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  1. Ha Sad thing some of Fitz's groupies think he should win a award for 10 wins like it is a title in itself.. We had a easy schedule, a fortunately mostly healthy team for once, yet failed our objective.. Fitz Embarrassingly failed us in buffalo.. We put him in a dream scenario.. First have ik knockout the starter.. Bring in his old coach who knows exactly how to work with his limited physical traits.. Two outstanding vet receivers.. One who saved him countless of times from ints ( Marshall ).. NO WAY would Fitz put up numbers anywhere close to last yr, in ANY other scenario.. He should be ever thankful to the jets for saving his downhill career.. And he should be very sorry for letting us down in buffalo.. Yet he is not thankful or sorry.. He is being a little selfish girl.. Leaving his teammates wondering who their qb ( leader ) is going to be..
  2. I'm sure a little fitzfan boy like you would know his career better. Yes, many of those teams had "must wins " to keep their season alive.. Fitz just made sure to end all hopes early in the season for the other teams. At least he kept the suspense going for the jets to the end.. Fitz helped us beat some crappy teams last yr before he folded in the BIG must win game in buffalo..
  3. Fitz is NOT a leader.. He has failed in EVERY big game he has played.. You have to expect MUCH more from a 10 yr+ vet
  4. You know your opinion and a few others does not speak for " everyone else " The fan base "dislikes" Fitzpatrick more than geno now.. They are tired of his diva grossly overvaluing selfishness.. In a few days the jets will pull the offer.. The fan base will rally behind geno.. If Fitz comes crawling back at the 11th hour, he better produce like he did last yr or fans will be all over him..
  5. I only ready the heading Nancy.. Didn't go back to the first page.. That's a clever way for your buddy Fitzpatrick to avoid the discussion.. Good thing we didn't do this in feb.. When many players were free agents ? Not just the scrubs who are left now.. Would likely have missed some overrated names no ?.. But rules are rules
  6. Lol well let's please first not compare a career journeyman qb playing hardball to the best player at his position at the time ( revis ) holding out.. But you are right that most players know its business first.. However, players also have a ego about what each otherget paid.. Tell me Brandon Marshall doesnt at least think " I'm making 9.5 mil, Fitz is stomping his feet expecting to be paid more than me ?" And they are getting tired of the drama.. Many will get tired knowing they are making peanuts compared to what Fitz is demanding, but they are killing themselves in the summer heat of camp while Fitz is still playing with his kid in the tree.. They will begin to back geno, who is working hard, for a fraction of what Fitz wants, working through knowing Fitz can come in any day and take his job..
  7. Fitz can throw deep.. He just needs 2-3 steps to launch it 30 yards With our declining broken down Oline I'm sure they will give him the required extra seconds
  8. I honestly think that punch was best thing for him.. Like Sanchez, we gave a rookie the keys without earning it.. While they should have sat and learned.. Ofcourse a young qb is going to be cocky if you give them such a honor of being the starting qb for a big time market without ever really earning it.. Geno was going to start last yr, but he disrespected a player... It was karma.. The players knew he deserved it.. But I also believe they realize he paid a BIG price and now are behind him after taking his punishment.. The players are beginning to see Fitz is all about himself.. He has zero allegiance to the jets.. But what is saving Fitz is we still need a #2..
  9. I'm sure he is in great shape now after skipping mini camp.. Golf and Chasing your kids around the oak tree is a Great workout program
  10. Try to follow... the topic is " nfl players " not " current jet players." Until Fitz announces his retirement, he is a "current player" in the NFL..
  11. I would have said Ryan Fitzpatrick judging from this board.. However the rest of the nfl does not rate him well therefore he can't be overrated
  12. If he wants to retire I wish him well.. He had a long career for a journeyman.. But he is leaving the jets hanging now, messing with the players heads.. You heard how frustrated most are talking about it.. Being asked about you.. We are all tired of talking about it ( nothing else going on now ) I'm sure it's 100 times worse for the players.. Why I think the jets will soon pull the offer soon unless they get close to working out a deal..
  13. Exactly.. Jets did nothing to address the online in the early rounds so we can't cut or force them to take a pay cut. Which is another reason why we don't have much room to overpay for Ryan fitzdiva
  14. I think they still would want a capable backup for geno.. Petty can't be trusted with that job yet.. When camp starts geno is named starter after a week.. Mac will lower Fitz offer and offer him the #2.. It still will be the best deal on the table for Fitz
  15. Jets should lower the offer if he doesn't sign by 1st day of camp.. Each week..
  16. Lol ahh a closet pats fan ! Now it all makes sense.. listen I don't know what you and Tex have been do late at night on the weekend parked in dodgy areas but next time please cover the windows people have been forging complaints
  17. No.. That is just " reported" what he said..obviously That's something no one would EVER admit to saying.. His career would be over if he admitted he said that..
  18. We know Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a leader.. Been crying all offseason he would rather retire than accept the jets offer.. He is a big baby who values himself way above where he should.. That is being selfish ..
  19. Fitzpatrick apparently lost it in this recent interview and is said to be moving on..
  20. I haven't heard geno complain once about his frustrating situation.. He is working hard preparing to start, knowing any day the diva can sign and push him to the #2.. He is much more of team player then Fitzpatrick
  21. You are right! We don't know with Mac will pull the offer off the table and Fitz has no other choice but to retire.. Clock is ticking.. Fitz is playing Russian roulette.. The reports say they are still far apart but Fitz will most likely cave in to what is ever on the table in a few days.. And Mac would have caved if he thought for a second ANY other team even had the smallest interest in Ryan Fitzpatrick ! But no one does
  22. Yes moron! This is exactly what Mac, Bowles, and gailey believe! Otherwise they would have ALREADY caved into Fitz demands.. They already believed geno was better last yr at this time, do you honestly believe they are going to do a 360 just because gailey was brilliant with the amazing duo of Marshall / decker ? We know Ryan is a little smarter, ( despite his utter stupidity in buffalo.. But he can't throw deep without a long Hail Mary windup.. Geno has a much stronger arm.. He can run.. He is young.. If Fitz was so good why hasn't anyone else signed him ? Time for bed kid your making yourself look stupid
  23. You are just as dumb as his agent moron Me knowing his agent's name has nothing to do with anything.. Even an idiot like you could get a great player like Von Miller a great deal.. Not even God could trick gms into over paying for a weak arm journeyman like Ryan Fitzpatrick
  24. And do you honestly believe a agent has anything to do with this? Fitz could easily tell him, I will take that deal.. His agent can't force Ryan Fitzpatrick upon teams Gms aren't stupid.. Agents can't create a market for their players when NO ONE is interested !
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