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  1. I smell a holdout coming in aug 💁‍♂️🤣
  2. Is goodell really going to make an exception and allow Kaperwimp to play in a skirt 💁‍♂️🤔
  3. They are idiots.. They forgot Douglas and not Mac is jets gm ? Lol. Mac was the most anti-OL gm in nfl history.. Douglas May go down as most pro-OL gm in nfl history.. He is going to make up for mac’s severe neglect right away.. in his first offseason as jets gm.. I’d be shocked if we did not draft a OL in first round. And then again in either 2nd or 3rd.. Will be that way for next few years.. Sorry Defense lovers 💁‍♂️
  4. Exactly. Should have fired Dopey mike T and promoted Mangini to gm. Mike T listened to his HCs, mangini was not a great coach, but he could build a roster, was smart to push for OL rebuild.. Rex just needed a good gm, to make smart picks and tell Rex to STFU and just coach
  5. But he went back to back afc championships with 1 of worst qbs in nfl lol.. He beat top teams in playoffs on the road as underdog. If Sanchez wasn’t so dam bad, we could have gotten a bye, home games.. Not easy for a team to make super bowl as a wild card.. That bye. Is crucial for teams to re-charge at end of season
  6. you don’t mind if he holds out ? I agree jets shouldn’t pay a box safety, even the best in NFL, elite passer $$$.. Sucks because Mac was so bad of a gm, we will have wasted Adams rookie deal years.. Douglas hasnt even had 1 off season yet to start the fix. It’s going to take at least 2 years. Why I think Adams is gone this off season..
  7. Lol.. Jamal has already marketed himself as valuable as Tom Brady.. He Will be highly insulted if you call him “ just a safety. “ He is going to want to be highest paid D player in NFL..
  8. Ughh he took mangini’s D was never ranked better than 18th? Rex took that same D and instantly made it number 1.. I don’t think the addition of Bart Scott was that big of reason why 🙃
  9. It’s not rocket science. Highest paid D player now is 19 mil ? In a few years that number will go up, as will cap.. He is going to “ want “ to be the highest paid D player, so if that figure is say 21 mil in 2021, naturally he and his agent will ask higher, before coming down, like they all do..
  10. Coming from a psycho who insists the Cleveland Browns are “ America’s team “ 🤣
  11. I have no doubt He would love to be a Jet for his whole career, for 25 million a yr 🙈
  12. Top paid safety ? He will demand to be top D player in league. He will ask for 25 mil a yr.. I don’t think Adams is a selfish “ Mevis “ but after hearing that rant on Twitter, and comparing himself as important to jets as Tom Brady is to Pats, it’s not going to be pretty when his agent starts with contract talk.. Our Oline is a complete mess, we can’t just fix it though the draft. We are going to have to shell out some big bucks for OL. Which is much more important than the luxury of having the top box safety in nfl
  13. He would be heavily insulted and go to twitter if jets only offered him 15-16 mil a yr.. He already laid it out there already, thinks he is Tom Brady, will want to not just be highest paid D player in league, but one of highest paid in league. Wish we could have had good teams while he was on his rook deal.. Also see a hold out possible before his walk yr..
  14. I doubt they would want a prospective coach who doesn’t have the stones, confidence in his ability to do better.. imagine a prospective coach being that big of a wuss, “ no I don’t want that job now because I’m worried if I do horrible they will fire me too“ lol
  15. Giants are second worst team in nfl. Very hard to lose to giants.. Douglas is going to draft Oline, with 2 of our top 3 picks for next 4 years..
  16. Adams ? I can see that.. Nobody likes a big mouth, box declaring himself a all time great when team is 1-7🙈
  17. Sure he does.. If he wants Gase gone he is gone. Unlike Gase, he is very well respected around the league. He is also on a 6 year deal.. If word gets out Douglas wants Gase gone and Johnsons stop it, we are NEVER getting a decent GM again as long as Johnsons are owners. That being said, I think it will come down the players. It may be a secret to us, but the players know if team stinks just because we had worst gm in nfl history for entirely too long, or it’s a combination of that and Gase. Come Jan when season is over, players will begin to opening talk. We will hear if they support Gase or not. So they will heavily decide on wether he is HC next yr or not..
  18. Same stupid reason why Mac wasn’t fired in Jan, of 2017
  19. C Johnson really screwed us by not firing Mac last Jan.. Now Douglas has to wait until next March to begin re-building the OL, and the other million holes Mac left him with 🙄

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