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  1. Are u a special Ed student ? Nowhere ever have I said geno is " better " than Ryan Fitzpatrick.. I have said he can be "just as good" with a healthy Marshall/decker and gailey running the O.. And at a fraction of the cost.. And he isn't acting like a little girl like Fitz.. We had an EASY schedule last yr, and had a very healthy O.. Still if you recall Fitz had shaking ground early on where Bowles had to say and repeat he isn't making a qb change.. Are you one of the idiots who say " cut geno ?"
  2. Well dummy.. He doesn't want to retire.. He wants to play for 16 million a yr.. Which the entire league laughed at.. He is pouting and being stubborn now.. If he wanted to play so bad he would have already signed.. But he and his agent still remain FAR apart from the jets offer.. Which means he is willing to go the alternative.. Which the only other alternative genius is to retire..
  3. Ya moron.. Because Fitz/geno is much better than geno/petty.. Only an idiot thinks you can be confident getting through a season with 1 average qb. Fitz can get hurt,or play horrible like he did in buf , ect.. Same with geno.. And petty is not ready to be the #2.. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a few days left to join the only team he will succeed with.. If not, he can continue to play with his kids in the tree..
  4. Fitz isn't coming back.. He just put his house up for rent.. Cut off contact with teammates..Bowles is tired of the diva and is moving on if he does not sign in a few days.. Time to back geno like it or not
  5. It's all over now boys.. Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to retire.. Time to prepare for geno like it or not.. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/sports/football/jets/ryan-fitzpatrick-new-jersey-home-reportedly-rent-article-1.2717747?client=safari#
  6. i think Fitz may retire.. That is his only other option.. Other teams won't even want him as their #2 now, because he doesn't know their system and will have no chemistry with those players.. Why another team won't sign him after the start of camp..
  7. Pats will finish dead last in afc this yr.. Father Time is finally going to catch up with Tammy Brady
  8. Lol fitzranger how could Fitzpatrick not come back to this perfect situation for him and not be in a good start of mind ? Knowing his alternative is to retire or ride the bench somewhere.. He will be in a good state of mind, I doubt he has been.. But if he is about to sign the contract with a grumpy face and if mac is thinking what you are hinting, I'd rip it up in front of him before he signs the deal.. No we don't want a ungrateful qb dragging his tail all yr because he didn't get his way in negotiations ..
  9. And you have more loyality to Fitzpatrick than the jets
  10. Obviously jets signed the much more important player.. It could be mac may so " ok we got mo locked up, this yr is not as do or die anymore.. Not that this team was really going anywhere this yr, with fitz or geno behind center.. But we know fitz for sure isn't in any long term plans.
  11. Boomer is dead right on this.. Although Maybe a yr mac wasn't sure he wanted fitz even as a backup for 16 ha.. https://www.google.com/amp/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/boomer-esiason-jets-gm-botched-the-fitzpatrick-contract-negotiations/amp/#
  12. 4 year deal for Ryan Fitzpatrick
  13. Lol cro is terrible.. We have plenty of depth at CB..
  14. Lol.. I have yet to meet " die hard geno smith fans " just because half of jet fans don't worship Ryan Fitzpatrick, and/or are not racist doesn't mean we are "geno smith die Harders." Some of us just think it's funny how a average journeyman is acting like a diva who deserves a big payday.. In reality he should have kissed the feet of ik enemkpali otherwise he probably is fighting for a 3rd string position somewhere.. Any qb would put up the numbers he did with Marshall/decker, and a good OC who protects qbs weaknesses.. Geno stepped in one game rusty and put up decent numbers.. Bowles and mac are much smarter than Ryan Fitzpatrick fans, why they aren't chasing after a weak arm journeyman.. I don't think petty is ready to step into the #2.. Which is why the jets are Still going to give a good effort to bring fitz back.. You need two decent qbs in the nfl..
  15. It's too bad Jets will up the offer now I think.. Not much.. If fitz turns that down they will move on.. And he will be trying to find a backup spot somewhere.
  16. I sure as heck hope a young qb career goals is not to be Ryan Fitzpatrick quality
  17. In the biggest game in years, 4th q, fitz choked big time.. If we had geno last yr we go 8-8 ? Select a better pick like tinsil ? Ok give me a time machine.. And fitz only will be giving the starting job if he signs " before " the start of camp.. If he comes late no guarantees..
  18. It's a sad day when jets fans argue about which pitiful qb performance was worse against " buffalo "
  19. If fitz or geno is the qb, lets hope we don't have to find out how good a qb is without the Marshall/decker combo
  20. You just described most young qbs problems.. Some never get it, but to give up ok a kid after his first two seasons is very premature.. Is hattenberg that big of project ? Why aren't we starting him right away ? Ready to dump him if his 1st two seasons aren't great? Rex was a very poor offensive coach ( we all agree).. He got lucky surving with Sanchez early ( barely ) so he thought " hey I can put in another rookie qb and my best defense ever will take care of him. " few rookies are ready to start.. Their 2nd yr if they start, most don't " light it up " or make decisions like a vet would.. We didn't get to see him in yr 3 because he was a punk.. Now the players and coaches say the punch knocked some sense and humility in him.. He may get a chance to prove it if the diva downer sign by start of training camp..
  21. I know it's strange.. Like mlb pitchers who claim their arms sometimes die..
  22. Most qbs go downhill at 36, some sooner, few later.. Nobody knows about fitz, he hasn't had a great career, always a weak arm.. Most qbs can afford to lose some arm loss, not fitz..
  23. You don't think it is a good contract.. Because you care more about Ryan Fitzpatrick than you do the jets. I think it is a good contract, for the jets and even Ryan.. But I care about the jets much more than a diva journeyman who doesnt really care where he plays... He is stupid in how he has overvalued himself tremendously this offseason.. He would be stupid to go into the season a FA hoping a teams starting qb gets hurt, who will actually want to go with fitz over their current #2.. Fitz will be very rusty, out of shape, won't know their system.. The #2 will be ready to go and will take over immediately.. Fitz would have to then wait for that qb to fail.. Why would anyone pay fitz more then $3-$4 after the season starts to be the #2??
  24. Was this calculated before the biggest game we have had in 5 seasons ?
  25. I think ranger is implying that.. He will be happy for him
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