucky he didn't hurt his throwing hand last yr.. It doesn't sit well with me knowing Fitz is going to be home on his couch while his teammates again are busting their A's in the summer heat.. Fitz is probably buddies again with Marshall now so he can be his insider about how geno is being perceived. Hoping they don't support him, so he gains leverage on jets.. It doesn't sit well with me knowing he is going to be rooting for the jets to do bad in camp, so he can get his $$ and ride into town like a savior..
  21. I agree.. But I think mac can really turn the noose on Fitz if all goes well for geno after good camp start including good preseason performances.. Maybe Mac and Bowles will want to bring Fitz back still but remove the " guarantee " starting gig.. They may let geno keep going until he hits a rough patch.. Could be early in season, mid, or not at all with the supporting cast he has for once.. They aren't going to pay Fitz starter $ if he is not guaranteed to start.. Fitz will need time to catch up, physically and getting in rhythm.. We know he knows the playbook but he isn't going to just step in and be 100% right away, despite what Fitz's top fans say.. What helps Fitz is even if geno looks good to go as the starter, we still do not have a dependable #2.. Nobody wants petty being one play away from starting qb..
  22. So we know Fitz is hoping and rooting against a good offensive camp early on. Because if geno looks good and shows command of the O Fitz loses the little leverage he had left.. Of course if geno doesn't do well and O is looking lost Fitz gains leverage.. Definitely a gamble on both sides.. If the first scenario occurs what does Fitz do then? Retire ?
  23. Lol.. It was a much more probable guess than the wishful guess you provided There is a big difference from " acting like a pro" as most nfl players do, then making an strong effort to work with the kid who is here to replace you.. It is fair to say it is solely $$$ That is keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick from signing a contract.. There will be no extra incentives for helping hackenberg.. Actually just the opposite.. If Ryan were to help hackenberg he could lose millions if hac is prepared to start next yr, thus blocking Fitz from earning his likely heavy incentive in yr 2.. If the deal is Similar to what has been offered.. And doubt Fitz would rather backup..Now ask yourself what is Fitz likely to do lol..
  24. You think he is actually going to help these guys after this ? If he comes back and signs the deal, he isn't going to be happy.. He is going to play out this yr and want to move on probably next.. A lot of vets don't like helping the young guys who are there to replace them obviously.. Especially if they aren't getting paid what they wanted..
  25. I think everyone knows, even Fitz.. Fitz will not come near repeating last yr's stat.. Last yr was more of a fluke, and a healthy O.. If Marshall goes down Fitz is done..
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